We now have the “new” iPad but assumably nothing gets blood running through our readers’ veins as the all-important question of a moniker under which Apple will market the forthcoming hardware refresh of the iPhone. Is the sixth revision really going to be referred to as the iPhone 5? How about the iPhone 6? Maybe it’s going to be just the iPhone or perhaps something entirely different this time around?

We already asked you whether the next iPhone should have a bigger screen. Today’s poll offers a few possible name suggestions for Apple’s next handset and we ask you to choose one you’re most likely to associate with…

Look, Apple’s product naming scheme is fairly consistent. There’s no such thing as the iMac 4 or the Mac Pro 3. Apple since the original iPhone five years ago has been adding numerical suffixes to iOS device names. Only the iPod touch has ostensibly remained the iPod touch as Cupertino communicates major revisions as ‘xth-generation iPod touch’.

The original iPhone was followed by the iPhone 3G, then iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, with the fifth-generation iPhone being perhaps disappointingly referred to as the iPhone 4S.

The next iPhone?

Cast your vote now and join the discussion down in the comments.

Personally, I think they’re just gonna call it ‘the new iPhone’, sticking with the naming scheme which works for all of Apple’s other products. Sure, the new iPhone may not sound fancy enough for trend-setters or powerful enough for the geeks compared to the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

But there’s no denying it’s simpler, cleaner and consistent with the brand.

And once we get used to it (and get used to ‘the new iPhone’ we will), no one will remember this debate over iPhone model names. Folks will simply be talking about this year’s iPhone, last year’s iPhone, 2010 iPod touch model and so forth.

Make sense?

  • Why can’t we just have yes and no?? There’s too many options here.

    • It’s not a yes or no question.

      • I’m kind of mocking the people from yesterday’s poll. Every single comment was about the poll having too many option. Learn to take a joke.

      • My bad :/

      • Haha not directed to you!

      • You have a bad sense of humour.

      • No, you learn how to apply jokes correctly. Even an Editor took you seriously.

    • Q: What should Apple call the next iPhone?
      A: Yes

  • Tough call. It could go either way.

  • I would call it Iphone S IV hehe

  • if we’re not even going to remeber it, why even have this debate in the first place.

  • Why not “iPhone 4Gs”?

  • It’s dumb to call it the iPhone 5. It’s not the 5th generation.

  • Technically, it should be called the iPhone 6, even though every blog (including us) refers to it as “iPhone 5”. Realistically, it’s probably going to be called the new iPhone, just like the iPad 3, I mean the new iPad.

    • I personally like the name iPhone 6. I’d rather not call it the new iPhone just like Witt the iPad. I call it the iPad 3 anyway. It just confuses thing. What is it after the next is out? The old iPad?

      • SimonReidy

        “The old new iPad”. And the new model with be called the “Newer iPad” 😉

      • No the previous iPad or the iPad third generation, same thing with their iPod Touches, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs, Apple TV etc… works well for all those products. What should make the iPhone any different?

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        They don’t call their Macbooks as “The New Macbook”, but every macbook is called a “Macbook” alone…

        Apple has not done that for iPhone/iPad till iPad3, which for me is and will always be the iPad “3”, not the silly “new iPad”…

        If there are generations in your product, you can name them with regards to that and it will make sense… Apple might be trying to avoid that kind of choice/investigation through their products, and that might be good for them. But, that’s never good for any customer…

        4 years later (assuming iPad line continues), how will 2 friends distinguish their iPads?
        – I’ve got the 2014 iPad
        – I’ve got the new iPad
        (Which one’s newer?)

        That doesn’t make sense and I guess it’s safe to assume that all will be called with their “Generations” like 1st Gen. iPad and 5th Gen. iPad… So, how is it really different than having an iPad 5???

        (Maybe, after iPad 22, they could change the branding anyways, as they did with iBooks.)

    • I don’t mind it being called the iPhone 5. It’s what they did when it was the iPhone 3 – 3GS – iPhone 4 – 4S. I just hope they keep a number on it unlike “the new iPad”.
      What are they going to call it a year from now… Apple unveils ” the new iPad 2″ or “a slightly revised new iPad”.

