The App Store hasn’t had any shortage of knockoff apps since its creation a few years ago. When popular games such as Angry Birds or Cut the Rope make their way up the charts, you can expect a few unscrupulous developers to rush and try to get their copycat app approved and available in the App Store in order to make a quick buck.

Surfing on the popularity of Cydia, the App Store for jailbreak apps and tweaks, one shady developer thought that releasing an app called Cydia and making it available to over 300 million iDevices (no jailbreak required, mind you) would be a good idea…

Today, if you navigate through the App Store and do a search for “Cydia”, the first result that will come up is this bogus app. All it has from the real Cydia is the name and an icon that strangely mimics the original one.

Fake Cydia won’t let you install third party packages, so don’t even bother. Instead, it is a simple-looking game based on the definition of Cydia, as we explained a couple years ago:

Cydia is actually named after a moth. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the “coddling moth,” or what we would most likely recognize as the stereotypical apple worm.

Fake Cydia’s app description from the App Store:

Cydia funny and popular snake game you may remember from childhood. Its main character – a kind of caterpillar named Cydia. Collect all the apples and pass as many levels as you can.

Pay attention that this application is not related to Cydia Store. If someone has bought this application by mistake please get a refund.

Notice the warning?

Looking at the reviews on this application, it is clear that a few people got tricked into buying this scam app. All reviews are actually really negative. One review stands out though: Saurik’s own review and warning about this application:

I don’t expect this application to stay in the App Store for too long. If for some strange reason you wanted to get your hands on it, you can download it here for $0.99. Obviously, we recommend against it as there is no reason to make this scammer richer.

Update: the app has been removed from the App Store.


[Thanks @Sachin234000 for the tip]

  • oh developers… WHY YOU NO SMART?!

  • ..wat

  • fucking leeches

  • i know it does break some copy right issues but it does explain how it is not affiliated with the cydia store in any way which shows people should read the damn descriptions before buying stuff

    • Kok Hean

      This is the old description.

      Cydia now in app store! Download and launch it right now!

      Therefore, those people tricked into buying the application read the old description and NOT the new one.

      • While this is 100% correct, and while this short and obviously confusing description was the one that was on the product when I left my comment last night, I will point out that such legal disclaimers do NOT offer protection from trademark infringement. If anything, it can be used as demonstrable proof that your usage is sufficiently confusing that you need a massive warning in the hope of keeping users and customers from being duped.

      • John Lingelbach

        Even though, knowing what I know about the jailbreak community, I wouldn’t expect you to charge anything for cydia, even though you would make a fortune. (Don’t get any ideas. :D)

    • No matter the description, Cydia is a registered trademark of SaurikIT.

      • JaeM1llz

        Technically, Cydia is a type of moth, so Saurik cannot own the rights to the word.

      • Trademarks do not protect the rights to a “word”, they protect the rights to using a word for specific purposes to cause confusion with others’ identities. If you want to create a dry cleaning company named Cydia, you could do so, but if you want to create an iPhone application–certainly one that has a brown icon with a picture of a box on it–society believes that there should be protections offered to citizens from these kinds of confusing scams.

      • ChristopherMay

        technically an Apple is a fruit and Windows were around long before the operating system… This doesn’t mean I can create an app or a new OS and call it either and not expect to be in violation of copyright law.

      • Exactly chris may

      • Exactly*

  • Anyone stupid enough to think this is the real cydia deserves to get their $0.99 taken off them, just saying

  • thepies


  • it seems soo legit

  • It would be cool if the real Cydia appeared in the App Store!

    • Would be useless though.

      • Basically. All you would be able to do is just view tweaks, and can’t install them because you don’t have permission to the phone’s root files.

      • Not even that would be possible, because Cydia is an APT Manager, and all the files for apt are stored in /etc/apt(I think.) and /var/

  • Danny McDonald

    You really think Apple are gonna leap to Saurik’s defence? Good luck with that

    • It’s copyright infringement. They legally have to

      • Loopthree

        I’m not so sure. Only the icon is similar. I don’t see how you can copyright the name of a moth.

      • Are you guys serious?! The intent of this guy is OBVIOUS to any reasonable person that he’s mimicking the cydia store which Saurik TRADEMARKED as an app. To bring something to the same device has obvious malicious intent.

