With just a week left to go until Apple unveils its new smartphone, the next-gen iPhone leaks are in full swing. Yesterday, we saw pictures of the handset’s battery. And today, this.

A repair firm has just uploaded photos of a nearly fully assembled iPhone 5 laying next to an iPhone 4. And the shots give us a good idea of just how thin the device is going to be…

The snapshots were uploaded by iResQ, a Kansas-based iDevice repair shop.

“We just received the iPhone 5 screen assembly and installed it on our iPhone 5 back casing. What you see is a culmination of all of the parts we have put together on the iPhone 5 so far. From the outside, the iPhone looks pretty much fully assembled aside from the two glass/plastic covers that belong on the top and bottom of back casing.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that this year’s iPhone is going to be noticeably thinner than its predecessors. Rumors that Apple is using in-cell display tech in its next smartphone and shrinking its charging port to make the device thinner have been swirling around for months.

How much thinner are we talking? Well the iPhone 4/4S measures in at about 9.3mm deep, and the new iPhone is said to be just 7.6mm deep. So we’re talking about a difference of almost 2mm. For reference, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is 8.6mm thick, and HTC’s One X handset is 8.9mm.

But despite its thinness, the guys at iResQ say the phone feels “nice” in their hands.

“So here is an easy way to imagine the thickness of the iPhone 5: remove the glass backplate from your iPhone 4/4S and there you go! That’s the approximate thickness of the iPhone 5. Having the mostly assembled unit in our hands feels nice. It fits in the pocket just fine and I can see myself getting used to the longer screen rather quickly.”

Outside of its appearance, not much else is known in regards to the next-gen iPhone’s features. Its processor, RAM and front and back camera sensors are still pretty much a mystery at this point. Oh well, at least there will be some surprises at Apple’s iPhone event next week.

  • molsboywonder

    I am honestly a bit disappointed:/ I really hope this thing is BLAZING fast cause my iPhone 4 is a bit long in the tooth, and really wanted to be wowed.

  • If this iPhone is true – I’m no longer fan of white! It looks horrible on that back casing.

    • No more Obama

      what about the front? I call it the iPhone Cyclops

  • selcukcura

    This is a little off topic, but has anyone actually considered how comfortable it would be to tap the back button in the header of an app and then the tab bar on a bigger iphone screen?

    I have big hands and I find the current screen height just right; any taller and I would have to really raise my thumb awkwardly. Android users however, seem to have an advantage as they have a back button at the bottom of the screen. Anyone else thought of this? 

    • No more Obama

      interesting, and i agree. let’s all switch to android! jk~

  • If Apple really went for such a similar design then I will jump off the apple bandwagon and either get myself a Nokia 920 (first choice) or maybe a Galaxy S3 (if I find one sub 300£).

    • Manuel Angel

      I’ll be a Samsung G3 user if nothing changes, but I still hope these parts are a hoax.

      I just feel that maybe there’s hope for this to be fake; maybe even consider these parts to really be parts for the iPod touch (think about the small battery in this LTE iPhone. Is that possible?). 7 days left – I’m praying man.

      • No more Obama

        sad thing is, apple innovates once, gets a good design and never changes. for years…Also, if this is in fact the battery, we are definitely not getting LTE. once again we will be stuck with inferior product that looks like the product we have had since 2007. 🙁 i’d really love apple to wow us with a different design. even if it’s not a beautiful as the iphone 4 and iphone4Same. 😛

      • I just jumped ship and man the gs3 is so much better.. Things like quick reply windows are built in the whatsapp app. So many options i love this thing and the screensize. I say dont wait sell ur iphone and get this beast

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Enjoy your plastic piece of crap ( i am still waiting for dislikes by Fagdroids.)

      • Hahhah. Cry baby.. The war is over we all know now the gs3 is the betger phone… Now go cry about it

  • Honestly, with protective cases – will we really notice a slight 2mm difference?

    INSTEAD…. If I could have a new iPhone 5 with LONGER BATTERY LIFE that was the same thickness of the iPhone 4/4S – I would much rather have that!!!

    • Manuel Angel

      It seems like the only iPhone that would have good battery life is the iPhone 4. This new one seems to be another 4S with problems. I don’t see how Android is now addressing these issues with their battery draining phones, yet Apple continues to move backwards with technology on long lasting phones. I can’t enjoy it if it doesn’t last, no?

    • No more Obama

      i wouldn’t mind a thicker iphone even if it is a cyclops as long as the batter was bigger. make it thicker, putt another layer on the left side, move the top inners to the left side and make that batter taller and deeper. we would all be better off.

      • genXhippie

        No more You…what the heck are you babbling about? :{

  • The iPhone 5 rumour mill is getting ridiculous. However with one week to go, I’m lovin’ it 🙂

  • If apple serious put that iphone out I’m not go it to buy!Believe me if apple makes that error it would lost alot of money!I hope this is all fake and we gonna see a very nice new styled iphone!If not Hello Galaxy s3;)

  • macboy74

    Here we go with the fake Chinese knock off iPhone. Man I can’t wait till next week when they show us a totally different phone. And then read what all the blogs have to say then. Don’t get me wrong I like you guys at idownloadblog for what you do but this is not the new iPhone.

  • Nathan

    I noticed when vibrate is on, the red is on the bottom and not on the top like the 4S. I really enjoy what Apple has done with the iPhone. It looks very classy.

  • JV

    apple just release official email of the coming event on September 14 2012 trust me and the official release day September 24 2012 believe it or not keep this in mind

  • Sketchy

    I would like apple to address things that actually make a phone better. For example a better antenna for both cellular and wifi reception. Also improve the microphone and speakers.