      When people ask what model you have you would have to say “i have the new iPad minus 1 year”. Numbers are easier.

      • samdchuck

        You’d call them the same way that people have done with macs forever, the plastic MacBook, the Mid 2008 iMac, etc.

        The Mid 2008 etc. is how Apple describes them in the System information app.

      • Charles Valdez

        If they were skipping a number than where is the iPhone 1? The iPhone 5 is already out -_-

      • Kayneeezy

        If you labeled them correctly you would realize that numbers have always been skipped. There are no iPhone 1 or 2.. there was no real naming convention.. It would be called the iPhone 6 if they were to put a number on it. however in reality it will be called the New iPhone.
        1. iPhone
        2. iPhone 3G (3g Chip)
        3. iPhone 3gs (3g Chip with S for speed)
        4. iPhone 4 (4th Gen)
        5. iPhone 4S (5th Gen that is a 4th Gen lookalike with Siri)
        6. iPhone 6 (6th Gen)

    • Wael Abdo

      i think they’ll call THE smartphone. lol

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      How “technically”?

      If you’re referring to the generation, you’re right..

      But, then 3G would be called iPhone 2, 3GS would be iPhone 3, and the current model should have been iPhone 5… Which, none of them are…

  • i think its gonna be called iPhone 4G

    • Interesting considering apparently most people think their iPhone 4 not 4S is 4 G anyway. Ha

  • seyss

    “iPhone 6. So fine we skipped a number!” idea from the good and old Winamp 🙂

  • “The new”

  • “”iPhone 5″, of course.” That was only valid before the 4S was announced

    • Emre SÜMENGEN


      iPhone of 2011 was not called iPhone 5, as it came 2 years after iPhone 3G… iPhone 4S is the 5th generation, but it’s still i4S…

      So the next can be:
      – iPhone 4SLX
      – iPhone 4S-Turbo
      or sanely iPhone 5 🙂

  • Why not call it the iShit?

    • Yea why not?

    • ClaudieX X

      Because, if anyone need to call shit at their products, that should be samsung, the creator of the world’s largest shit devices ever… first them… then… all the others

      • LOL @google-a2b2fd6418d5639ad36840633db8e3aa:disqus Please, tell me about all the millions of smartphones you sell every year, and if you could, please, give me a few billion dollars to start my own phone manufacturing company…oh, and could I also have a piece of your billion dollar fan-base? That would really help. Thanks! /s

      • LOL, Claudie, please, tell me about all the millions of smartphones you sell every year, and if you could, please, give me a few billion dollars to start my own phone manufacturing company…oh, and could I also have a piece of your billion dollar fan-base? That would really help. Thanks! /s

      • ClaudieX X

        ah ??… get a life…

      • I’m still waiting for my millions. Oh wait. You’re just an another person. Learn some respect.

    • Daniel Spinner


  • Calling the next iPhone ‘the new iPhone’ would be stupid. Why? Because Apple always uses the previous generation iPhone as a budget model. When the iPhone after the iPhone 5 or ‘the new iPhone’ comes out, the budget model would be ‘the new iPhone’. What will the 7th generation will be called then? ‘The newer iPhone’?

    • It’ll just be iPhone (7th Gen). Just like iPod Touches, etc. This is why I feel they’ll move to calling it just iPhone and it’ll be known by its generation.

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        This might be… But that will not be good for customers…

        (Try to buy a Macbook off of ebay… You’ll need to search/look everywhere to find which generation it is, if it’s not there in the description.)

        As I say, that may be good for Apple, but not that good for us, customers…

    • The word previous comes to mind?

    • Falk M.

      Take a trip to the Refurb Store on the Apple Online store.
      That will show you how they make it clear.

