Ahead of the next week’s iPhone 5 presser and a rumored mini iPad introduction in October, an interesting three-dimensional interactive model of Apple’s rumored inexpensive, smaller iPad has hit the web this morning, based on leaked parts and several notable pieces of information that have been floating around the blogosphere.

All the rumors appear to point to a relocated headphone jack located next to the dock connector which, as you know, should be much smaller to allow for thinner designs, just like on the next iPhone. Based on this information, 3D artists created a highly-detailed 3D interactive model of the rumored mini iPad

Kudos to our friends over at MacRumors for commissioning CiccareseDesign to put together this nicey done 3D mockup.

In order to enjoy it, you’ll need to navigate your WebGL-enabled browser here.

Those using Google’s Chrome already are on the safe side.

If you’re using Apple’s Safari, you need to enable WebGL support manually by navigating to Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Develop menu in the menu bar. From there, hit the Enable WebGL checkbox from the Develop menu.

And here’s a YouTube representation of the 3D model, for those unable to interact with the 3D model.

The publication makes mention of speculation that Apple “might use the headphone jack and dock connector in conjunction to interface through an adapter with accessories designed for the current 30-pin dock connector”, a pretty plausible possibility if you ask me.

Note the skinnier bezels that we recently told you about.

MacRumors also warns its model doesn’t take into account a steeper taper on the edges of the device, as shown on the iPad mini dummies leaked by Apple.pro.

Also, this:

Another potential caveat to our renderings is that while Apple will be bringing Siri to the iPad in iOS 6, it will only be arriving to the third-generation iPad.

The iPad mini is believed to be based on the iPad 2 internals, presumably allowing for a much lower price, and if there is a technical reason that the iPad 2 won’t support Siri, then the iPad mini may not as well.

Regardless of Siri and the internals, we feel that the rendering may represent a close approximation of what the final iPad mini design could look like.

Fell free to explore the 3D model and post your observations down in the comments.

  • No more Obama

    apple won’t put siri on it unfortunately. thats pretty much a given

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Why..? 1000 bucks says its on there. And all third future devices.

      • No more Obama

        you’re on. do you want my paypal address now so you’ll have it to send me my winnings?

    • Eric Armstrong

      More like, it’s pretty much a given that it WILL have Siri. They already announced Siri for iPad 3, new on iOS 6… So, I’m going to have to team with Johnathan Jennings and disagree.

      • Exactly, for the iPad 3! But the iPad Mini is not an iPad 3, it is a new, probably low-budget device. And if it is low-budget, why would someone give it Siri then?

      • No more Obama

        maybe, but i don’t think so. i have little to no faith apple will put it on. ipad 1 didn’t even get iOS 6 but iphone 3gs and iphone 4 got it when ipad 1 has better specs than both. apple plays these little games so you will upgrade, right? so in my thinking, i believe they will not put it on, as @rud0lf77:disqus said, “it’s a low-budget device” this will get people who would not spend 500+ on an ipad. they wont get siri, so only to entice them to pay more to get more. i could be wrong but i think apple will do that to us.

  • Why would the speakers and the headphone jack would be cramped together like that? This mock up seems like no thought put into it. It is basically re-sized version of iPhone 5 leaks!