A few minutes ago John Gruber tweeted about the lack of bookmarklet support in Chrome for iOS. I responded to him stating that support is indeed there, it just wasn’t as straightforward as it is on Safari.

To tell the truth, I too thought that bookmarklets, or the lack thereof, was simply a medium sized oversight made by Google; after all, such things are instrumental when it comes to using tools like LastPass, Instapaper, etc.

After some tinkering around, however, I was able to confirm that bookmarklet support is indeed included in the version of Chrome that shipped a few days ago. In fact, using them is a fairly straightforward exercise. Check inside for the full how-to…

Step 1: Create a new bookmark using Chrome with a short name, and paste your javascript bookmarklet code in URL field. Save the bookmark.

Step 2: Open the page you want to use your bookmarklet on, and type the short name of the bookmark you created in the Omnibox.

Step 3: Your bookmarklet code should be executed and result in which ever action you expect.

In all actuality, I find it faster to use bookmarklets on Chrome when compared to Safari. What about you?

  • That’s too convoluted. I’m not going to remember the names of the bookmarklet but I can certainly click a bookmark link (like in Safari) from the bar.

    • How many bookmarkets do you use? If you name then something easy, it’s not convoluted at all.

  • I was using this metod from the first minute. Furthermore i tried to activate de JavaS bookmark with the voice search, without luck.

  • Your video’s are awesome! Thanks for such a great blog!

  • Huh, this is exactly how I would expect bookmarklets to perform. Not sure what the fuss is.

    By the way, the screens above don’t correspond to the steps correctly as there is an extra screen for tapping the menu.

    • Loopthree

      I don’t get it either. This seems like the obvious way that you’d use a bookmarklet.

    • The problem is that you can’t actually *select* a bookmarklet, the way that you would click it in the bookmarks bar in a desktop browser, or tap it in the bookmarks menu in a mobile browser. If you try to pick a bookmarklet from Chrome’s bookmarks menu, it sends you to the New Tab page, so the bookmarklet gets activated on the New Tab page, not the actual page that you were on.

      While it’s convenient to search for a bookmarklet in the omnibar, it’s not exactly intuitive.

      • Ah, I see, thank you. I had never tried to access a bookmarklet in mobile Chrome from the menu, so I wasn’t aware that was non-functional. That’s certainly not what I’d expect.

        I’m from the days of the command prompt – so I never really use a bookmark bar.

  • I found a great feature in Chrome by mistake. It crashed because of memory issues then asked to restore my tabs on restart. Just like the desktop version. 🙂

  • Metroview

    Now that Jeff has saved the day with this one, here’s another question: how do we import bookmarks from Mobile Safari into Google Chrome?

  • Jasoco

    It seems to be a bit finicky for me. You have to name the bookmarklet something unique enough that there will be hardly any other results in the list or else it doesn’t get shown at all. But it works. Sort of. I made one for Pocket with the abbreviation POK since the keys are right next to each other anyway. It was either that or QQQ which made no sense at all.

  • Thank you for this I wanted to use Chrome as default but bookmarklets are essential.

    It’s funny but I saw Gruber complaining about a lack of this on the Android browser before. I’d kill for Androids share menu, it’s a million times more convenient.

  • wow, now apple maniac talk about google product on ios device…shame on you!!!

  • wow, now apple maniac talking about google product on ios device???shame on you!!

  • R Skse

    Very cool, hadnt even had time to gripe about the lack of that feature yet. Thanks for the shortcut!

  • André Nordstrand

    Anyone successfully able to use LastPass bookmarklet in Chrome? I only get a message that there’s a mismatch, and it’s probably because I used the about: field in my browser.

    Bah, nevermind. Was a wrong character in my bookmarklet

  • How can you say it is more straight forward than in Safari? That is entirely wrong. In Safari I saved the bookmarklet right into the Bookmark bar. Means I just need to touch that bookmarklet in Safari on my iPad and that’s it.

  • dono if anyone else had the same confusion, but when i watched this with saving a bookmarklet for instapaper in mind, i thought, ok, great, just, what is the javascript i need to put in it? and, where can i get that? the way i did it was i saved the bookmarklet on safari, which was straightforward enough as there are an abundance of pages around guiding one through that. so then open your bookmarks in safari, choose edit, select and copy the javascript, paste it into a bookmark on ios chrome, and bob is your uncle. just make a bookmark in ios chrome prior, so its there already and you’re just editing that one too. :O)

  • I could kiss you and have your babies if I wasn’t a happily married man! There are loads of questions about this all over the blogs

  • mrlewp

    Seems there’s a leap being made over a void of information. WHAT JavaScript?? “Whatever javascript you want to use”, I heard. From what source? And the short names. Assign TO: each website’s script? Script FROM: each bookmark or “marklet”? I have bookmarked the 3 links provided by LASTPASS team for using bookmarklets in an iOS browser. Chrome in my case. These links do nothing at all when selected?

  • j.roberts

    Um….that’s ridiculous. I’m not going to go to this much trouble to do something as simple as a bookmark! I just will use Safari for my iPad until Chrome does what it should have done in the first place and ads a bookmark bar. This is the dumbest instruction ever.

  • Awesome! You made my day!