What’s the going rate on eBay for a rare iPhone 4 prototype running internal testing software? Apparently it’s the same as a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone: $10,000.

The handset is of the 32GB, GSM variety, and carries a model number of N90AP. It’s described as a prototype/tester unit, and has a couple of interesting features…

For starters, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have the usual Apple logo on the back. As finder 9to5Mac points out, it’s actually the prototype logo. It also does not have the typical two screws at the bottom, and is running internal Apple software.

Sonny Dickson has a good video of a working iPhone 4 prototype:

From the seller’s description:

“This iPhone is a functional representation of this design. This iPhone is not only unique in its hardware, but it’s running Apple’s software testing suite, called Switchboard, which is used to test the device’s functionality. Usually these prototypes are disabled by Apple, but this one is fully functional. All functions of the software seems to work.”

He goes on to say that every part on the device is original except for the battery, which he says was removed by Apple. But it was replaced by an OEM battery.

The Buy It Now price for the auction is $10,000. Although with just four days left, at the time of this writing, the current price is at $4,500 with 0 active bidders.

It’s hard to say if the handset will end up selling for 10 grand. That’s a lot of money. But the seller is right, a working iPhone prototype, with Apple’s Switchboard software installed, is pretty rare. And the device’s other distinctive features only add to its value.

What do you think? Is this thing really worth $10,000 dollars?

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  • Liu Zhenyu

    I’ll do $1 as a starting bid.

    • Irfan Tarique

      If this is a apple loving blog why all the thumbs down?

  • No more Obama

    $10,000? no thanks, apple won’t even allow it to run siri 😛

  • Aaron de Silva

    I believe u meant “is this thing really worth..”

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    looks cool as hell i would pay $100 for it..lol

  • jayDude

    Could this item be of any use to the dev team, or the like. Perhaps it could shed light on future vulnerabilities.

  • rohta

    It is interesting that the prototype has the screws that hold the phone together inside the SIM card cavity, which makes the Prototype look even more clean that what is the mass production version of iPhone 4.
    For sure Apple had some sort of problems related with production and/or product reliability to change it in the final version.

  • Death star replaces apple logo 😛

  • iPhone 1 or iPhone 4 mmmmm lol

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    When testing sound I hear Chinese music, what is that ? O.o

  • ALex

    Hello everybody,

    What do you think of the 2 iPhone prototypes for sale on eBay ? (n°200894569719 and 200894568714).

    They seem great but there is no Switchboard 🙁

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    You tube video doesent work