Despite the fact that iPhone sales were up year-over-year last quarter, the numbers failed to impress Wall Street. Apple missed analysts’ projections by about 3 million handsets.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer cited a number of reasons for the miss on today’s earnings call. Among them, was persistent next-gen iPhone rumors…

Here’s Peter’s response to a question from Sanford Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi regarding Apple’s biggest challenges last quarter:

“…We do think some things did impact us in the quarter, so let me comment on that. The economy in Europe is not doing well. We think this impacted our results. We also saw some economic impact in the natural resource-based economies including Australia, Brazil and Canada.

As Tim discussed, regarding the iPhone, we’re reading the same rumors and speculation that you are, about a new iPhone. And we think this has caused some pause in customers purchasing…”

And here’s what Tim Cook had to say about new iPhone chatter:

“We try very hard to keep our product roadmaps secret and confidential, we do extreme activities to try and do that. That however, doesn’t stop people from speculating or wondering, and will never do that. That’s the great thing about this country, people can say what they think, and so forth. So, I’m not going to spend any energy trying to change that. That’s just the environment we’re in.

I’m glad that people want the next thing. I’m super happy about it. There are obviously quite a few that want what we’re currently doing as well, as witnessed by the amount of products that we’re selling. So I’m not going to put any energy into trying to get people to stop speculating. I don’t think that’s going to amount to anything.”

To me, Apple seems to be on a set schedule these days — a new iPad in the spring, a new iPhone in the fall. So speculation or not, it seems like a large amount of consumers would still avoid purchasing a new phone or tablet around these times.

What do you think?

  • YujinNY

    i think by now anyone who knows the next iPhone 5 is coming is basically waiting….this quarter was ok, but the last one should be amazing

    • No Whammy

      Exactly, you’d think Apple would understand the summer is a slow season based on the last few years of their cycle. If they didn’t hit their targets, it’s not because of the “rumor mill.” People have been waiting for the 5 since before the 4s. This is no surprise to anyone.

  • Mehdiasadi3539

    i want donloweds & inestal ios6 for iphon4s ios5.1.1 how do acses this

    • by spelling correctly and registering as a Paid Developer with Apple

      • lol

      • NickChima

        Hehe go easy on him; English probably isn’t his first language, however that is no excuse for pirating beta OS

    • Akshully Iz Dolan

    • easy mate if you cant write english properly use google translator at least…

  • JerseyD

    Apple needs to start releasing 2 phones a year. 1 every 12 months is too long of a wait. I still can’t believe it took 18 months for them to get out the 4S after the 4

    • Charles Valdez

      and why is that? Apple doesn’t bring new things?

    • That is because of what happened in Japan from the Tsuami and such
      Apple in my opinion has no reason to release 2 phones are year, if they did people who had the previous phone would not be able to upgrade because some carriers only allow upgrades after 1 year or so of having it.
      Look at the Galaxy Nexus line up, 1 phone per year, Samsung Galaxy line up etc. It will just give them more time to perfect and improve on any new features they should have the another phone has. That would be incredibly stupid if they did because of how the phone is still selling tons. Think about the xbox and ps3 for instance, it is like having a 6-7 year old computer but as long as they are still selling them they dont need to release a new one, just my opinon 😛

  • They need to tweak the ‘secret and confidential roadmap’
    Its no longer working with them, just more against them
    Im not saying leaving it is the way… But if they tweak it a little, and can get a better handle on time, nothing would really hold back sales.

    • Outhig

      Agree, but then they would have to lower the price when the new model is about to come out, and they don’t want to do that.

  • I honestly agree with them. Trying to guess what the device is going to look like and do doesn’t help anything or anyone except for blogs..

  • @dongiuj

    A lot of that is true but i think they left out one thing. The part about a lot of people are starting to hate apple due to the boring pantent wars which has something to do with not being able do deal with the phrase “competition”.

  • cooldoods

    That’s funny. Android market share is rising in Australia, Europe, and Brazil. So is the economy to blame?

    • I live in Europe and I inform you that the Android devices that are being sold cost about 100€ (121$)…

      • cooldoods

        So the economy IS bad so people buy cheaper Android phones instead of iPhones, is that it? It’s good to have that option then.

      • Yes. In my country the iPhone 4S costs 669€ (820$) and if you do a 2 year plan for which you will pay 150€ (180$) per month, you can get it for 429€ (520$). And that’s for the 16GB version!

    • Android is cheaper on average and the great majority of Androids are running 2.3.7 or earlier. Same reason PCs sell more than Macs. Apple will bounce back I’m sure. Before you know it people will be hating on Android as well for the growing malware problem. It’s like the world has a love hate relationship for technology. :]

  • I’m waiting for an iPhone with NFC, if that’s not the sixth generation iPhone then I’ll continue to wait.