Replacement app switchers have long-since been a favorite for jailbreak developers. Because while Apple’s own implementation is solid, it’s pretty basic, and leaves a lot of room for improvement.

We’ve seen a number of these app switchers recently — tweaks like Imperium and Aero, to name a few. And today, we’re adding another one to that list. Ladies and gentlemen, meet MissionBoard…

MissionBoard is a new tweak that essentially replaces your app switcher. Instead of the stock version, which reveals a horizontal scrolling list of all of your most recently used icons, it shows full screenshots of those apps in a vertical scrolling list. It reminds me a bit of Multifl0w or CardSwitcher.

In theory, MissionBoard sounds great. But something gets lost in the execution. I’ve run into a couple of problems while testing the tweak that will likely guarantee its removal after this review.

For starters, it’s slow. Even my iPhone 4S struggles to smoothly scroll through the list of open apps. There’s also no way to close down apps from this list (unless I’m missing something), which seems like a gross oversight. And finally, it’s a little annoying that you can’t set its Activator method as the stock Double Home button press. If you do, you’ll end up seeing both it and the stock app switcher.

But I’ll admit it looks cool, and it’s definitely different. Which for some people may be enough. I just use my iPhone far too much to worry about anything slowing me down. However, if you’re interested, I urge you to try MissionBoard out for yourself. It’s available now in the BiggBoss repo, in Cydia, for free.

Have you tried MissionBoard yet? What did you think of it?

Update: Shortly after this review posted, I noticed an update for MissionBoard in Cydia. It actually improves the speed of the tweak quite a bit, but it still stutters.

  • Gino Hakimi

    It not good at all ill wait and pay for dash! Now that is worth trying !

  • notewar

    “Switchy” + “closer enhancer” beat the hell out of this

  • jakeopp

    Version 1.1 is tons smoother for me than the original release. I like this tweak, it has potential if he adds app closing and maybe a way to open it with zephyr

  • ThisBrian

    I currently use CardSwitcher which looks almost just like this, but I think I prefer the stock switcher it seem faster to use. CardSwitcher may look better but I think it’s easier to select apps with the stock switcher. So maybe Apple did know what they were doing with multitasking, in my opinion.

  • Kok Hean

    The new version fixed the lag.

    • M_AlO

      Not really, it still lags on my iPhone 4s and iPad 3.

  • K1N6P1N

    Cardswitcher is the way to go. Multifl0w has a few bugs in ios5, so I wouldn’t recommend it. I use cardswitcher in conjunction with Zephyr and Switchy which works well for me.

  • YonathanMedina

    I set the ‘Shake’ for activate this while I keep MultySt0ry working with Zephyr, a little laggy but I like it.

  • Gorgonphone

    what is the point of this..??? there are 20 other tweaks already out that do the same damn think like multi flow etc..

  • Not the BiggBoss repo!

  • I’m happy with Switchy. Not too intrusive, and works perfectly for music!

  • cardswitcher and multifl0w offer more stable functionalty

  • dingus

    I have a 3gs loaded with tweaks and mission board works perfectly fine. I hope that soon an update that will allow users to kill apps directly will be out. Plus this app is free. Many thanks to the devs