After many rumors, and much speculation, Google has confirmed that their popular Chrome browser is indeed iOS bound at day two of the Google I/O developers conference. When will we see Chrome come to iOS? Today.

Google Chrome has been developed to support both the iPhone/iPod touch and the iPad. This means that all of your bookmarks and other information synced to your Google ID should automatically be available once your sign into Chrome on iOS.

For Chrome desktop users, this means that our desktop and mobile browsing experiences may finally be in sync with one another. Needless to say, as an avid Chrome user, I’m totally pumped for this.

The only downside to Chrome on iOS is that it won’t benefit from the sped up Nitro Javascript engine, which is exclusive to Apple’s Safari. Still, it will be great to finally have our mobile and desktop lives in sync. I think I can deal with the absence of the Nitro engine.

What do you think? Are you happy that we might now have a decent alternative browser solution available on iOS?

  • Lupius

    Today please…

    • Did you not read or…?

      • Lupius

        I read very carefully and this article did not mention the words “App Store” at all. Had to do more research to see that it’s only available in the US App Store, which leaves this Canadian out in the cold…

      • Sorry, but why not ask when it will come to the Canadian store?

      • Lupius

        Because without your reply I wouldn’t know to go figure out if the app is available in the US but not in Canada.

  • Dan

    that’s great news, been using google chrome for years


    Chrome is a nice browser indeed and I actually use it on my netbook, for speed reasons… But, it is notably the worst one in terms of privacy and standards compliance… It’s like having a very-good functioning trojan horse inside your fort…

    • Dan

      I must be lucky, I haven’t had any problems in all the time I’ve used it

    • LUFC_MOT

      The worst in whos opinion? I’ve never seen any evidence to back up your rather bold claim … Not to mention I have never had any issues with regards to security and I look at some shady shit !!

    • rosssimpson

      I have not had a single problem with chrome!

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Guys, chrome by default syncs everything it has/collects on Google’s servers. And, just have a look at yourself, there’s no mention of safety for those data anywhere… And, we all know that Google lives with information… Your’s and mine… They collect and parse and sell this information, with or without your consent, that’s the business they run… Of course, they’d not parse into your details and share it with the world (at least not out in the open) but THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS.

      I don’t think I’m being naive by not trusting someone that much, when their income is based on harvesting my life, including my garbage.

      One example is the GoogleUpdate service, that gets installed with any app you install from Google… Check out what it does. You’ll only find vague definitions… Amazing!

      I’m not saying Chrome is a bad browser. I’m just saying it’s not the best out there with regards to privacy. (In MY opinion, it’s the worst out there among the ones I can name.)

      I hope they dare not do these in iOS, and if they decide to, I again hope that Apple does not let them.

  • Dan

    great news, been using chrome for years, I hate having to manually redo all my bookmarks

    • in my case I have bookmarks saved on opera, safari and chrome cloud services. At some point i decided to save all important bookmarks and info to these three cloud services and I cannot complain. I have my bookmarks everywhere I go on laptops and mobile devices.

  • I personally cannot wait for this. Chrome >>>>>> safari.

    • safari with Cydia tweaks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chrome

      • billypuntove

        I’m pretty sure Jeff means Safari vs. Chrome on a mac. There’s no way he knows how Chrome is like on iOS

      • Yes I know that, however I doubt that Chrome on iPad will offer a better functionality than Safari on iPad, plus the cydia tweaks.

      • billypuntove

        I’ll definitely wait and see. Google IS google.

        I think I’ll be sold with syncing bookmarks, alone. Multi-window browsing is a given and maybe we’ll get tabbed browsing and full-screen mode.
        Can you list the tweaks you use? Maybe I’ll get them if Chrome is a flop. Or at least to know what you’ll be comparing Chrome to. Thanks!

      • I use :

        Safari Upload Enabler
        Safari Download Manager = Safari Download Enabler
        Swipe safari or FullScreen Safari
        BookmarkEnhancer Bar
        newtab search

        in iphone version I add : EnhancedTabs
        restore tab
        BackForward enhacer iOS 5

    • Safari Download Manager on iOS 5. It is finally here after a year of waiting works better than ever.

    • Honesty though Safari seems to do better with multitouch. Especially on a Mac.

    • So Jeff – you don’t mind that it will now be even easier for Google to steal your private browsing activity??? That doesn’t seem right!

      • Eric Armstrong

        I don’t know about the rest of you but the only time I use porn mode is for…. Porn. Lol. Serious question: do people actually use it for other things?

      • Cody Cutrer

        I routinely use incognito windows for web application development to be able to have multiple (different) sessions against a single web server.

  • Death of safari? Lol

  • Great news indeed! I might change to Chrome on my devices!

  • billypuntove

    Best news this site has given me in so long. Maybe ever.
    I love you guys hahaha

  • billypuntove

    “My body is ready” —my iPhone after reading this~

  • Darius Schindler

    amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i need this to come out 🙂

  • Better download it before apple removes it from the app store.

    • billypuntove

      I’m pretty sure Google knows how to do things the right way, at this point.

      There are so many browsers on the App Store that I don’t really see why it would be removed.

  • It better beat Dolphin Browser

  • when will this come out?

    • billypuntove

      I don’t get it.

  • Great, now you can let Google “steal” your private browsing activity even easier now!!!

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      If I were Apple, I’d not let Google in there… Especially after their trick solely aiming Safari user’s privacy…

    • yeah because a big corporation will care what a so-important person like your does

  • Fijidan

    Have always like Dolphin as a Safari alternative; but Chrome is certainly a welcome addition.

  • Robert Goldberg

    “When will we see ___ [released]? TODAY!”
    Few things sound better than that…

  • Lucas Ucciferri

    Its so nce to know this, i alwats wanted to have my info synced between devices

  • Eric Armstrong

    Has anyone used cloud tabs for safari yet? How is it?

    • simply awesome

      • Eric Armstrong

        Haha I was hoping for that answer! I can’t wait for iOS 6

      • I’m rockin’ iOS 6 right now, you’ll definitely love it. lol

      • i dont feel like goin back to ios 5.1.1 again……………….ios 6 rocks…………..and chrome on ios is just amazing……………all those animations and stuff

  • Hopefully browser changer tweak will be updated to include chrome ASAP

  • seyss

    Chrome on PC relies on several in-depth coding to make it faster.. like assembly. In iOS I don’t think Google can do that much. It’ll end up using Safari’s API and being just a new UI.

  • mrbwler

    Finally here 🙂

  • jamestech


  • Sa-weeet. A shame they can’t use the suped-up JS engine then.

  • Eric Armstrong

    I trust you guys haha, I’m a college student though, so I don’t often check visit my Health Provider’s website in incognito mode haha!