Early this morning, we all got a preview of what’s in store for the next Twitter for iPhone update. In fact, we know pretty much everything about version 4.3, despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet.

The info came from a leaked change log, found in the ‘History’ section of the iOS 6 App Store. Apparently a glitch in the Store was allowing users to view release notes from upcoming app updates…

But it looks like Apple has successfully fixed the issue. As noted by 9to5Mac, you can no longer view future app updates in the iOS 6 App Store. Even the aforementioned Twitter update has been removed.

Obviously, with iOS 6 still being in beta, bugs like this will surface from time to time. But this particular one had the potential to out a lot of unreleased info. So it’s probably a good thing Apple fixed it quickly.

  • Who cares.

    • Yes. Really non sense. Recently so many articles like this.

    • ??? As a developer, I find this useful information.

      Why would anyone want the public to know about their product before it… Well, goes public?
      Besides, if miners struck gold with every axe throw we’d have some serious inflation problems. There are plenty of alternative blogs out there for more information whenever you need it.
      Peacers! =]

    • Aleksander Azizi

      obviously not you… fu**er.

  • I tried to view the twitter update about 6 hours ago and all I could see was the upcoming version number and the date but could not see the update specifics like what’s coming in the update

  • Raz

    how did you made the appstore look like this?