Google chairman Eric Schmidt shared some headline-grabbing updates related to the Android platform during today’s unveiling of the refreshed Razr family by Motorola Mobility, now a Google division. Most notably, we learned that Google now counts a whopping 480 million Android devices in the wild.

That’s a cool 80 million units improvement over a total of 400 million activations announced at Google I/O on June 27-28 of this year. Yes, Android smartphones and tablets collectively outsell all iOS devices combined. Afraid? Don’t be, Google actually beat Apple on that metric back in June.

Daily activations surged from a million Android devices back in June to today’s number of 1.3 million daily activations. No matter how you look at it, that’s a very, very impressive figure, one proving there’s no shelter from the Android carpet bombing. But what about tablets?

Ah, the tablet.

Tablets is the only device category where Google trails far behind Apple. According to Schmidt, the search Goliath is activating only 70,000 Android-driven tablets each day.

We don’t have up-to-date stats for Apple apart from the updates shared during June quarter’s conference call with investors:

• 410 million iPhones, iPads and iPod touches in the wild

• 150 million iCloud users

• 650,000 apps in App Store

Here’s the full Motorola presser clip from today.

On the 70,000 Android tablets activated each day:

Apple doesn’t divulge daily activation numbers related to iPad, but if we divide the 17 million iPads reported in the June quarter with 90 days, Apple should be activating approximately 190.000 iPads each day.

That is, Apple is activating nearly three times more tablets (2.8x) than Google, which correlates to market research by IHS iSuppli indicating that Apple shipped nearly seven out of every ten tablets in the June quarter of this year.

Are you sad that Google rubbed Apple’s nose in daily activations and total number of active gadgets in the wild?

What about no-name Android cheapos from China, does these help boost Google’s numbers?

I’d love to hear your take on these metrics down in the comments, if you please.

  • With such a big number, Im still wondering why the Android web-usage is lower than the iOS…

    • 8Charlie

      Numbers are not from only within the US. For one, the iPhone is way too pricey in certain countries. Sometimes two times more expensive (in dollars) in some countries. I think it’s a good phone and Apple really needs to sort this. One phone and one OS is great, but then why is it two times more expensive. Example: Brazil has the world’s most expensive iPhone. It can cost up to 2000 dollars! US dollars, not R$.

      But on your web usage point. A lot of web usage numbers I’ve seen are US based. Furthermore a lot of people in developing countries buy Androids. More bang for the buck and there isn’t this rivalry between Android vs. iOS there. They just buy a smartphone because they want something a bit more advanced than a feature phone. But wireless data is not popular or affordable yet. Which is why web usage is still low.

      If you can fork out 600 dollars for a phone, or even worse, 600 euros where I’m from. I have a feeling a data bundle isn’t gonna be much of a problem.

      • Well, Brazil isn’t the best example because the tax there is very high, and not Apple’s fault. It’s sad how Brazilian Gov charges to much.

        In matter of web-usage, even worldwide, the Android web-usage is lower than the iOS. Most of the people with Android, specially the low and mid end don´t like the web experience. They only use their devices for a few things, like Facebook, twitter and other few social networks.

        iOS (fast, easy to use, great user experience) plus Apps and everything well designed make people use the device much more. It’s all about user experience and not specs.

      • 8Charlie

        It’s been argued that even with the tax the mount doesnt add up. Samsung exports its devices to Brazil too. The prices arent that high.

        I still don’t think it has to do with the experience. If the phone you sell is expensive enough to dictate that you will also have a data connection of course your web usage will be higher.

        Look at it this way… A 300 dollar iPod purchase implies that you might have some cash to also purchase songs from iTunes or Amazon. A 20 dollar mp3 player might actually sell more in total numbers, but I doubt that same user will be downloading songs from a iTunes.

      • In my country older people buy an android rather then iphone. They just look at the pricetag and dont care at all what it can do. They just use it for calls and perhaps text messages. No need for the most expensive phone on the market for that average usage. I could guess with a high certainty that it explains the higher iOS web usage

  • I dont really look into this whole daily ‘android’ activations stuff, there are quoting and entire operating system verses one iphone. I am sure if Apple decide to release the iphone 4 in 10 different colours and charge $199 on prepaid for it that they would fly off the shelf too.

    • 8Charlie

      Apple counts total numbers of iOS devices too, which is like 10 or 15 devices. I think consumers don’t care and with good reason. But developers care, because it’s definitely something you look at when you have to decide on whether or not to make apps for a certain OS.

  • Do the math if they are activating 70,000 a day that’s 2mill. a month 25mill. a year. Market doesn’t show that ,,,,,sorry!

    • abujafer

      It increased massively once the Nexus 7 came out, which has only been out for a couple months. And don’t forget the Kindle Fire, which hasn’t been out for a year yet.

      • 8Charlie

        Kindle Fires are not counted… They don’t have access to the Google Play Store.

    • macboy74

      That’s what I don’t get.

      • Heatfan316

        Simpletons usually don’t understand much anyways, nice to know your ibot comprehension skills are increasing by the day 😛

      • macboy74

        I am smarter then your dumb ass will ever be buddy. Back to your moms basement with you.

  • Is anyone vetting Android’s activation numbers? And does Google use these numbers in SEC documents? I highly doubt it.

