Once again, Verizon Wireless is ranked the top U.S. carrier in fewest complaints of dropped calls, transmission problems and slow text messages. This is the 14th time the carrier has led J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Study. AT&T and other major carriers landed further down in the cellular reliability survey.

While Verizon Wireless led in the busy Northeast corridor, it also trumped competition in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest and Westerns sections of the country. U.S. Cellular was picked as the best carrier in the North Central U.S. for the 12th time. AT&T’s reliability was consistently ranked the lowest, except in the Mid-Atlantic and Southwest areas, where it was second to Verizon…

T-Mobile, the carrier whose corporate romance with A&T was broken up by antitrust questions, also mainly was a cellar-dweller, except for the Southeast and West, the survey found. Sprint-Nextel’s best showing was No. 2 to Verizon in the Northeast.

Salt Lake City ranked as the best city for cell phone owners with Sacremento the worst. Perhaps a sign of the level of complexity or their growing use, smartphones owners tend to report more problems than traditional “dumb” feature phones, the survey reported. Earlier this week, AT&T said it was limiting use of the iOS6 FaceTime over Cellular iPhone feature to subscribers of its Mobile Share data plan. The carrier explained the limit was to avoid massive video chat data demands swamping its overall wireless customer experience.

  • I guess I am lucky where I live because AT&T is awesome. Then again, 10 years with Sprint and two soup cans and a string would have been an improvement. I’ve been nothing but happy with AT&T since I switched over back when the 3GS came out.

  • RB McKinney

    What’s tomorrow’s article going to be? “AT&T started AIDS; Verizon Cured Cancer”?? I hate, and i mean HATE AT&T’s service. I’m finally out of my 2 yr contract and cannot wait to switch over to another carrier. Plus all these articles and comments on how bad AT&T sucks donkey wieners has helped me feel confident in my decision

    • Agreed! It’s like the hip thing, make fun of AT&T, but sing high praise for Verizon. Verizon is just as evil, does just as mean and dirty things, but since they have more towers, they get a free pass.

      • M42

        Had Verizon and had nothing but dropped calls and horrible reception where the other party sounded fuzzy. Have had superb luck with AT&T. Call quality is clear and crisp and I’ve gone all over the country and Europe with them.

        Everybody’s experience is different a lot of that depends on where you live. But to constantly sing Verizon’s praise is just wrong. Ever had to deal with their customer service? That’s not area dependent and they are downright rude and arrogant.

    • Can’t stress enough that it’s based on your location. I am in new York and manhattan is pitiful for everyone other than sprint. Where I reside in Staten Island it’s spotty with bother AT&T and VZ. You can’t win either way.

  • Andrew

    Link to the study? You didn’t mention the midwest

  • You guys should absolutely feel lucky.
    Come to China, and meet our China Mobile, China Union and China Telecom.
    No exception but high cost and low quality.

    • China mobile rarely dropped anyone’s call in metropolitan regions. But they’re still, by and large, 2G carriers.

      • Well, nobody can deny the fact above.
        It’s just that the price paid for this basic service is too damn high.

  • apple_man9

    I can’t understand why so many US carriers are this bad. In Bulgaria for over 15 years I have never gotten a dropped call, not even in elevators and or while hiking in the mountain. The monthly plans start at $15 with voicemail, caller ID, free incoming calls included and unlimited 3G data starts at $3 / month.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    AT&T is far superior to big red in my area…I said the exact thing on an article about 4G on droid life and they thought I was trolling -___- my AT&T LTE and HSPA+ is faster and more reliable than VZW LTE

  • M42

    Funny, but I’ve been with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and I had more dropped calls in one year with Verizon than I had in eight years combined with AT&T and T-Mobile.