As 9to5Mac just pointed out, Apple has released OS X 10.8.2 build 12C50 to developers, and it packs quite a few useful features.

Most notably, in my opinion, is the new syncing ability between iMessages sent to a telephone number. Now, any iMessage can be sent and received from a Mac running OS X 10.8.2, regardless of whether or not it’s a phone number or an email address.

I don’t know about you, but this has always seemed like a glaring omission, and serves to make iMessage that much more of a relevant communication tool on the desktop.

Now anytime you receive a message on your iPhone, it syncs with your Mac, and vice versa. Everything is completely in tune as far as iMessage goes.

Along with that notable feature, comes single sign on for Facebook, and Game Center sharing.

Here is the full change log:

The 10.8.2 update is recommended for all OS X Mountain Lion users and includes new features and fixes. New features include:

• Single sign on for Facebook
• Facebook as an option when sharing links and photos
• Facebook friends’ contact information and profile pictures in Contacts
• Facebook notifications in Notification Center

Game Center
• Share scores to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, or Messages
• Facebook friends are included in Game Center friend recommendations
• Facebook Like button for games
• Challenge friends to beat your score or achievement

Other new features
• Power Nap support for MacBook Air (Late 2010)
• iMessages sent to your phone number now appear in Messages on your Mac
• From Safari and Mail on your Mac you can add passes to Passbook on your iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 6
• New shared Reminders lists
• FaceTime now receives calls sent to your phone number
• New sort options allow you to sort notes by title, the date you edited them, and when you created them
• Dictation now supports Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Korean, Canadian English, Canadian French, and Italian
• The Dictionary application now includes a French definition dictionary
• Sina Weibo profile photos can now be added to Contacts

The 10.8.2 update also includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac, including the following fixes:
• An option to discard the changes in the original document when choosing Save As
• Unsent drafts are opened automatically when launching Mail
• Receive Twitter notifications for mentions and replies from anyone
• URLs are shortened when sending tweets from Notification Center
• Notifications are disabled when AirPlay Mirroring is being used
• SSL support for Google searches from the Smart Search Field in Safari
• New preference to have Safari launch with previously open webpages

For detailed information on this update, please visit this website:

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

Needless to say, you should be fairly excited about this upcoming update. As you can see, some of the features, like Passbook support, correspond directly with the imminent iOS 6 release for mobile devices.


Note: as many of you have pointed out, iMessage sync is not new to this particular build, but it is new to OS X 10.8.2, which we have just began covering. Hence, it was worth bringing out.

  • I’ve had phone number sync way before this build……

    • Linkjul


      • I have build 12c43 and I have phone number syncing and I’ve had it with the build before this one.

    • So have I.

      • Exactly.. So I don’t see why they are pointing it out now.

      • It’s still a new feature. Yes, it was on older builds, but it’s still not available to the public, and we just started posting Mac news. See explanation above.

      • I’ll never understand why some people don’t understand that because they’ve had a working beta, the majority of people still haven’t had access to the features, so yes, it’s a new feature. Thanks for all your hard work and pointing things out to us Jeff. you do a wonderful job. Haters gonna hate.

    • Are you SURE you’re not confusing someone sending you an iMessage to an apple ID, instead of your phone number? Check closely, these things can be confusing. FOr the record, I tested this out fairly thoroughly before posting. Send yourself a text directly to your phone number, not a name, and see if you receive that text on I’m not dismissing your claim, but it’s easy to get confused about this, as Apple’s setup isn’t the most straightforward in the world.

      • I’m 100% sure. I text all day from my iPhone with iOS 6 through my number. Late at night I open my MacBook let all the conversations sync and then keep texting from there (with my number) this has been here since the first build of 10.8.2 that was available for developers.

      • Ah, okay. Well I wasn’t debating that. I though you were saying 10.7. We just starting posting Mac news last week or so. Sorry for the confusion. Most people feel this is new, since most aren’t developers and haven’t had access to 10.8.2 builds. It’s new in that sense.

      • Alright no problem. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

  • This is good news! I’m hoping iPad can sync between iPhone number on ios 6.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking, I hate having my iPad as an email and phone as a number but what can you do

    • They actually announced when iOS 6 was announced that this exact feature is coming

  • What about double notifications? If I receive an imessage, will i hear a message tone from all my idevices? cause that could get annoying if you’re chatting with someone or if you’ve already seen the imessage on your mac for example and don’t want to see it again on your phone.

    • This is where the new feature from iOS6 “do not disturb” can come in very handy.

  • I noticed that the MacBook air will now have The power nap feature, does anyone know if Apple has any Plans to put it into the MacBook Pro for the earlier models? That was my biggest disappointment about mountain lion

  • “• An option to discard the changes in the original document when choosing Save As”

    Finally they’re addressing this ridiculous ‘feature’!

  • Does the iphone linked with the computer have to have iOS 6 on it? If not I cannot seem to get my number to show up on the settings on the Mac.

    • Me too. I tried adding my number just like in the screenshot but no dice.

  • This is awesome…

  • ReanimationXP

    How about a god damn Windows version?