      Or redesigns will.
      Or the fact that usually the previous models get dumbed down to (ridiculous) 8GB of storage.
      Or the word “previous”.
      Or the word “iPhone” as opposed to “the new iPhone” (not as name, but as description)

      So many more ways… Look at car manufacturers… Many chose the “2012 model” way of generation naming, too.
      It makes it fade into the background – out of the way – and when you have to deal with it, a year number has a) definite reference to whether it’s current or not and b) isn’t “artificial” – year numbers are “natural” as we use them daily.

    • The word previous worked well in all those iPod Touch keynotes.

  • iHope!!

  • Even if Apple names it “the new iPhone” most people will call it: the “iPhone 5” because everyone says the “iPad 3” and not the “new iPad”.

  • the new iPhone makes the most sense. iPhone 5 is technically wrong and I’m surprised so many call it by that name. It’s the 6th generation. There will be no iPhone 5 technically.

  • skychet

    how about “thee iphone” you know to make it sound more pompous

  • I think apple is progressing to fast already. They should name it “the new iPhone” imagine you got a iPhone 10… and it goes on

  • iPhone 5 please 🙂 skip the generation talk, ordinary people who aren’t so “kinky” with exact generation, are just more happier with a number 🙂

    • Give me one good reason why the number 5 would fit the 6th gen iPhone, which comes out 2 years after the iPhone 4.

      • Jesus, call it iPhone 6 or whatever, I’m talking for the people who aren’t so “kinky” about it…

  • I truly do not get the mindset of people who choose the “iPhone 5” option.

  • De

    They would never skip a number. It’s going to be the iphone 5.

  • Apple iPhone 5 4G LTE Ultra Edition Galaxy Plus Transform MyTouch II S Bionic Amaze Vibrant Sensewiz X

  • Just “iPhone” That’s it!

  • @dongiuj

    It’s going to be called “The new iPiece 4G LTE if your provider can deal with it in your country and take no responsibility if you can’t run it in your country because we’ve warned told you…..now……..1”
    Poll sorted.

  • samdchuck

    They’ll call it “iPhone” and will announce it like you would announce any new iteration “the new iPhone”. This is how they did it with the iPad, the iPad is just called “iPad” not “the new iPad”.

  • @dongiuj

    “A slightly better iPhone……1?5?”

  • Why not the “iPhone LTE”

  • @dongiuj

    How about giving it your own name. That way everyone’s happy! Call it “Bob” if you like.

  • The iPhoneX

  • Dan

    I don’t get why everyone says it should be called iPhone 6. The iPhone 4S is like an iPhone 4.5, it’s not a new generation, it.s just a beefed up iPhone 4. After the iPhone 3GS, did they skip to iPhone 5? No, they called it iPhone 4.

    • roro1

      The iPhone 3GS was the 3rd generation iPhone.

    • Another guy with no clue…

      • Dan

        Exactly the type of comment I expected from you, uninformative and arrogant

      • I might act artogant somtimes, but anywaysthe 4S is a 5 and the next Generation should be called 6, 5 would make no sense.. But actually it could be called 5 because Tim Cook is an idiot..
        I wish Steve Jobs would still be alive 🙁

  • Falk M.

    iPhone 7, to troll everyone.

  • iPhone LTE, silly

  • Why not call it iPhone SJ after Steve jobs

  • Is that a theme on that iPhone?

  • Why can’t it just be called iPhone?

  • One thing i’ve always loved about apple¡s Iphone was the simplicity of the names, you never get confused or mixed up with the names. Is true that it would be simplier to call it the new iphone but how are you going to call the next? again the new iphone? in my opinion it dowsnt make sense, the iphone line should always have a number with it

  • iphone 2012

  • only iphone 5, you cant skip a

  • X-iPhone inspired by Malcolm X 🙂

  • So damn fucking annoyed by all these Idiots who say it’s the “iPhone 5” and whose argument is that is was 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S… These idiots seem to have no clue…

  • So.. 39.46% of the People who voted have no clue…


    1) As if they’d give a sh*t about what we want them to do
    2) People are polling for their guesses I believe, rather than what they want / they’d do

  • I love that iPhone concept render. The chrome and white two tone design, like the iPod Touch looks very nice.

  • ~ iphone 2012.