SlideSB is a new jailbreak tweak that places a brightness adjustment slider on each page of your Home screen. This allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness, instead of going about more traditional means of doing so.

Although SlideSB is an extremely simple tweak, it stumbles a bit in execution. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside for the details…

The main problem with SlideSB is that the slider adjustments don’t take effect on each page of your Home screen. For instance, if I turn the brightness all the way down on the first page, the second page’s brightness slider will still be at the same level it was before. This results in a jarring change of brightness when you adjust the brightness on one page, and expect it to pick up on the same level on each subsequent page.

Along with the page issue, the tweak also claims that there are settings to configure in the Settings app. While it’s true; there is a settings panel for SlideSB; nothing is there to configure. You’ll find links to follow the developer on Twitter, and donate to PayPal, but you won’t find anything else useful for configuring the tweak.

That all being said, it’s hard to complain about a tweak when it’s completely free. SlideSB is a decent tweak, especially considering it’s free, but it does stumble in the areas mentioned above.

What are your thoughts?

  • AltF5

    DashboardX + WeeSlide is the best: Vol + Brightness – is like MC Pro’s (Music Controls Pro), but on any page that you want on your SpringBoard – even out of the way (and changes based on the current setting of the brightness). Paid > Free typically, due to support from the devs. Just saying…

    • I agree, these two options offer the fastest way to adjust brightness.

      Lockinfo is handy too.

  • smtp25

    Doesn’t SBBrightness already do this… and without issues?

  • These tweaks that allow you to change brightness on your springboard is GETTING TOO DAMN HIGH

    • AltF5


  • christodouluke

    “slideSB is a decent tweak”

    • it would be decent if it was released 2 years ago. Now is slightly below the standards.

      • christodouluke

        Jeff reviews some awful tweaks but remains positive. That’s really nice of him but it’s ridiculous when it comes to a shabby tweak like this.
        Seriously though, there are many better options for brightness sliders and the dev decides to put one right in the middle of the springboard.

  • so far the best brightness adjustment is offered by Music Controls Pro.

    I find handy Dashboard X, Lockinfo, Brightslide, NC addons,

    Basically, I want to adjust the brightness without the need of exiting my current app. All other, tweaks usually force you to go to springboard or somewhere else.

  • josh

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  • shadyside4fyr

    Come ownnn! What we need is a developer to make a very good emulator for PSone that works not a laggy nonsence presently available

  • genXhippie

    I’ve been using SBBrightness for the longest time, it uses the same adjustment bar but it’s placed under the last row. The tweak is free too.

  • shadyside4fyr

    Give us a good emulator!!!!

  • sbsettings has all i need in this category.. it would be useless too me including to the fact that i may miss it sometimes and hit some apps.