After a series of reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, the “iPad Mini” has once again become the hotest topic in the tech world. It seems like everyone is getting in on the speculation regarding how, when, and why Apple would release such a device.

Up to this point, one of the most popular arguments against the smaller iPad has been that a 7.85-inch display would render most current apps unusable. So either developers would have to completely redesign their apps, or users would be forced to deal with tiny UI elements.

This theory has already been disproven by a number of pundits, via math and other reasoning. But we’ve come across some mockups that really drive the point across, demonstrating what apps would look and feel like on the smaller screen…

TUAW’S Richard Gaywood took it upon himself to shrink down iPad screenshots of Springboard, Safari, and other applications, to emulate what apps would look like on the rumored tablet.

To see Gaywood’s experiment in action, simply visit this website on any current 9.7-inch iPad. All of the images show up in 7.85-inch form, giving you a fairly good idea of the display size.

As you’d expect, touch targets seem like they’d be more difficult to hit than they are on the iPad, but also easier than on the iPhone. The bottom line here is that apps, without much additional work from developers, would be perfectly usable at this size — though it’d take some getting used to.

Whether Apple is going to actually release a smaller iPad still remains to be seen. That all depends on if it believes there is demand for such a device, and a potential for profit. But between this evidence, and all of the ongoing reports, it’s starting to seem more and more like a possibility. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire. Right?

For those of you who viewed the mockups on your iPad, what’d you think? Usable/unusable?

  • Kok Hean

    I’ve done some calculations and if it does have the retina display, it would have the same aspect ratio as the other iPads, and it will also have a higher pixel density as compared to the iPad 3.

  • His name is “Gaywood”??

    • Infone

      You must be new here, or don’t know TUAW.

  • Cameo Watkins

    7.85″ site looked great on iPad & seemed to be in a completely usable size if indeed this is the way the “mini” will be displayed.

  • What is the wallpaper that you use on the iPad? Love it

  • forumiphone

    apple know their costumer love lıne up lıke nano mını classic ipod


    time is now touchscreen

    how about ipad nano or ipod touch classic with 5 ich screen


    even imac touchscreen or macbook air with touch screen

    okay apple dont have to procude but they can show us on wwdc or other places lıke the automobıle show they show us concept they dont produce now but ı lıke the ıdea based on concept

    • Dude the iMac touchscreen ispossible but the MacBook Air touchscreen sounds a little weird like having a keyboard attached to a iPad all the time(No Offense)