After months of rumors and speculation, Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone on January 9, 2007 in front of a large Macworld audience at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The handset would later become available for purchase on June 29 of that year, and the rest, as they say, is history. And now you can own part of that great history for a mere $10,000…

That’s right, an unopened 8GB 1st-gen iPhone has surfaced on eBay this week with a Buy It Now price of 10 grand. The seller describes the device as a “rare collectors vintage box set.”

“Stunning rare collectors choice Apple iPhone 1st generation 8GB and factory sealed!! You are seeing a piece of history!! This is an incredible collectors show piece!! This would be a crown jewel for any collection!!… …The collectors dream Apple iPhone!!”

The seller, samsonbible, obviously believes the device is worth the money, although there have been no bids. But for what it’s worth, he is a Top-rated seller and has 100% feedback.

And as it turns out, he’s not the only one who thinks so highly of the smartphone. Phsledge is also selling a factory-sealed first-gen iPhone for $10,000. But it hasn’t seen any bids either.

It’ll be interesting to see if either handset sells, because despite the fact that the iPhone was/is one of the most disruptive and popular consumer devices of its era, it can’t be worth $10,000 (yet).

Can it?

  • tim

    No, it’s not worth $10000. eBay for $<130.

  • I think i’m gonna buy it.

  • I think it’s still too early for it to be worth that much. I’m sure lots of people still have brand new first gens. This should wait like a good 10-20 years and then it would be a rare item.

  • chin2793

    May be 10 more years later.

  • Maybe $1000 if It is really special to a collector..cause I don’t find anything special in it!

    • That shows your utter stupidity, ignorance (is a bliss) or just denying the facts!

      iPhone commoditize

      1. This is the one, the first successful phone which design first, add feature later as software model.

      2. This is the one, the first successful Multi-Touch, button-less so
      hassle-less phone even just born babies can handle which gave wings to
      the software designers, and gave birth to App Store model.

      3. This is the one, the first successful phone that bankrupted Nokia RIM and Microsoft’s phone business in “One Shot”

      4. This is the one, the first successful phone that broke operator supremacy, make them find new means to throttle bandwidth.

      5. This is the one, the first successful phone that made smartphone a common-place

      and so on…

      They say:

      Ignorance is a bliss! so stay ignorant saying “cause I don’t find anything special in it!” you can put the hat on, a sheer moron!

      • Jebus! We’re you Masturbating to an 8×10 glossy of Steve Jobs while you typed this?

      • Dan

        All I have to say is… so what?

      • Why aren’t you buying it?!? You not buying it would be ignorant and show your utter stupidity. Dude way to go off on someone and insult them. You’re a total d-bag.

      • BulletToothTony

        holy smokes, someone woke up with a dick up his ass

      • genXhippie

        It’s with the coming of iP4 that the iPhone started to become a “real” smartphones in terms of capabilities imo. Even today, compared it Andriod and Symbian which are true geek phones(due to features and capabilities). An unjailbroken iPhone has always catered to the average Joe, because its simplicity and walled garden approach and nature imo. Btw, I happily own an jb iP4S, N8, and SGS2.

      • You’re stupid.

  • I Got a really old unopened Nokia. Would you take it for 10 000 $ ?

    • You can’t compare this… Nokia was always shit, but this is the first iPhone, it’s legendary.

      • How about Nokia 3310?

      • No no no best Nokia was a 3210.
        But I do have a Nokia 3510i boxed and working and its got colour a screen..

      • genXhippie

        Stop talking out of your ass, really. Research something before you dare to talk as if you know about it.

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      • Alec Vanek

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      • Dan

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      • Dan

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      • Dan

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      • Dan

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      • Outhig

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  • Little to soon to expect that much. At least in my opinion.

  • Kok Hean

    I’d take it for $50.

  • Wasnt the first gen iPhone actually 4gb and then later the 8gb upgrade came out?

    • Nope.. Apple released the 4 8 16 gig but dropped the 4 gig after a few months not many people brought it…that’s the rare iPhone.. Get one of them in a unopened box would be as rare as rocking horse shit..

      • He has one, but it is opened :/

      • Lol you learn something new everyday

      • True….
        rocking horse shit is very rare…lol..

  • coejam

    In this world, technology can wrap the same as original factory plastic seal.
    Nobody can know the real phone is inside the seal.
    I want to know who is going to pay that amount of money and keep it for without opening the seal forever.

    • ExRoot


  • I am gonna buy it and sell it for 20K $ 10 years later

  • No bids because they are both buy it now listings. What the owners should have done is put it up for auction with a high reserve to check the interest in a “rare commodity”. They would have learned, its way to early to list for $10,000.

    • ExRoot

      That would have been smarter.

  • WOW Check out the guys other items he is selling. Crazy stuff there, for crazy prices

  • Let’s all buy an iPhone 4S and keep it sealed for 50 years and then, That’ll be a rare item right? like “The first A5 iPhone ever, unopened”
    easy cash man!
    Oh, the humanity (smh)

  • ExRoot

    I have a sealer here in my home. I can get an original box with a POS 1st gen phone in it, seal it and post it. I can even just put something that weighs the same. Anything. There is no way to tell what’s inside without opening it and that defeats the purpose of the collection value. This is 2012. You can fake anything and people do. Since this high profile offering you can expect to see more and I assure you many/most will be fake.

  • A device is worth what a buyer thinks it´s worth. That´s all.

  • This is to early maybe on 10 years itll be worth that

  • HC

    $10,000 right now? It’s way to early for it to be “vintage” or whatever. Need to add more birthdays to Apple first generation iPhone. I won’t even lie, I would like to have one, but not for that price.

  • JohnnySmith0

    I’ll pay $20 for it.

  • Never mind the $10000 he also charging for shipping.. Robbing git

  • There is no way this iPhone is worth $10,000 yet… Yes it is unique untouched etc, but the time frame to make it an collectible hasn’t passed yet. Maybe when they are cranking out the iPhone 8 or we all have smartphones built into or heads then, and maybe then will it be worth $10,000

  • Geeks on Hugs

    No way its worth that however eBay has taught us that there are more than just a few rich and stupid.

    Also…a shrink wrapper is not that hard to come by.

  • is it ironic that the sellers id is samsonbible, sounds too much like samsung liable for my liking?????????????

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I wouldn’t pay $25 for it.. Ever.

  • Not worth 10k yet! Maybe 1-2 grand at most.

  • Denys S

    If you read eBay page it says that it’s even locked to AT&T……that guy gotta wait at least 10 more years to get $10,000 for it

  • Denys S

    same guy who sells iPhone…

  • A couple of months ago there was one like that but for 1,000. These guys are crazy.

  • that iphone 1 was a pice of crap .. i looked at it and thought wow it looks cool but it cant attach a damn pic to a text so it can go to hell…lolol never had one and dont want one

  • This guy has the nerve to ask $50 for shipping…! Lmao

  • Yeah! Maybe in 2040-2050

  • dady king

    I will go for iPhone 5 .. In electronics .. Who really want to use an old stuff ..

  • iSheep will buy anything though, wont they?

    And I was just a kid when this was released, maybe 17, but…did Apple really shrink-wrap their products like that? Doesn’t look very…Apple style.

  • Well its SOLD so it must be worth $10,000! Either that, or someone is a complete idiot!

  • Clint Harris

    And nobody wants to buy my Dell Axium. Darn.

  • Ali

    Battery is dead

  • Dave

    The 2nd one got sold lol !! 😀