Samsung, the maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets, has widened its lead over Apple in the second quarter of this year, according to a non-scientific poll conducted by Reuters. It is estimated that Samsung sold 50 million smartphones in the June quarter while Apple is seeing selling 30.5 million iPhones.

Of course, the South Korean conglomerate recently launched the Galaxy S III smartphone, its flagship product backed with an aggressive advertising campaign, while Apple is left to fight with the nine-months-old iPhone 4S as the new iPhone won’t arrive until September or October…

The news gathering organization reports:

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd increased its lead over Apple Inc and Nokia Oyj in the global cellphone market in the second quarter, helped by strong demand and large marketing campaigns for its latest flagship model, the Galaxy S III.

This is according to a Reuters poll of 41 analysts. These things are not easy to put in perspective as Apple regularly reports on iPhones sold in quarterly reports while Samsung stopped reporting their smartphone and tablet sales last summer for competitive reasons.

IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo says Samsung remains the smartphone king:

We are also expecting to see the biggest smartphone volumes ever shipped from one single vendor in one quarter, driven by strong demand of the Galaxy portfolio, particularly the Galaxy S II and S III.

And Nokia’s fall from grace is even more evident now:

Samsung is estimated to have sold 15.7 million more phones than Nokia in the second quarter, the poll showed. In the first quarter, it sold 3.4 million more phones than Nokia, according to Gartner.

Samsung was so confident about meeting its internal sales target with the Galaxy S III that it said would ship more than ten million units in July.

In its biggest campaign to date, Samsung set aside a marketing budget that will double in the next few months alone what the company burned on all Galaxy-branded products in the United States in 2011.

Though no single smartphone has beaten Apple’s iPhone numbers yet, this has got to be the highest number of units sold for any individual phone model outside the iPhone.

If you ask me, those are some insane numbers by Samsung. Whichever way you look at it, fifty million smartphone units in just one quarter is an impressive figure. Even with a plethora of different smartphones covering a wide range of price points, this is still an impressive feat, don’t you think?

  • The SG3 is a great phone. My. Co-worker recently got one. I’m just not a fan of the Android operating system. But if I decided to get a phone, that wasn’t an iPhone, i’d go with the SG3

  • chjode

    Is there a reason I’m seeing more Android-focused and pro-Android articles on this site? I come here for iOS jailbreak info and news. Is this cross-posted from an Android blog? Should I be reading a different site?

    • iOS jailbreak info and news remains the primary focus of iDB, but it pays to keep tabs on what the competition is doing.

    • 1337lolzorz

      Because people complain when Christian is too pro Apple and cry fanboy but complain when he’s talking about the competition.. Stop complaining

    • android is apple main competition, it will show up on idownloadblog

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      You don’t like it you’ve got that nice little ”X” on the top-right section of your screen and you’re most welcomed to use it.

      • Kok Hean

        He’s probably a Mac user, so it’s on the top left corner.

  • quietstorms

    There’s an easy way to find out how many phones Samsung “sold”. Just ask them. What’s that? Samsung stopped announcing their smartphone and tablet sales and won’t even give shipping numbers which is what these analysts are counting? I wonder why…

  • CollegiateLad

    You lost me at Reuters poll…

  • JerseyD

    Galaxy s III wasn’t released until July so expect those numbers to go even higher next quarter.

    • goofygreek

      i thought it was released like june22nd. i might be wrong, but even if im right, thats only 8 days of the month it would have been out. Either way, im happy samsung is putting some pressure on apple.

  • MadAndronicus

    I’m glad. I hope Samsung keeps hitting home runs, hopefully it will keep Apple on its toes and off their ass.

  • That is common sense as they have placed galaxy in such a time frame that there is no new iPhone old 8 9 months old product Offcourse people going to go for the S3 that’s just good marketing and product placement.

    • maurid

      Or maybe those exquisite asses at Apple think they can launch ONE phone per year without being affected. And to make matters worse, not only a single phone, but the same joke every year.

    • goofygreek

      You must not have had an iphone as long as others. iphone 4s is the first iphone to launch in september. All other iphones launched in the june/july time frame, which is when samsung started launching their phones. apple changed their launch date to september for some reason, (production issues, phone issues, who knows). So, just letting you know.

      • Apple changed the iphone launch cycle to last quarter for th holiday season and major sales boost 🙂

  • lrd555

    Non-scientific? Why doesn’t Samsung just announce how many phones they’ve sold? Do they have something to hide?

  • First!

  • AdamChew

    Kind of reminds me of analyts saying Amazon selling millions of kindles.