Curved cover glass could be the next big thing for portable devices. Apple reportedly invested in glass-cutting machines last year, fueling rumors that the iPhone 5 may feature a curved display akin to Nokia’s Lumia smartphones. The idea gained credence when Nick Bilton wrote in a New York Times article last December that Cupertino was working on “a curved-glass iPod that would wrap around the wrist”.

We’re not so sure Apple would attach the iPod or iPhone brand to such an unusual gizmo, but if it resembles this exquisite concept, count us very excited…

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, who os credited with other awesome renders like this four-inch iPhone 5 mockup, today published absolutely gorgeous and totally intriguing renders depicting what a curved glass device from Apple might look like.

Another one.

Could be perfect for GPS navigation, Star Trek style.

What’s up with the metallic spidey legs, by the way?

If that hideous watch band of sorts becomes a new thing ten years from now, I’ll be worried. Can someone give Jonny Ive a buzz?

We’re eager to hear your impressions down in the comments.

  • Looks awesome but it would probably get uncomfortable after a short time, Star Trek indeed.

  • Aleksander Azizi

    Docent seem so convenient having something on your hand.
    Flashing it to everybody, and probably would brake on a saturday night.

  • jose castro

    bad@ss….. i want one

  • the same thing around the wrist would probably work better, I couldn’t stand to have something constantly clamping my fingers, but at least it’s something different for once!

  • skychet

    i think it would look better around the wrist like a watch. i mean how silly would you look if you wore one to a business meeting with superior officers and they break your new toy, or awkwardly look at you looking at your toy during the meeting (because it wouldn’t hide under your sleeve like a watch), or you know, spilling coffee on it when you’re on the go. if it curves it should fit the contour of almost any size wrist. in my opinion i think apple would go with a sturdier wristband to ward off the thought of constantly repairing them when it would fall off easily.

    • jose castro

      maybe they should have the liquid stuff that makes the iPhone water proof to the extreme.

  • It looks cool, but it’s certainly doesn’t look practical for reading, having to rotate your hand/wrist to read the entire screen, or for movie watching.. I’ll pass

  • jose castro

    im sure it does not fit with all hands…… lol…….

  • MadAndronicus

    I like it. Just worried I would break it when I have to back hand somebody.

  • No thanks. Not practical.

  • Amazing concept! Just love it… the concept! This wouldn’t really work in the really world.

    • jose castro

      why not…. im sure it could but they would haft to get a battery that would last long..

  • quite fugly actually

  • its cool but not as an iphone more like some thing to tell your iphone to do while its in your pocket or if your driving you can say siri and not press any button or screen to activate siri(eyes-free feature like)

  • this article is just wrong, the guy how made this says is just a DESING. this is not a rumor, this is just a cool or ugly concept, whatever you say it is. what a fail for idownloadblog…

    • christodouluke

      Not really. It clearly says the device is rumoured and this is just a mock-up

  • Or you can strap it to the perfectly good wrist right above the hand -_____-

  • christodouluke

    I’m reminded of the metallic monsters from the first power ranger movie.
    I’m sure if you were going to make a device with a screen like that and put it there on your hand some kind of fingerless glove would be better?

  • It would make a cool addition to the iPod family not the iPhone 5

  • seyss

    Curved glass is one thing, curved internal components is another.. So I dont think this sould happen.

  • I bet Spiderman uses something like that to get around when he’s lost

  • GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! (not homosexual gay, but your parent’s chaperoning your schools dance, gay.)

  • Absolutely love it. I hope they make it. It would be the first Apple product I’d buy on launch day

  • Wael Abdo

    lol spiderman would like one.

  • ReanimationXP

    I’ll say the same thing I say to every other damn mockup I see…


  • this would be THE easiest thing to steel:
    – timmy! that’s you right? how long has it been?!!
    – sir I think you’re wrong…
    – oh!, my bad then…
    (grab, run )

  • a3yu


  • ddd

    I need one

  • tyrtyr

    I need one