Those who run WordPress blogs probably use the mobile web interface as the official app is a mess.

Unfortunately, media uploads on websites are not supported in iOS 5, which makes it tough to add images to your posts on the go.

It’s not just WordPress, Safari in iOS simply doesn’t support media uploads. Luckily, beginning with iOS 6, Safari will finally deal with common HTML elements that web pages use to bring up the standard file browsing dialogue…

When Apple unveiled iOS 6 on Monday, one of the new features which only got a brief mention was a broader support for standard HTML elements. Among them: a regular HTML input element used on literally every site that requires any form of media upload.

Here, try this out yourself on your device (if you have iOS 6):

• go to in Safari and log in
• tap the icon in the upper left, scroll to the bottom and hit the Desktop Site link
• go to your Timeline by tapping on your profile name in the upper right
• tap the Photo link, then Upload Photo / Video and then hit the Choose File button

In iOS 5, you’re out of luck. iOS 6 correctly summons standard options to either take a photo or video on your device or choose media from your library.

iOS 6 now supports media uploads on websites

For more on how Safari in iOS 6 handles media uploads, check out Jeff’s video overview.

As for the WordPress app, The Next Web reports that an update “later this year” will enable media uploads in mobile Safari on both WordPress and, in time for iOS 6 release this fall.

I’m big on mobile blogging so this means a lot to me. Likewise, I’m sure many of you will find this enhancement a life savior in certain situations.

As we noted before, other Safari improvements in iOS 6 include full-screen browsing in landscape, iCloud Tabs that keeps track of which pages you have open on your devices, Offline Reading List and smart app banners that subtly remind visitors to your website that you have a native iOS app available (another way how Apple is sticking it to Google).

Are you excited about media uploads in iOS 6 Safari?

  • On which device is this enabled…??…
    Man apple has messed things up…tim cook you are destroying the simplicity created by jobs…even an iPhone blogger like me is confused now…:o

    Ps: i just reached mu 100 likes…lolz

    • billypuntove


      This is something that, before this, gave you a message reading exactly this:
      “Sorry, the browser you’re using doesn’t support posting photos, Instead you can: post it by email/Post It using the facebok app”

      I think that’s pretty embarrassing for devices as advanced as the iPhone and the iPad. And now they fixed it, fo Safari to act like a real, full-fledged browser.

      I think people lately are just talking just to talk.

      • what m sayin is on which iDevice it is enabled….on all or it is 4s nd ipad 3 exclusive….
        i was talking about an idevice not other devices…kinda obvious…:|

      • billypuntove

        Yeah I know. Then you proceeded to talk smack about Tim Cook for no apparent reason.
        I think people need to do that when, and if Apple really messes up. So far, it’s been pretty damn good. Some will say it’s because the ideas are still Steve Jobs’s but I’m definitely gonna wait and see before I talk badly about him.

      • M not talking badly mate…i am just trying to say the word simplicity ll be destroyed by ios 6…this device support this that support that….how will you explain your mom on 3gs that she cant have photo stream sharing nd icloud tabs even when she hav ios 6…same goes wid ur dad wid ip4….
        You ll say u can explain but hey it ll not b simple….

  • billypuntove

    This is great! Resembling more and more a personal computer. In your frickin’ hand!!!!

    • QuarterSwede

      A friend of mine’s computer broke about two months ago and he has yet to fix it because he found he could do everything on his iPhone.

      • billypuntove

        Yeah, my iPad replaced my macbook completely for two semesters at school. Until I dropped it and broke the screen hahah but sure, it does a lot (A LOT) of the common tasks. More and more every day with the help of creative app developers

  • if anybody interested to get their UDID registered for a year to play with ios 6 now! email me at ios6udid12 at gmail dot com

  • Nice, and I could see tweaks extending this to be even nicer.

  •  Seriously.  I’d love Apple to introduce a sort of “documents” folder where you can save files locally on the device that’s set apart from the rest of the OS.  This way if a friend e-mail’s me a excel document or something, I can easily save it and upload/email it away later.  Right now I have to use LogMeIn or iBooks (PDFs) to do it and it’s a royal pain.

    • BBL

      At least if they can replace the “Open with…” with Move to… cos why we have 2 files separated in each app, or they can make a public API so all apps can be modify the same file stored in device instead of modify it every where

      With jailbreak the problem solved with iFile and others tweaks but without jailbreak, personally I use ReaddleDocs for files manager and now I have AirDisk Pro which is more easy and simple to use… But still the docs upload from safari (pdf, txt or doc) is very important, because a lot of sites still don’t have their own apps to let you upload docs.

    • You’ve never heard of Dropbox??!

      • I have. But if I receive an e-mail on my iPhone. Can I save it directly to DropBox from within the Mail app? Thought so.

      • Yeah you can, just select “open in” and select dropbox…

  • Those who are jailbroken running iOS 5 (or lower) can install Safari Upload Enabler from Cydia. It allows you to upload any file from your device, including photos from your camera roll.

    • billypuntove

      awesome! Does it do this? Meaning let me upload pictures to sites right from Safari?

      • Sure there are 2 options when you want to upload. 1st one is to select a file from within the filesystem. 2nd is to go straight to your albums to select a photo or video. It’s very easy.

      • billypuntove


      • You must have libzip from Cydia installed for this tweak to work.

  • SimonReidy

    I guess this feature is cool to have natively, but after using “Safari Upload Enabler” I’ve already had this capability on iOS5 for the last year. Not just photos and videos either. You can upload any file type you want. Hope to see the Safari Uploader tweak integrated into iOS6 too.

  • Finaly Apple realized that ignoring HTML is not so much good idea? 🙂 … But this is only a half way, but it seem to be long run (as well as Microsoft’s IE CSS support)