Chromizer is a free jailbreak tweak that will be available tomorrow on Cydia. Its purpose, as its name not-so-subtly alludes to, is to add additional functionality to the recently released Google Chrome browser for iOS.

A tweak that’s compatibile with both the iPhone and iPad, Chromizer seeks to add a few missing features to the browser’s otherwise excellent stock feature set. For its initial release, Chromizer focuses on adding three new functions to the iPad: Pull to Refresh, full screen mode, and iPhone styled tab switching. For the iPhone, you’ll get the full screen mode and pull to refresh, since it already has the tab switching area covered.

Is Chromizer a tweak that you should consider if you have a jailbroken iOS device, and Google Chrome is your browser of choice? Check inside for the answer…

The full screen mode alone makes Chromizer worth installing, while the pull to refresh functionality and iPhone tab switching on the iPad are just icing on the cake. Simply put, Chromizer is a tweak that makes Google Chrome for iOS a more complete browser even in its 1.0 iteration. Surely, Google won’t rest on their laurels and will add most, if not all of these features to a future update of Chrome; in the meantime, though, this is the next best thing.

Again, Chromizer will be a free jailbreak tweak available tomorrow on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. We’ll be sure to follow up with a post once it is available for download.

What do you think? Do you use Google Chrome? If so, will you use Chromizer?

Update: Chromizer is now available for public download.

  • Charles Valdez

    Nice,makes the better browser even better!

  • Amen

  • Metroview

    Yes! More Chrome tweaks! Dammit I love this Jailbreak community!

  • Looks great :D!

  • Now this is a great tweak going to make the already great chrome browser even better on IOS love it.

  • Great! I think the most important is the full-screen mode. It’s strange Google did not include this function!

  • HouseOfHouse

    Christ, this looks amazing on the iPad. Thanks for the video Jeff!

  • Cooll! i like it, chrome is now my browser, and with chromizer it will only get better! =)

  • Dan

    great to see the jailbreak community work so fast, and kudos to the developer for making this free! ::thumbs up::

  • Christina Bryan

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for something like this to come out. I use Fullscreen and Pull to Refresh for Safari and found when I tried to switch to Chrome that I couldn’t deal without these features. If this tweak adds triple-tap gestures, I doubt I’ll use Safari much, if at all.

  • download manager please….

  • Does it have gestures as Swipe to Safari?

    • I mean I would want to go back and forward with gestures

  • This kind of funny. Chrome came out and almost everyone is praising it for cool features. Guess what, there has been a browser called Mercury available for ages on iphone and ipad and it always offered functionality way ahead of the safari and competition. I never heard anyone getting excited or even recommending this browser here on this blog. How is it possible that nobody could recommend it. Then chrome came out and simple cydia tweaks and everyone is just following trend from here. I would like to hear people talking about other browsers and express more objectivity. IF chrome looked like mercury everyone would cross out safari forever. Unfortunately, Mercury is called mercury and this name puts the app on forgotten position. Maybe guys from google will copy mercury functionalty soon.

    • I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree. The reason people are hyped about Chrome on iOS boils down to one simple fact: These are the same users who use Chrome on the desktop. Hence, being able to Sync your bookmarks, and history items between the desktop and mobile easily with a common Google ID is the huge draw here. Everything else is just icing on the cake. There is no Mercury desktop browser, and/or easy syncing of data, so that’s why no one cares about Mercury the way they do Chrome. Along with that point, the Chrome browser on iOS is instantly familiar in look and feel to its desktop cousin, which is another reason why people love Chrome. That’s no knock against Mercury, but it’s not really a fair comparison between the two.

      • I understand that bookmarks and similar look are important to many people. In my case, I never really cared about syncing tons of bookmarks because I am not using that many, and I rely on my common memory for most websites I visit. Also, Mercury, has similar look to firefox and safari browser, they look alike, plus Mercury offers syncing bookmarks for Firefox users , which is very good.
        The first time I saw mercury was about two years ago, and immediately I could see the great potential and superiority to any other browser encountered on iOS. Mercury always offered the closest browser experience to the desktop browsers. It is just my humble opinion and don’t think I hate chrome. Contrary, I really like it and I might use it from time to time.

    • Are you seriously upset that no one notices your personally favorite browser? Stop crying. You don’t always get what you want

      • I am not upset, I am surprised Chrome got so much attention despite being inferior to others. Mercury is not my favourite at all. Safari on cydia steroids is the best solution so far.

  • Josh Gomez

    Anyone know if safari download manager or something like it will eventually be updated to work with chrome

    • I doubt it would come any soon. It took guys from cydia almost a year to create two different managers for Safari ios5. However, maybe now that they are available it would be easier to make it on chrome.

  • iamse7en

    I need custom search engines. I use this feature more than any other on Chrome.

  • Looks like its been released.

  • All chrome needs now is download support and it will be perfect.

  • How do I view my saved passwords? I can’t see my passwords, I can only see what sites I saved the passwords

  • There is way to go back and forward when viewing in fullscreen mode . Hope they fix it in future updates

  • There is no way to go back and forward when in full screen mode . Hope they add it in next update

  • iLikeEmAll

    Downloaded this tweak early this morning after ready this article. i Have to say that this tweaked for wonderfully, pull to refreshes is great, and the biggest thibg has to me full screen, just dble tap w three fingers.

  • haridsv

    After installing the tweak chrome is crashing on startup. Nobody has that problem?

  • god im so happy i just jailbroke my iphone. was waiting for untethered version. I cannot believe how much stuff comes out for the iphone in the JB community. its f**king insane.

  • Konrad Nowak

    I’m waiting for google chrome download manager ;)))

  • has anyone here had any issues with chromizer making the voice search not work???