Do you have a Taser and if so, is it on you all the time? See, personal safety is a tricky thing. Most people don’t carry any kind of pepper spray or an electroshock weapon until they happen to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’ve been attacked twice in my life, once as a collateral victim of a silly bar fight and the other time I got robbed and beaten badly as a bonus in a shady suburb in a foreign country. It’s an ugly experience I wish to never go through again.

Nonetheless, my Taser is still in my drawer most of the time. I find it inconvenient to have the damn thing on me all the time. But what if your iPhone could double as a 650-Volt stun gun?

Enter Yellow Jacket’s new iPhone case, designed by a man who was attacked in his home. It’ ll protect your device from scratches and elements while providing an effective form of self-defense via a built-in 650K volt stun gun.

What’s best, the case will provide up to an additional 20 hours of battery life for your iPhone. So, protect your iPhone, get a whole day worth’s of charge and defend yourself from assailants – tough to beat that sales line.

The case is charged via the same cable as your iPhone. It comes in black, white, pink and limited edition gold and can be pre-ordered for a hundred bucks over at the Yellow Jacket webstore (Android models are “coming soon”).

Isn’t this the craziest iPhone case you’ve seen so far?

[via Cult of Mac]

  • Dan

    hahaha that’s great. Just don’t forget to charge your phone!

  • Isn’t USA the country where you can get a shotgun, if you open a bank account?

    • Nice comment (;
      Did you watch Bowling for Colimbine or why did you write this? 😀

  • You don’t want that going off in your pocket

    • ya don’t say?

    • macboy74

      I bet dudes like SteveO wouldn’t mind it.

  • of course they have the black guy robbing a white guy

    • Dude what if their recreating a situation that actually happen that way so please we need to stop with all that

    • lol one can find racism in any act 😛

    • I agree with you. Even if that was how it happened–do you notice the photo of the people its intended to protect. all white. Would be cool if it were just a bit more diverse of a message. Still think it could be a cool produce but gotta keep it real.

    • Oh look, the cop is black too. So racist.

  • what if it goes off in your pocket, forgetting to put the safety on

    • Then you shouldnt be carrying it

    • Then you’re in for a shock! Lol

      • Didnt know to reply here: I’m not insulting you bro, punny means to use puns in a funny way. Lol. I’m not a troll. I thought what you said was funny.

      • Oh my, I’m sorry, I misinterpreted what you said. I confused “punny” with “puny”. Lol we got no problems man. My bad.

      • It’s a non-issue kind sir. :]

  • Kok Hean

    According to my super memory, something similar was posted here two years ago.

  • Marty Cunnane

    I wish they showed them using it on somebody

  • It seems too heavy !!

    • And at the same time, too bulky. Though it’s perhaps worth the added weight, I hope the next generation of Yellow Jacket cases will present themselves in a more compact, slick design.

  • way to go, invoke fear to sell your product,yay!

    • macboy74

      Kinda like any other security product does. Smh

  • I’d probably tase myself in the head when answering a call.

  • i would def cop that if it was a little cheaper. then again i guess stun guns themselves aren’t cheap either,

  • Prathik Nair

    Too bad the case is as thick as a brick

  • I imagine that shit setting of in my pocket while I’m trying to draw my iPhone…

  • Jordan Rushing you punny son of a bitch. ;p

    • Is there a problem? Perhaps we can discuss it like adults instead of insulting each other.

  • RACISMO!!! Porque el hombre blanco no era el ladrón? Publicistas mostrando su mente arcaica

    • If you see racism in this, then you are a racist.

  • ZiiG

    Damn..,if all the times I needed something like this. This…I actually am going to pre-order on payday next

  • @Jordan Rushing I’m not insulting you bro, punny means to use puns in a funny way. Lol. I’m not a troll. I thought what you said was funny.


    I have a question. What do you do about the violent children or criminals that will get their hands on this to use to hurt and use it for crimes. Especially now with all those children that wild out or the violent flash mob mentality. How do you stop them from doing violent acts with this thing. They just gave children, bullies and criminals more edge and leverage against their victims.