Ever since Steve Jobs joked about iPod nano wrist straps during the September 2010 presser (“one of our board of director members is gonna clip it on to an armband as a watch”), there has been no shortage of futuristic iWatch concepts, ranging from ADR Studio’s James Bond-like thing to Italian designer Federico Ciccarese’s Star Trek-like wearable device with curved glass we told you about last week.

If you can’t get enough of these, you’ll appreciate this one by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg who earned our respect with a remarkable iWatch vision featuring FaceTime (quite logical, isn’t it?), Retina display (why not?) and a whole bunch of other nice-to-haves…

The list of features goes on and on and includes apps (just an arm’s reach away), 16GB of storage, power-savvy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless networking (to stream music to headphones, among other things), WiFi charging and syncing, accelerometer and proximity sensors and built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Mini-apps for your timepiece. And why the heck not?

FaceTime, just an arm’s reach away.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how on Earth anyone could possibly fit so many components inside such a tiny device, don’t sweat – that’s why they call it a concept.

Hard to imagine maps on such a tiny canvas.

The back should be Liquidmetal, I think.

Maybe, perhaps, one day, who knows.

If The New York Times’ Nick Bilton’s sources are to be trusted, Apple is considering “a curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist”.

Until Apple dips its toes into wearable computing, this remains the closest thing to a Star Trek communicator, based on today’s technology.

You like?

[via 9to5Mac]

  • jose castro

    cool concept but i doubt they will do it.. not anytime soon….. plus its to small for fingers…. the best they can do that would be cool will be face time… like Dick Tracy lol and they would need a better battery for such a small device…

    • pegger1

      Not if it charged with movement

      • jose castro

        true that

      • It wouldn’t be enough

      • ReanimationXP

        Yes, let’s charge it by looking at it too.

  • I would buy this (and a pair of iGlasses)!

  • strap dosent go well with this…..leather strap dosent suit

  • Anyone who needs all that junk in a watch has problems, IMO, however pretty cool idea

  • hellome

    i like the idea of smart watches the connect to your phone via bluetooth. screw the google glasses. watches are the way to go

    • I totally agree! Google Glass will distract our attention all the time and you won’t be able to relax while wearing it due to the constant flow of information. Instead the watch due to it’s nature will be used only when needed.

    • LUFC_MOT

      The glasses are fuck all like these watches. Why does every single post on here end up with pathetic fanboy idiots like you slagging off Google or Android? Just grow up ffs.

  • Maximilian Markgraf

    The Battery is of Course a Nano-Particle-Plutonium-Generator

  • Most of this is unnecessary (okay, none of it is *really* “necessary”), but FaceTime on an iPod Nano would be great. Dick Tracy becomes life!

    And they could do it. The tech exists.

    • Byron you are right!

      Even if the watch would need to sync with the iPhone, at least you can keep your iPhone in your pocket, purse or holster when it rings, all you would need to do is look down at your wrist watch!!!

      That would still be very awesome if it cannot stand on its own… yet! 🙂

  • me parece genial pero el modelo extremandamente horrible espero tengan otro concepto muy bien diseñado al mejor style apple…

  • gunther80

    Shut up and take my money

  • KewlDewd

    How awkward would that be to do facetime with a watch??? Think about it. Hold your wrist directly in front of your face, far enough away, and think about trying to center your face on the screen. Oh, and your arm would get tired. Cool idea, but not practical.

    • Pretty much the same with the iPhone

      • KewlDewd

        No it’s not. Do you facetime with your iPhone out in front of your face with your arm in a horizontal position, and the inside of your wrist facing outward? Just do both actions and it’s clear the watch would be more awkward. Plus you can put the iPhone down on a dock, stand or propped up on something for hands free facetiming.

      • You’re right. I wrote without thinking

  • Already done. Check out the pebble watch. Same thing from a third party. Due to mass produce around September according to the kickstarter updates.

  • You could dump most of this out of the watch and it would still sell.. Just needs the Apple logo on it and your on a winner

  • Looks awesome!

  • So it’s a watch… What will the clock look like. Will the clock always be able to see on the lock screen. People really need to think about that stuff before they post their concepts.

  • how about a iPad that straps to you arm, like the communication device in abyss when he goes deep diving on liquid oxygen? But can be used as a phone as well. At least you would not have to put the phone/pad down and still have a hand free whilst using it.

  • SimonReidy

    Shut up and take my…nah, actually just shut up.

  • iamlynda


  • Trinh Ngo

    how would you type an address in? would you use siri? its on your wrist so you can only type with one hand. Needs improvement, but good to trick those with money to waste.

  • Waterproof? Too much?