Now that iOS 6 has official built-in widgets for both Twitter and Facebook updates, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to replicate those same widgets on iOS 5? Apparently that’s the same thought the developer of iOS 6 Twitter Widget had when creating his tweak. This widget, as its name so plainly alludes to, allows you to have an exact replica of the iOS 6 Twitter widget on lesser firmware.

Take a look inside for the full video walkthrough…

To enable iOS 6 Twitter Widget, simply install the tweak, and enable the widget via the Notifications section in the iPhone’s Settings app. Once enabled, you’ll see a new widget in your Notification Center that highly resembles what you’ll find in an iOS 6 beta installation.

Since hooks already exist in iOS 5 for Twitter integration, this tweak wasn’t hard to pull off successfully. Facebook, however, will be another story, as it’ll require external authorization from Facebook. iOS 6 has Facebook integration built into the OS itself. That’s not to say that we won’t eventually see a similar tweak for Facebook on iOS 5, though, it’ll just require a little more work than its Twitter counterpart.

If you’re interested in having this widget, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where you can find it for free. Be sure to share your thoughts on the widget in the comments below.

  • It doesn’t support landscape mode though…

  • Cool!! Nice balcony by the way

  • SimonReidy

    Its quicker and more functional to use Fusion. Fusion is a paid tweak though.

  • There’s a tweak for that.

  • You could also use InstaTwitter, and there’s even InstaFacebook. They’re both free and have a microphone icon for you to talk and it types it out. Both work well for me on an iPhone 4

  • Miguel Lopes

    Hy Jeff, noticed something on ur iPhone status bar, the “4G” symbol was showing, i guess its a glitch or so?

    • It’s not a glitch iOS 5.1.1 has been updated with a 4G icon for the 4S due to the HSDPA which isn’t true 4G LTE but it was determined that they were allow to put 4G as the icon because it’s faster then 3G.

      • Miguel Lopes

        Oh ok. Didn´t know that, as mostly everyone thinks that 4G is for LTE.
        Thanks for the info.

  • I downloaded this yesterday 🙂

  • himynameisBLiNK

    screw FB. Twitter is better

  • This is good but Twitkafly is much better. More options, plus activator and notifications center support

  • D4vid

    If you have more Twitter account on your iPod like me, wich one will it choose? Or can you select that…?

  • Is there one for Facebook too?