A report from China claims Apple is facing a battery challenge in the development of the next iPhone. It’s unclear whether this affects the planned October release, but apparently one of Apple’s Taiwanese suppliers is having issues meeting requirements for the iPhone 5 battery.

Power-consuming 4G radios, a speedier processor and graphics and a taller display packing in more pixels will all require more juice so it remains to be seen if the next iPhone will be able to maintain decent battery life, especially given the iPhone 4S’s disappointing battery performance…

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White picked up a story by the Chinese news website Sina.com, writing in a note to investors this morning (via AppleInsider) that only 30 percent of the battery volumes produced currently meet Apple’s standards.

The unnamed battery vendor is reportedly working to solve the problem as development of Apple’s next iPhone ramps up ahead of an anticipated release later this year.

But all is good, the analyst writes, speculating:

If there is a battery challenge, we trust that Apple will be able to figure it out in time for a September launch.

I hope Apple doesn’t pull an iPhone 4S this time around.

Isn’t it interesting how we’ve grown accustomed to a shorter battery life on the iPhone 4S compared to its predecessor?

Even Steve Wozniak said as much in a January interview with The Daily Best:

With the iPhone, something happened with the new OS or the new phone, and it just started running through the battery so fast. I’ve had a lot of issues with things I have to turn off just to save the battery life.

Though there’s a lot more going on inside the iPhone 4S with its speedier hardware and Siri, the handset clearly suffers from software issues of sorts that degrade its battery performance. A few firmware updates later, the issue is far less evident, which isn’t saying it’s completely eradicated.

How’s battery life on your iPhone 4S?

  • It seems better on 5.1.1 but nothing spectacular

  • michael vhan patrick

    i want at least the same battery life as ipod touch 4 🙂 ( im a itouch user 🙂 )

    • I have an IPod touch and the battery on that is worse than my iPhone 4! 🙁

  • Eric Armstrong

    I agree, battery life never used to be an issue. At least not a big one. I remember some Blackberrys lasting 2-3 days on one charge with moderate use. Of course it’s still a Blackberry so who cares…. I’d like to see a battery that can easily last one full day of moderate use. It would be nice if the only time you had to charge your phone was while you were sleeping.

    • soccerkrzy

      You’re talking a screen that was 1/3 the size, a single core processor running at 1/5 of the speed, no touch sensing module, no 3G, etc, etc.

      • Eric Armstrong

        Right… I tried to note that by saying “of course it’s still a Blackberry”. Obviously the iPhone is far more advances and therefor demands a much bigger battery, but my point was, an awesome battery life is one desirable aspect of a phone that hasn’t made it to the iPhone. For good reasons of course, but I’d still like to see it happen…

  • insp1112

    If the new iphone has more battery life then feature phones, I’ll say, That’s revolutionary

  • Roc

    It sucks… if Apple doesn’t improve the iPhone 5 I may look at some other options WindowsPhone8??? Android?

  • i think apple must design their own new species of powerful batteries…………………….it could quite bring attention

    • Falk M.


  • soccerkrzy

    Apple needs to just pull a move from the RAZR Maxxxx and make the battery significantly larger. I would gladly sacrifice 5mm of thickness to more than double the mAh of the battery.

    My iPhone 4S battery sucks, can’t even survive a day with moderate to heavy usage. Can barely make it through 18 holes when using it as a GPS on golf…

    • it was the sme with me too…………….but when i switched to ios 6 beta 2 the battery life is just amazing………………try it…………..

  • I just want 15 hours usage…too much to ask?:/

  • It’s reported that the next iPhone will be 20% thinner. Leave the thickness as it is now (it’s not huge!) and use that space to pack in a bigger battery.

  • Mike Logan

    When I bought my 4s in December it came with 5.0.1 and I thought it was decent it lasted a full day heavy use now the 5.1.1 comes along and I get 2 days moderate use no lies this was better then my 3GS

  • iPhone with a baterry issue ? No way! /s

  • I get decent battery with heavy gaming usage it will not last a whole but i got mophie charger case so no problem


    “How’s battery life on your iPhone 4S?”

    A thousand times better than my previous (HTC Android) phone. No more searching for a charger half-way through the day or worrying about a newly downloaded app quickly killing the battery.

  • I would be happy with14-16hrs heavy usage

    • Leo Kyriazis

      we all would spencer

  • Seems worlds better on 5.1.1 but still not as good as my wife’s Galaxy S2

  • dady king

    Water ever it is ‘battery problem’ but people can’t stop buying an iPhone inspite of knowing everything .. People are edicted towards an eaten apple -,0. Inclunding me.. Bz there is no one who can compete and give such a good experience

  • its so amazing that the new iPhone can receive a bigger screen,4G conection,better graphics,a coffee maker,and a cotton maker…but the battery MUST lasts longer than that the use today!

  • Falk M.

    This news, actually sounds like great news to me. Why?
    Usually when Apple is unsatisfied with the outcome of a partnership, they either switch camps (Moto -> IBM -> Intel) or build it on their own – or if they want to cut the middleman (NAND company from Israel, whatever they are called, forgot their name)
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the supplier drop a lot of “B grade” batteries to competitors and Apple gets the “A grade” stuff that meets the criteria.
    After all that mess, they might look around and buy a company that researches new technologies in this field.
    This would give them a kickstart on their competitors.
    One FULL day of FULL usage, using everything WiFi, NFC, LTE, display brightness set to satisfying level, gaming, etc…
    Yes please!
    This would also help remove my level of care about SBSettings and it missing when not jailbroken (and that’s my aim, to replace all my tweaks with core OS functionality or apps or them being obsolete issues -> iOS 5 helped a LOT there, iOS 6 brings some novelties, too. I think we haven’t seen everything so far though… (can you say Passbook payments?))

  • Leo Kyriazis

    My iPhone 4S’s battery life is fine, I don’t understand why u talk about it as if it was catastrophical

  • main problem is 4G signal, unlike ipad which does not require internet connection at all time, battery life of iphone is definitely shorter…