Forget the announcements regarding the new Retina display MacBook Pro, OSX Mountain Lion and other non-mobile related products. According to Twitter, iOS 6 was the hottest topic of Apple’s WWDC keynote.

Simply Measured, a social media research firm, analyzed more than 150,000 tweets on Monday with the #WWDC hashtag. And it found that out of all of Apple’s big announcements, iOS 6 was the most popular…

Tweets containing information regarding iOS 6 made up 18% of the above-mentioned Twitter talk, finishing just ahead of the new MacBook model at 15%. OSX Mountain Lion, Apple’s upcoming Mac update, accounted for 6% of the tweets. And bringing up the rear was iPhone-related chatter — folks disappointed that there was no mention of a new handset — at 5%.

In all, the results aren’t really too surprising considering the current state of the consumer electronics space. Aside from the ongoing talk that we’re in a post-PC revolution, more than 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from the sales of its iOS products.

Perhaps more interesting is the attention that Apple received during its keynote. WWDC-related tweets flooded Twitter during the media event, accounting for 8 of the service’s top 10 trending topics, and brought the site down on a number of occasions.

What other tech companies garner that type of response to announcements?


  • Zorvage


    No shit.

  • Well that’s because it was really the only thing that was announced. Simple. 

    • No several other things were announced to….
      Retina display
      New iCloud
      Facebook integration throughout all apple products

    • Levar burton is blowing up on twitter wwdc has made him famous again lol!

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    • Falk M.

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      Nobody’s interested, so move on pretty please, ok?

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  • No surprise, as iOS 6 is what people really cared about, well most of them.

    • I wonder if they will release an update of ios 6.6.6? Lol

  • Graham Ritchie

    i just noticed that on iPhone when you create a new tab in safari it doesn’t take you to the end of your tab list anymore, it creates it in place between your already open tabs

  • The most confusing statistic ever.  I see it like more differently; combining MacBook with Retina (because its like the same topic in this case) we would have other winner.  Not to mention if you mix Lion to it.  I’m guessing the iOS got more populated because it took longer to talk about it overall.

  • Hey so I know this is unrelated to this article but I’d really appreciate some help form someone. So my Emoji keyboard does not work in my iOS 6 beta installation. Every time I tap on the globe in my keyboard (and this goes for any app I try to do so), it immediately quits the app. I use them frequently 🙁 Can someone help? 

  • Am I the only one that cared about the new MacBook?

    Personally iOS 6 wasn’t really much of update other than the Maps.. most of the other features are either incompatible with my products or available on Cydia