For those of you wondering if Apple still has a strong cult following, here you go: a new survey from Goldman Sachs finds that 21% of iOS users wouldn’t switch to another platform, for any price.

The securities firm recently surveyed over 1000 smartphone users, in an effort to better understand the costs that consumers face when switching ecosystems. And this is what they found…

Out of the 1000+ participants, a whopping 62% of iOS users said that it was “highly likely” that their next smartphone or tablet purchase would be from Apple. And that number soared to 75% for users who currently own two or more Apple products.

And apparently, price doesn’t have anything to do with their brand loyalty. When asked how much of a discount it would take for them to switch to another platform, 23% of those polled said that the cost reduction would have to be between 21% and 30%. And an astounding 21% said that no discount would make it worthwhile for them to switch.

Obviously, this is just a small poll. But these numbers are probably fairly indicative of the actual market. And it says a lot about Apple, as a brand, that 1/5th of its users would switch to Android, Windows 8, etc., even if you gave them free devices.

Are these just fanboys here? Or does Apple still offer the best all-around mobile platform?


  • M Last

    I am one of these %21 :)))

    • no one included me…………………..that shuld be 22

    • maurid

      Yeah plus the 20 people that liked your comment.

  • 21% of the users are retarded then. Any amount of money. I’d forgo ever using a cell phone again for 5million

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Smart guy right here. Though I’d bump the 5 million up to 50 or so. My dad retired with 5 million net worth from owning several CiCi’s pizza chains. All in all, it’s really not that much money from what I’ve seen. He drives a low end Lexus and a Honda.

    • sutiam

      you’re more retarded than those 21%

    • This is based on a discount of a device that runs an alternate platform. Not them paying you money

  • Who noticed the iPhone 4s running iOS 4. You can tell by the music app.

    • This pic is of an iPhone 4 not 4s. You can tell by the antena

      • The antenna scheme on the 4S is identical to that of the CDMA 4

    • 4S

      this is iphone 4 but when i haved ipod 4 on ios 4.2.1 is was normal like on normal ios 5 same icon 😀

  • I don’t think I’ll ever switch. I’ve played with androids before and don’t really care for it. I’ve never laid hands on a windows phone yet. But I don’t like it on my pc so why would I like it on a phone? Besides I have too much invested in my iPhone. Over the years, the total I’ve spent on apps is probably in the high hundreds. Especially once you include in app purchases and such.

    • Kok Hean

      You don’t have to sell your iOS device away -_-

  • I’m one of those who wouldn’t switch to another platform

  • I own 3GS and I will always stay with iOS.

  • Jon Kitahara

    Android based phones & tablets are great….For my Children to use for communication an play with. Besides, they do have a needed place in the upgrading an new gadget’s world that Apple has to check out an stay on top.
    There is always room for copycats, an patent disputes!

  • Falk M.

    Prolly invested more than thousand euros or more in apps, should rather give me the following:
    a) all those apps or better alternatives for free
    b) as polished GUI and UX
    c) the vertical integration with my Apple ecosystem
    d) move all my app data over

    Don’t care for the stupid handset price, my contract makes them all very affordable, the issues above -> good luck with solving those.
    Wake me up when you don’t care about the price, but more about moving people over and welcoming them.

  • Huh, no I can’t imagine myself have another phone or tablet from another brand, cause the iPhone/iPad are good products, I didn’t buy them because they were expensive, but because they offered what others didn’t… It just works 🙂

  • I’d prob just say fuck, then go buy a bag of weed

  • 2008crna

    I am not so much a loyal fan of Apple products as I am a fan of the apps in the iTunes store. The money I have invested keeps me from switching. While I appreciate tech specs, the real world dictates whether the specs under the hood really makes a difference in real life. Most of the time, as we have seen with past smartphones, the difference is of little value to the consumer. There is a reason Apple products have such a cult following although I am at a loss to why it is with their personal computers. I like my personally-built PC and I have had nothing but headaches with my wife’s MacBook Pro. My 4 year old likes our iPad 2 and my wife and I love our 4s’ (one my favorite things is the consistently great camera and video shots).

  • I use both android and iOS one phone and one tablet on each. But iOS will always be my first choice. Because I said so.

  • That’s true I will never change to another platform iOS s better then anything

  • Myers

    That proves That Apple is the most powerfull in the market

  • Guest

    That proves that Apple is the best phone-maker in the market

  • SoCoMagNuM

    i actually just decided to try a new platform and ordered a Galaxy S3. Ive owned an iPhone 3G and iPhone 4. both great devices but im curious to try out an android phone full throttle not just a passenger seat. This goes against all ive said previously about not wanting to switch operating systems but i guess you cant really knock it til you try it. so im going to see how it works out in comparison to what im used to. i will still keep my iPhone 4. im just broading my experience. plus the camera on the GS3 is apparently inferior to the iPhone 4/4S cameras. despite that…i still went ahead and jumped ship. never thought id see the day…..

  • I agree no discount will worth the product.But getting some discount have no harm 😛

  • YujinNY

    the thing is apple allows my 74 mom to use a smart phone, play games, email, text and share photos and videos with me…nothing on the market is capable of achieving this level of adoption….why? is simple, intuitive and easy to learn.

  • Wael Abdo

    well that poll didnt pass by me but you can sure put me on the 21% side 😉

  • …And it says a lot about Apple, as a brand, that 1/5th of its users WOULD switch to Android, Windows 8, etc., even if you gave them free devices.
    Shouldn’t be there “would not”?

  • I’m a Mac user, so naturally my phone is going to be made by Apple.

  • Well I also never thought of switching from iOS, but with the Galaxy S3, i did my switch, but still keeping my Iphone. And with this switch i do see the big problem with Apple and the way Apple (and unfortunately also for Android) handle software sales. I bought software for iOS for approx 100 Eur (Navigon Eu10) and some smaller games and stuff, but with the way the licenses are tied to my itunes account, i won’t be able to use this software i payed for on my Android. There is no way i get a new license key from Navigon. But at least with android i have more choices of handsets. Together with the Nexus 7 Tab my switch to android will be complete (I’ll sell my ipad as soon as i have the nexus).

  • smtp25

    APPLE BETTER UP THEIR GAME! Everyone at my work has S2’s now as its on the corporate list. Nice big vibrant screen :/ Then you see the S3 adds and they do have innovative new features that just make apple look more outdated. I have 4S/iPad 3 – I’m willing to ditch the iPhone if the iPhone5 isnt freaking amazing. That said I’ve never used Android for more than 5 mins but the adverts are doing a good sell job. iPad for the eco-system. S3 for the power in the pocket?

    • Android is crap, laggy, when you install/delete apps some stuff stays on memory card and can take up 80% of space after a while, the apps are not as polished as on iOS, some don’t even run(compatibility problem probably). And yes I had an Android phone so this is personal experience 😉 (I had HTC Evo 3D)

  • iOS is the best forever… They are the only innovators. Other just copy cats.

  • i won’t change Apple, Apple forever 😀 im 22%