The latest beta of iOS 6 was released this week with a handful of changes. We’ve already mentioned a few of these differences like the new Bluetooth Sharing menu, and the missing YouTube app. But another one has been discovered.

In beta 4, a new option can be found deep in the Settings application, under the Cellular tab, called Wi-Fi Plus Cellular. When enabled, it allows apps that are having trouble with Wi-Fi to automatically switch over to cellular data…

With this feature, users on FaceTime calls will no longer be interrupted thanks to a poor Wi-Fi connection. And folks who are worried about exceeding their wireless data limit can obviously toggle the feature off and on as they see fit.

But it’s not just for FaceTime. It looks like Apple will be opening up this option to iCloud syncing, iTunes downloads, Passbook updates, and more. It’ll really be interesting to see if they allow third-party apps to use the feature.

At any rate, the new Wi-Fi Plus Cellular toggle seems to be in line with Apple’s other enhancements in iOS 6. While it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any major new features this fall, it seems like we’ll be seeing a whole lot of refinements.

  • Awesome feature! I have always wanted to know in the past if apps would revert to cellular or not if wifi was not working. At least this way we can control it.

  • JerseyD

    Nice. So many times when I get into my car at home or work my phone is still connected to wifi but the signal is so bad and I can’t get anything done so I have to toggle off wifi to use 3G

  • So, death to 3G Unrestrictor 5? Damn, one of the good jailbreak tweaks is getting done for :/ Though, still good that it’s coming natively to iOS 🙂

    • 3G unrestrictor would still be useful for tricking apps into thinking they are on wifi in order to achieve a higher quality stream (i.e. pandora or any other music app)

      • Pandora doesn’t need 3G unrestrictor, there is an option to use higher quality audio while on cellular data right in the settings. But yeah it will still be useful for other apps.

    • In every major ios update, alot of jailbreak tweaks dies, don’t worry great jailbreak tweaks, you will always be remembered, thank you very much.

  • No Whammy

    Sounds like a pretty decent feature, although it seems to go against Apple simplicity mindset. I also didn’t realize there was a problem in need of fixing.

    • Tom

      Ugh, wifi is barely connected and nothing is working. Guess I have to go open the settings and turn of wifi. Then later on I have to turn it back on. So simple!

  • A bit off topic, I hate the new statusbar on ios 6. I like the status bars of ios 5, the one with colors. 🙁 anyway, awesome and useful feature!

    • Outhig

      There will probably be a tweak to disable it, maybe even Springtomize 😀

  • Can someone make a Tweak for this?

  • Sweet! Its about time. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had low wifi signal and the apps refused to do anything, even though I had full data. I like to have my wifi on as much as possible, but this was much needed.

  • Mysteroy3k

    Another reason this might be needed cause of the downloading of apps over wifi, thats stuck on loading until a connection is restored

  • Watch out, lots of developers blew through all there data for the month, because of WiFi issues and then iCloud did backups over cellular and they would uses GBs of data.

  • So this is missing in iPhone 5…