AT&T made good on its promise today and rolled out its new Mobile Share data plans. The launch comes amidst swirling controversy regarding the plans, and the new FaceTime over Cellular feature in iOS 6.

The new plans look extremely similar to Verizon’s Share plans, where subscribers start with unlimited talk and text, and then pay extra according to how much data and how many smartphones they need…

The Family Shared plans start at $40, which includes unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. With this tier, smartphones cost $45 each, so your total phone bill per month would be $85. Here’s the rest:

Of course, you can add non-smartphone devices to your plan as well. Feature phones are an additional $30 per month, laptops, netbooks and USB internet sticks are an extra $20, and tablets are $10. Of course, all of these devices pull from your shared data bucket. So the more you have, the more data you’ll need.

New customers will obviously be forced to choose one of these plans, as will anyone hoping to use the new FaceTime over Cellular feature. And it’ll be interesting to see if, like Verizon, they force folks who purchase the new iPhone at a subsidized price, to as well. But we have yet to hear anything on that front yet.

What are your thoughts on the new plans?

  • himynameisBLiNK

    i could give two craps about FaceTime over cellular

    • thats what jailbreak is for anyways. We have had facetime over cellular for a while now. my3g and 3G unrestrictor.

  • kumar714

    Currently I’m paying $170 but with this new plans it’ll cost me $240. Now y would I change to new share plan again?

  • rexexdesign

    Man too bad, at first I really wanted to switch. But I would need a 2GB option. Also, I thought that the first cost i.e. $70 for 4GB would cover the first phone, then the additional phone $40, but instead it costs $70, and then $40 for my and $40 for my wife’s phone… thus we are paying the exact same amount as currently. And I have the unlimited data plan.

  • Greg Hao

    So a couple with 2 iPhones on this data sharing plan would be paying $135 a month for for1gb of data?

    Fuck you AT&T.

    • rexexdesign

      I know I would need 2GB at least, so I have to go for the 4GB plan and pay $150. The only advantage I could see is if someone wants a cheaper unlimited talk/text plan and didn’t care about data.

      • Greg Hao

        currently, T offers an unlimited text & call to all mobiles (including other carriers) as a $30 add on.

        this new pricing plan is just ridiculous and is tantamount to price gouging.

      • Guest

        Guys. It’s $85 and $110, not $135 and $150. The prices haven’t changed much. They just omitted the 2GB plan. The “Each smartphone” line is your calls/texts payment.

      • It actually isnt. I just went through this confusion with a rep. The *Each phone is meant for the data charges only. This means $150 for the 4gb plan. Which is what I am paying at the moment. I thought it was only 1 $40 payment for both phones, but apparently it isnt. Seems like they are tacking on an additional $5 over the individual 2gb plan. That sounds crappy to me, but there isnt any way around it, it seems.

  • These plans totally suck!! Soooo many people are going to jump ship because of this.

  • Yea way to be GREEDY the FCC should step in and fine them big time and put them in their places.

  • Metroview

    That pic is the look of a couple who are crying so hard deep down inside after realizing the mistake they’ve made with switching to the new shared plan.

  • AHHAHHA ( I pay 15$ per month for 20 gb!!!)
    At&t prices are craaazy!!!

  • At&t think they slick, what about tethering? Im pretty sure thats gonna eat some of that good ol’ 1gig or 4 gigs right up!

  • Straight talk is the best 45$.

  • I have two iPhones with AT&T that are grandfathered, but who cares really, when after 3 gigs, you’re crippled. But I’d need 6 gigs under this new plan to have what we have under “unlimited”. That’s now $160, basically the exact same amount that Verizon charges, but Verizon has better coverage and LTE by far than AT&T does, I think it’s time for us to jump ship.

  • These shared plans are a $&%ING JOKE!

  • Moo

    Total ripoff att you can sell this to your employees.

  • Bocaditos

    Que coman mierda estos cabrones el iPhone 5 viene con face time incluido y quieren sacar provecho a esto son una mierda estos hijos de P

  • Share plan sucks, unlimited sucks not being able to use all features on my phone without having to pay more, your alrdy getting 300 a month damn !!!!

  • Everytime I take one step to please customers I get pushed back 10 steps

  • Car note type of cell service is this

  • Viktor

    Be aware. I signed up for this plan 1 gb data. So monthly bill should be 45+40$. Just got my contract…so first bill 157$ monthly bill 107$. Not even close to 85 lol tomorrow canceling this scam.

  • Marketing on this Mobile Share Plan, combined with the “free” iPhone 4s should be investigated for bait & switch fraud. All the website representations have been switched to “clarify” but it’s still not clear…is there a class action in AT&T’s future? Such a shame…

  • they don’t even offer the one gig any more its 300 mb and your next choice is 3 and 5 gig