The new official YouTube app hit the App Store a few hours ago, and we’ve taken it for a test drive. It’s obvious that this isn’t an app that Google hastily threw together in a matter of weeks — it’s probably been sitting on the back burner for quite some time now.

Since Apple and Google’s contract terms were up with regard to the stock YouTube app developed in-house by Apple, it became appropriate for Google to unleash their own YouTube app.

How does it compare with the app it replaces? Check inside for the full scoop…

Areas of note:

Links to YouTube on iOS 6 may open in the new official YouTube app. I’ve tested this out with Safari, and sometimes it brings up a dialogue box requesting to open in YouTube, other times it does not. At least we know the possibility exists that this feature will stick around.

The app still won’t stream high quality video if you’re on a cellular connection. Unfortunately, there is no toggle to change this, so it’s likely that we’ll have to use something like 3G Unrestrictor to bypass that until further notice.

The search options are fairly deep. There’s voice search, and advanced search options that can be sorted by relevance, upload date, views, ratings, duration, and more.

I’m really pleased with this initial version of the YouTube app. It’s easy to see that Google wasn’t just sitting on their hands on the sidelines, but have been proactive in fleshing out their official YouTube app until go time.

Obviously, there are features that could make the app better, like iPad support, HQ streaming over cellular, inbox, and uploading, but those things seem inevitable for future updates.

What do you think about the new YouTube app? Do you think it’s better than the version it replaces?

  • MartynasMontrimas

    is it possible to have this app for iOS 5 ?

    • Sure is!

      • MartynasMontrimas

        From review thought it’s just 4 iOS6, but yes it’s working great on iOS5!

  • Super fast aap

  • They should have hidden shortcuts like in chrome.

  • JerseyD

    Faster, more videos, more intuitive, and better sharing menu. This is a huge upgrade

  • Ben

    Will I still be able to use the stock YouTube app on iOS 5 because I don’t plan to upgrade to ios 6 on my phone…

    • Nicolas Loots

      Why would you use the stock app? The App Store version is much better.

    • christodouluke

      Yes. They’re not including it in future versions, not removing it from your device now.
      Also, you should upgrade, always upgrade.

      • Ben

        I have a jailbroken 3GS on 5.1.1…iOS 6 don’t have much features on the 3GS that is why I don’t plan to upgrade…also my jailbreak would be gone…I am using both the stock and app store YouTube app…they have their pros and cons…

      • SimonReidy

        Rather than the stock YouTube app on iOS5, check out ProTube for a full featured replacement from Cydia. It’s a very good 3rd party YouTube app for jailbroken devices. You can install an accompanying tweak “Open In ProTube” so that all YouTube links automatically open in ProTube, rather than the old default app.

        Some of the best things about ProTube are all the features of the web app, plus video/audio downloading, and just like YouTube on the desktop you have video quality selection (all the way up to 1080p).

        I use a combination of ProTube and the new YouTube app from the app store and they are both very good in different ways.

  • Will Walker

    Nice! This is the way the app should have been designed in the first place.

  • jose castro

    billion times better

  • Airplay doesn’t work properly. Please check that JEff..

  • @dongiuj

    For some reason it doesn’t share onto Facebook. Well it doesn’t work for me. Anyone else have the same problem?

  • CollegiateLad

    Can’t check your inbox, can’t upload videos within the app, you’re bombarded with ads(a la kindle fire), and doesn’t play nice with AirPlay. Looks better than the old app yet still functionally challenged. This is basically a watered down web app…

  • Protube +1

  • Nicolas Loots

    It’s a great start, but I can’t check my inbox, no video uploading/downloading, etc. But that’s why we also have ProTube and MxTube.

  • I hate that u can’t listen to youtube videos in the background !

    • yes you can.

      • Instead of just saying YES YOU CAN, how about taking the extra step and explaining how.

      • Kamina

        you cannot with this new youtube app

    • You can do this by exiting the app, all sound will stop but if you have an iDevice capable of multitasking, you can open the app switcher bar and swipe to the left where you can press play and listen to the youtube video you were just watching. Then you can go about doing whatever you want.

      • Kamina

        actually no you cant. Not in ios 5.1 anyways. You can do that with the old youtube app thoguh.

      • Oh he meant with the new app? I haven’t tried it with that, i thought he just meant in general how to listen to YouTube videos lol.

  • Nice it has sharing option

  • JRaynor

    if anyone still dont like the official app there is a new one coming really soon is callied ytubeapp just search in google you have the official site, facebook and twitter pages

  • How do I get it on my iPad 3. I have iOS 6 beta on it.

  • wow, sorry but i’m a designer so i only can say “what happen with the icon?” seriously, why have that dark borders? the app is great, but really, what is that? looks like a non official app

    • It’s just the picture. If you look at the icon itself on your iPhone you’ll see it doesn’t have those borders.

  • The app looks nice but it still pales in comparison to the web app. Here are the problems i have found in my experience as well as what others have said:
    -Cant check inbox
    -Cant view top rated or most viewed (or at least I haven’t figured it out, feel free to help me out with your replies)
    -Cant reply to other’s comments
    -Cant airplay (only sound in my case)
    -Cant click the links in the video descriptions
    -Cant view videos in portrait mode without the rest of the interface showing (not a big deal to me but I’m sure others will find reasons to hate that.)
    -Cant upload (but if you are on an iDevice you are able to upload your videos using Apple’s built in sharing option so I don’t see why people are complaining about that one)
    -Sharing is not working with Facebook (at least for me, not sure if any of the other sharing options are having issues as well)
    And thats pretty much all I could find for now. Not a huge deal and it is first release so I expect to get several updates as time goes by but man, how do you make your official app worse than the damn mobile web version?

  • ghulamsameer

    Everyone complaining about the what the app lacks must realize that this is the first software release and I’m pretty sure Google knows what features are still missing in an app they developed themselves.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    I’ll stick with protube but it won’t hurt to try out the new app I guess

  • gbrandme12

    Any way to open links in the new app on iOS 5? Jailbreakers likely won’t be upgrading to iOS 6 right away, so it would be nice to have that option in the meantime. Hope a developer is working on it.

  • Ian St John

    The app is crap, can no longer upload videos direct from my phone (even though its been a bloody year since its release), wants me to use another app called “capture” which is even worse, on IOS 6.2 on a iphone 4s capture is saying that my device can not record video / sound at the same time, which is even bloody worse as that’s what i recorded the sodding video on to start with. its there in my library, with sound and shock horror video as well.

    It all seems a stupid long winded process now, where as with the old built in youtube, you didn’t have this issue. also direct uploading via the photos album to youtube also brings with it its own annoyances, like the ability for it to fail to log in, even though ive had to use goggles activation codes twice for the same device, once for youtube app, the other for the capture app. now i need to do some fanny assing about to get it to upload to youtube direct from my photo’s app.

    Where is the point in having the ability yet being refused because of activation issues. what a f……..g joke of an app.