      • Loopthree

        I agree with the moral argument. I’m just not so sure about the legal one.

      • Loopthree

        Actually, “The description provided to the USPTO for CYDIA is Software for the distribution of third-party applications and media to mobile platforms.”

      • In that case why not call it Apple ! Oh that right it’s copyrighted too.. It’s own by someone/ a company …just like Cydia is owned .. If that company thinks that there is a infringement on there name than they can do something about it..

      • Loopthree

        You can’t just pick a word which has other uses, and decide that from now on,no-one else can use it.

      • That’s true.. But it’s has been turned now in to a name for a app.. Which has nothing to do with Cydia…

      • Can you copyright the name of a fruit … like an apple?

      • do you not know how badly apple could sue saurik at anytime?

      • How can apple sue saurik

      • LOL Why would they?

      • Saurik is not doing wrong or illegal.

      • saurik is hosting cydia, cydia contains pirated content and you can obtain installouse through cydia I am pretty sure he could be held liable for some things about that. Because when adding that particular repo saurik could block it from using cydia

        I have nothing against saurik im just talking about cydia in general

      • your right actually

        it’s not up to saurik to regulate the repos. People are allowed to access whatever repo they want. sure it may be losing him and other devs money but its all up to the user to choose what they want to do with their device but really…. saurik has enough to deal with im sure without constantly scouring the net for repos hosting cracked apps.

      • Cornerstar31

        Jailbreaking is totally legal. Only If you use a jailbreak to pirate apps, then the person pirating is violating the law in a few countries.

  • Loopthree

    Needs more levels 😀

  • Wael Abdo

    LOL i bet apple guys did it!!!

  • If it had just had another Icon and name it would be legit.. What a shame.

  • seyss

    it is not fake.. since Cydia is the scientific name for that apple’s worm, so he is legit 🙂

  • Stupid!

  • imagine all the people that will fall for it. i know a few years ago before i was Jailbreak savvy, i went to the app store looking for the CYDIA app too. Sneaky Sneaky ….

  • maurid

    Sebastian, any idea why the website ( doesn’t work on Google Chrome for Android? Because itworks on both Firefox and the stock Browser. Just saying…

    • What do you mean it doesn’t work? Like it’s not loading at all? White page? Error page? Can you please give me more details? Thank you.

      • maurid

        Oh, OK. I get a website with a blue background and a picture of an 8-bit black and white folder with a sad face. Underneath it it reads: “Aw snap! Something went wrong while displaying this web page.” Bear in mind it only happens on Chrome for Android as far as I know.

      • Strange because I was just told that it works fine for someone I know using Google Chrome for Android. Maybe just a temporary bug.

      • maurid

        Yeah, maybe it is. I just thought it was curious because it seems like a specially made web page, which I had not seen before.

      • Can you please take a screenshot and send it to me on Twitter @SebastienPage?

      • SimonReidy

        Thats the default “crash page” Chrome shows when the browser times out or crashes. Have seen it many times.

        Make sure you update to the latest version of Chrome. Been using it for years and never had a problem rendering iDB.

      • maurid

        Good to know 😉

  • I had this idea AGES ago… (buys app).

  • it is now removed from the app store (1:44 PM PST June 16)

  • SimonOrJ

    so that’s how “Cydia” got its name…

  • Huh? That’s like picking up a book based solely on the cover.

  • SimonReidy

    Guys you are all wrong. You just have to guide the moth to safety in the game, then your device will reboot, permanently jailbroken and untethered on iOS6!*

    *this may be a lie.

  • This guy need money that bad? :/

  • seyss

    Words of wisdom.. Thats exactly how I think but am too lazy to write 🙂

  • That is stupid, y would Apple do that?

  • this fake shit cant even get near to sauriks cydia CYDIA ROCKS AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

  • There is some difference at the logo of cydia.

  • ZiiG

    Taken off the AppStore anyway. I can see

  • Jeremy Harrison

    am i the only one who thinks it is ironic that an app that lets people download pirated apps is complaining about copyright infringement?

    • Cydia’s Default Sources don’t have any pirated Content, idiot.

    • Hate to tell you, but piracy was never supported when Cydia was made.

  • i saw, that application, when it was, you know, on the AppStore. And, the only, review, was yours. So, i just figured, you got there first.