Earlier in the day we covered BrowserChooser, a jailbreak tweak developed by Ryan Petrich, which allows you to assign Google Chrome as your default web browser.

It’s a great tweak, and works exactly as expected; it was even recently updated with a few new additions such as the ability to have a dialogue to select your browser of choice when opening a link, and the ability to make the dialogue sheets say “Open with Chrome” instead of “Open with Safari”.

One thing BrowserChooser doesn’t do, however, (at least for the time being that is) is allow you to open Home screen shortcuts/bookmarks created via Safari with Google Chrome. Browser Changer is a tweak that’s been around for a very long time, and it was recently updated to allow you to do just that.

Check out our hands-on walkthrough inside…

Browser Changer is a free jailbreak tweak that’s available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak will also, like BrowserChooser, allow you to set Chrome as the default web browser for links, and it includes a handy kill-switch for moments when you want to quickly disable the tweak. Along with that, it retains support for many other browsers that you may choose to use as well.

Which tweak do you prefer? BrowserChooser, or Browser Changer? Both retain the same basic functionality, but there are enough differences that you may want to try each one separately, or maybe even combined. I found that using a combination of both gave me the best of both worlds. You gain the Home screen shortcut Chrome compatibility, and you also update the dialogue sheets with “Open With Chrome”.

What do you think?

  • Metroview

    Having used Browser Changer for a while and loved it, I’m sticking with BrowserChooser. Ryan Petrich released his version of the tweak so fast that i’m still surprised at his speed. And not to mention how helpful and responsive he is on Twitter (thanks for pointing me to that Rappin 4 Tay song Ryan lol) I’m sure he’ll update it more to include everything Browser Changer has.

    • Dan

      I still can’t see it in cydia even though I’ve had his repo for months, really weird, I just went with browser changer

  • Any suggestion of how hide Safari icon on the SB?

    • Press “More” in SBSettings, then scroll down to “hide icons” and turn off Safari. Press the home button and it’ll apply the settings and respring.

    • Springtomizer allows you to hide icons. Or even poof

  • I really wanted to switch.. I even ha hidden the Safari icon but then I remembered how much I use the Reader feature… Dead went Chrome… Oooo well…

    • Alex Rodriguez

      Google needs a reader

    • Dan

      I never use it, but I bet chrome will put out an update soon enough

  • doesnt work with twittler links via intelliscreenX

  • Well_Said

    Why is everybody ditching Safari? That includes me

    • Dan

      because chromes offers a lot of functions that are missing from safari, also some people like me are already using chrome on their pc’s, it just makes things easier

  • Hmm, not so into chrome browser, but gonna try it with this tweak and see…

  • I don’t use home screen shortcuts. I knew that big boss would also support with a tweak this ability and that I would have to switch again :p

  • a browser combination of chrome and safari…………………………apple cmon get on with google and do one……….

  • I think i found somthing wrong with this tweak,,when i go to spotlight and write smthing and search in the web it doesnt …

  • No all we need a
    Google Chrome Download Manager .. 😉

  • No all we need is Google Chrome Download Manager 😉

  • Appletiser

    it seems the choice over which tweak we’re able to use (one or both) has now been made for the end user. as of today’s (july 1st) update of Browser Changer you can no longer run both because the upgrade removes BrowserChooser, likewise if you try to reinstall BrowserChooser it removes Changer.

  • Isaiah Centifanto

    anyone know of a tweak that forces Siri to respect Browser Changer?

  • Adam

    FYI, with the new updates to chrome, browserchooser no longer works, browser changer still does.

  • deepdvd

    It doesn’t seem to work with home screen icons created with Safari any more. iOS 8.3