In the final weeks leading up to Apple’s big September 12 announcement and the near-certain September 21 availability of a sixth-generation iPhone, iDB has discovered a number of iPhone 5 dummies on a major Asian online shopping web site.

Altogether, dozens of entries for Apple’s yet-to-be-released handset have now popped up into view, all sporting the familiar looking two-tone design with a taller display (almost certainly of an in-cell variety) which accommodates five rows of icons instead of four…

The Taobao shopping site (thanks, Gerard!) has a bunch of these iPhone 5 dummies.

Matter of fact, we spotted first iPhone 5 dummies on Taobao a month ago and for what it’s worth, there are now nearly three dozen sellers offering iPhone 5 dummies in both black and white.

Also, prices have dropped considerably compared to the dummies from last month.

As the big day is nearly upon us, we’re posting these here for the sake of completeness and to spur up the discussion.

Be that as it may, you’re advised not to read too much into this.

All that we can possibly glean from this update is that the low prices and large number of sellers could reasonably indicate that these dummies are being mass produced as we speak.

Consequentially, Chinese sellers must be quite sure this will be the final iPhone 5 design.

In case you were wondering, Taobao is a major Chinese-language online shopping web site akin to eBay and operated by the People’s Republic of China’s Alibaba Group.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, the numerous component leaks that are becoming more and more frequent all seem to strongly indicate that Apple’s supply chain in Asia is speeding up production on next-generation iPhone parts.

We’ll let you be the judge.

Hop over to Taobao and come back here to comment on iPhone 5 dummies.

  • Gorgonphone

    ummm okay

  • Idk, the long screen just looks awkward.

    • Dlevi309

      thats what she said(i think???)

  • JerseyD

    That is convenient. Or inconvenient depending on you ask. Actually I have no idea. I just hope Apple pulls a major curveball and has something to surprise us with.

  • Everyone wanted a bigger screen and maybe just maybe these images that we keep seeing are what the device might be like with a larger screen and it looks like Apple have even kept the size of the device down…
    So why on earth do I keep seeing comments saying it don’t look right with a bigger screen.. Guess what it will look different it’s got a bigger screen..
    just like we wanted…

    • Because they only made it longer, not wider as well. It just looks awkward.

      • Put your phone in your hand… See how you are holding it.. It’s a perfect fit.. ( with out a case) now what if the screen was wider , not so much grip on the device .. Plus it will be harder to put/take out of your pocket ..

      • We have to be able to type and hold the phone with one hand only, thats maybe a reason why they didnt made it wider, i guess

      • smtp25

        4.3″ is not significantly bigger than it proposes a problem – try a S2 you’ll be surprised and jealous

      • Jealous of what ? For me the iPhone screen size is fine as it is.. If its made bigger I.e. taller so be it … It’s a phone that happens to do a lot of other stuff as well.. If I need a bigger screen I’ll use my iPad .. And if that not enough I’ll start up the mini mac and use the 42″ TV that plugged in to it.. I don’t need a micro tablet in my pocket

      • smtp25

        So your in the middle of no where and you want to look something up, you can stand there scrolling up and down, zooming in and out or just have a decent screen size to start with. Mobile phones are just that mobile you don’t always carry your 10″ iPad or your 42″ tv

      • The iPhone 4/4S has enough screen quality (326 ppi) to read without the need of zooming or scrolling up/down unless you have vision problems or you are browsing on a S2 phone 🙂

      • You’re talking as if apple has already released the iPhone 5 ,you’re holding it and writing that comment.

      • How does my comment reflect that? Look at the two, the *rumored* iPhone 5 is only taller, not wider. And most people agree, it looks awkward.

      • Andrew

        It’s because they are keeping to the 16:9 ratio which is the current standard for movies. It may looked awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it…

      • And their products now (at least iDevices) are 4:3 now, so they aren’t “keeping” to their ratio. But to me, a 16:9 4″ screen is too small to care about watching movies on.

    • smtp25

      Ahh no. We wanted bigger as in wider and larger close to 4.3″. It doesn’t look right because they made it taller without making it any wider – landscape will be better but portrait not so much

    • I never wanted wanted a bigger screen, my hands fits pefectly the way it is, if it is bigger it would get my hands tired after a few minutes using the phone, and would be a little trouble keeping it in my pocket

      • Please see my comment below.. The phone if its like this one pictured is not wider just taller

      • Have you held the iphone 5 in your hand? No? Then how in hell can you tell me if it is going to not fit in your pocket?

      • of course I didnt because the iphone 5 is not out yet, I’m talking about my experience with a nokia lumia 900, so I know what a bigger screen looks like, nokia lumia 900 got me tired after some minutes managing my contacts or using it for long periods, and it got even worst after I purchased a cover for it. my iphone haves a big case and still fits good in my hands and my pocket, I know what I’m talking about, and my first coment was more like “not everybody wants a bigger screen”

      • Maybe you should stick with the iPhone 4, leave the pre-orders down, so I can get this phone.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Well put, well put.

    • Andrew

      A bigger iPhone (taller AND wider) is needed. The taller iPhone (from the leaked pictures) does look awkward. Also, personally I can use a galaxy note with one hand so 4.3″ is really not that big anyways. 4″ screen just does not cut it

  • marco1993

    They are selling it for 10 or 20 dollars a pop
    Anyone who thinks that an actual iPhone would be sold for 10 or 20 dollars is an absolute idiot

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Am I the only one who still thinks that the new iPhone will look nothing like the leaks?..

    • i also think the same..oh come on if the new iPhone was exactly like the leaks we saw Apple would do something for that.

    • i hope so

  • A tip, for you, in case you are a dummy maker. If you’re going to make the next generation iPhone dummy, at least use iOS 6! (Or even 5) in your freaking screen! Don’t use iOS 1’s dock!!!

  • There’s a report circulating the net that apple leaked all these fake iPhone 5 pictures and that they are actually prototypes of the iPhone 4s before its release so all those case makers I wouldn’t start making any cases till apples event unless you have money to burn! Also all the tech sites will be amazed how apple fooled them!

  • Andy

    Wonder if anybody in Apple has time to even ‘look’ at these rumors!