  • 1.3 Daily activations = People flashing everyday different roms to know what works best on their devices…

    • 8Charlie

      Devices are counted once, when they register with the network. System restores, flashing, firmware upgrades, hard resets etc. have 0 effect on the numbers.

    • Heatfan316

      Another butthurt excuse.

      • It was not a excuse. Could be possible, and some people say that Google don’t deny that too. It’s very obvious to everybody that Android has more marketshare. Even the trash cheap clones count to their marketshare. So, as always… Quantity < Quality.

      • 8Charlie

        Google has more than once stated that they only count devices that have access to the Play store and they only count devices once.

        If you want to talk about market share. That’s something totally different. Apple or Google don’t publish marketshare numbers. Certain organisations and institutions do. And they count differently and have different sources. That’s just how statitics work.

        You could count by shipping numbers, web browsing numbers, carrier data, surveys, numbers published by phone makers, etc. In every single case, you would get different results.

      • Well, but it’s not hard to see that Android has much more marketshare. I mean, look how many brands sell Android devices… and how many models any brand has… from low end to high end. We are talking about “50” brands with a lot of models against one brand, with just one model per year… it is a really easy math to do…

      • 8Charlie

        A year ago there were also 50 brands and the market share was not bigger.

        You started off by saying the numbers come from flashing. Which is incorrect.

        Then you state the cheap clones, which is incorrect. Since they will not get access to the Google Play store and are not counted.

        This article, my comment and even your comments are not about market share. But on how they count the daily activations. That’s why I’m trying to explain to you that daily activations and market share are two different things. They have different sources and are counted differently.

      • In fact, Google never said how they count devices. About the thing you talked… 1 year Ago. Smartphones are getting popular, in general, because of the Social Networks.

        People tend to chose the most popular ones, and a lower price. We had for a long time Symbian (Who actually had much more marketshare than Apple iOS) and Blackberry.

        The problem is that both of that brands have stopped to innovate, with OLD OS’s still hard to use, and they have lost the support of carriers, since Android give them much more control over devices and their updates.

        So about 1 year, almost 2 years we stared to see much more carriers giving more advertisement to Android, selling brands like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and many others, with low mid end devices, and we even see devices without any “known brand”, just with the carrier logo, using, once again, Android.

        So, it’s not hard to see why Android is getting more sells than ever. He got support not only from much more brands, but from carriers too. The advertisement is getting bigger and bigger.

        Did you know that the phones who sell the most, are the ones who mimick Apple? In europe, the Galaxy Y is one of them, because it’s cheap and really look like a iPhone. Most of the people buy them because of that.

      • 8Charlie

        My earlier comment is awaiting approval with links so you can see that Google has explained the activation process.

        Mimic iPhone? Again I don’t agree and that’s again a totally different story. The S3 is now the best selling smartphone in the US, it looks nothing like an iPhone. Again, this has nothing to do with this article, my comments or ur previous comments.

      • But Samsung S3 doesn’t sell more than the low and mid end from their own brand. And the S3 is now the best selling (since august i think) because most of the users are waiting for the next iPhone.

        Marketshare and activations, are two different things, and I know that, but one has influence on other. So they are connected. More brands and carriers selling devices, from low to high end, more activations Google will get.

        And one more thing, people tend to change their smartphones more often on android world than on iOS, specially the cheap ones. So that help on counting more activations too.

        First, it’s cheap.. and second, less durability. So in Google activations we can spot a lot of BS too…

      • 8Charlie

        It’s all good. Tired of this discussion. Google “pc world android activations andy rubin 700000” to find out how you were wrong about flashing and the clones.

        I understand your other arguments, but we’re both getting very subjective and not looking at facts.

        Dont begin ur sentence with “In fact,” unless it’s a fact. Google has stated how they count devices. You are wrong, Google the keywords I wrote above.

      • Just give it up. You are digging the hole to deep. Only 1 count per phone that got access to play store. Nothing else.

    • Only counts once. Flashing etc does not count

  • chjode

    And how many of those 1.3 million daily activations are low-end free-with-contract or pre-paid Android phones that will never see an update beyond 2.3 and are absolutely loaded with shovelware?

    • Heatfan316

      Hey genius those people who buy the low end Android phones don’t care about updates, they bought the phone for talking, texting and ocasional web browsing. Yet another butthurt excuse!

  • Thorasgard

    Three iPhones and one pad3 in the family. Looking at 2-3 more tabs by EOY. leaning apple but will certainly research the androids. Not sure the kids really need $500 tabs.

  • Give them credit when it’s due. Apple should be above the numbers and keep putting out great phones and tablets. Numbers be damned.

  • 8Charlie

    Don’t wanna troll. But only devices that have access to the Google Play store are counted. This means that the cheapo Chinese ones don’t get counted often times. There are even popular brands to which Google Play access is not granted. So that number could be much larger.

    And devices are counted once, system restores, flashing etc. have no effect on the numbers.

  • No more Obama

    i don’t care if apple sells more devices or android sells more devices…i just want apple to start innovating! i say NO to the 3d gen iphone 4! and while we are at it, NO to the iPhone Cyclops-move that front facing camera anywhere else haha

  • Unindoctrin8ed

    Those who care what it actually does buy Android devices. Those who care more about its name and whether their cool friend has one buys an Apple product.