Apple really stick it to Google by supplanting Google Maps in iOS 6 with in-house mapping service, didn’t it? But more than anything, yesterday’s WWDC keynote has proven that Apple is just as merciless without Steve Jobs.

As both tech giants fight tooth and nail for mindshare, Cupertino is now adamant to go thermonuclear on everything Google, not just Maps.

The iPhone maker demonstrated its incredible agility and willingness to fight Google on multiple dimensions yesterday. To that extent, iOS 6 could be viewed as the biggest step yet in the de-Googlification of iOS.

Here’s why…

The keynote kicked off with a Siri gimmick. She made fun of Google’s Android code-names, saying they must have been created by “Ben and Jerry”. By the way, she also likened Samsung’s new phone to a refrigerator.

Here’s a clip of that gag.

And in another shot at Google, iOS boss Scott Forstall brought up a slide highlighting Android’s fragmentation problem.

One chart to rule them all.

The executive rubbed Android’s fragmentation issue to Google’s face:

More than 80 percent of our customers are running the latest version of iOS, iOS 5. Now if you compare that to the competition, they released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time that we released iOS 5. And about 7 percent of Android customers are running the latest version.

Put in another way, by the time the iPhone 5 surfaces this fall, four generations of iPhones will be running the most up-to-date software.

Android chief Andy Rubin tweeted two days ago that Google is now seeing an astounding 900,000 daily activations, but from the ecosystem point of view Android seems to be spiraling out of Google’s control.

Google’s I/O event runs June 27-29 so it’ll be interesting hearing how it spins the fact that iOS is consistently developers’ platform of choice.

And of course, with Maps sporting Siri integration, Apple is looking to nuke Google Maps out of orbit in a big way.

Apple Maps tap Siri on many levels.

Apple also partnered with fifteen providers on Maps, reportedly using Microsoft’s Bing Maps data as well. And in my opinion, Google’s hastily organized presser only underscored its anxiety over Apple entering the mapping space.

It’s easy to see why.

While Apple is unlikely to take a shot at creating a search engine (at least not for now), it’s been de-emphasizing search on mobile in favor of native apps. With Maps, Apple has forced its way into the business of local search, a market very important for Google.

And with app banners in Safari, whenever you visit a website that has a native app, you’ll be subtly enticed to use these instead of the web version laden with Google ads.

Safari ‘Smart app banners’ in action

What else?

Well, iOS 6 adds Facebook integration to its social sharing arsenal, but not the Google+ thing. Both Facebook and Twitter run more than skin deep, they’re tightly integrated into the bowels of the operating system, letting you tweet and post stuff from apps, Notification Center and even Apple’s content stores.

Facebook integration in iOS 6 automatically updates your Contacts and Calendar data.

Though Apple would be foolish to ignore the nearly one billion Facebook users, it’s hard to escape the notion that the Facebook deal proves the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

And a really crucial differentiator: Apple’s new Passbook app that seeks to organize all your coupons, credit card information, boarding passes, shopping deals and more in one place.

It ain’t a digital wallet per se, but certainly paves the way for the iPhone becoming your e-wallet in the not-so-distant future.

It’s got some nice touches, too.

For example, being time and location-enabled, all your passes and tickets appear on the lock screen when and where you need them.

Apple’s new Passbook app is the first step to making your iPhone your e-wallet.

Passbook takes a radically different approach to Google’s iWallet service that requires a smartphone with an NFC chip, a special point of sale terminal and only works on the Sprint network in the United States and in partner stores. In fact, Sprint announced plans to pursue its own digital wallet service, leaving Google Wallet kinda lingering out there.

And of course, Apple’s flawed and unreliable digital assistant Siri rendered Android’s Voice Actions outdated (Google is working on a similar AI-driven feature). New deals Apple cut with Yelp and others mean you can now find a restaurant and make a reservation through the Siri interface, bypassing Google search altogether.

New Siri features let you accomplish even more without visiting the traditional web.

Granted, Apple’s WWDC keynote took the concept of pot shots beyond our comfort level. And there is no reason why the WWDC keynote stream would initially work only in Safari and not in Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers (Apple fixed the problem later).

All told, perhaps I’m just overblowing yesterday’s keynote?

All I know is that Apple has in its DNA this urge to control technologies, a necessity to make tightly integrated products that “just work”. So with or without Google being a friend or a foe, Apple would have eventually moved into mapping space.

But there’s no denying that by deciding to openly compete with Apple on mobile, Google only accelerated Apple’s plans to cut all ties with the Mountain View-based search Goliath.

To be perfectly clear, I’m all for competition because it forces Apple to never stop innovating.

Conversely, I’d love to hear your opinion.

Is Apple really trying to kill Google?

Will the search giant pay dearly for its intent to derail Apple in mobile?

  • I prefer S.Jobs in this one, “Others don’t have to fail for Apple to succeed”

    • i totally agree

    • Don’t you remember what Steve Jobs said about Android?

      “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40bn in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs told Isaacson. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

      • RLst

        That was just drama for the press 🙂

      • RLst

        Also, when asked by Walt Mossberg from AllthingsD about whether or not he felt betrayed by Google, Steve’s reply was:

        “My sex life is pretty good these days!”

        Hahaha 😀 😀 😀

  • google will always be around. They will never be killed for their search business but I am looking for the android annihilation cause they don’t do it right for their OS. That system just sucks man

    • Sailor Cosmos

       Animation rendering sucks, not system. All you macfans need is silk smoothness with least functionality.

      • We also need studio software (Auria, NanoStudio, Sunrizer, etc.) on our stupid iToys, something which is also entirely impossible on Android due to its messed up audio stack.

  • Uniformity is the key!

    • SebestyenSzabo

      That’s probably what drives the way Mountain Lion and iCloud works with iOS 😛

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    While I think this is the way Apple should be fighting Google and Samsung (and not using lawsuits), it make me a bit angry that Apple use the OS segregation argument when Apple it self it is leaving some iOS features out of older devices (Siri and 3d maps).
    Granted it is not the hole iOS, but still…

    • Jobran

      i agree,
      apple just uses the same number for the ios for all the devices, but the ios itself is different on each one of the devices… 3gs lacks most of ios 6 features, 4G lacks some.. but they both will have ios 6.. so this is the same thing.. but google is decent enough not to lie to your face and tell you we dont have fragmentation !! lame apple ( i am an iphone user )

      • SebestyenSzabo

        But you’ll also have to admit, the iOS fragmentation is not nearly as severe as Android’s. And many phones running Android do eventually get the new OS, but first it has to be “optimized” or something, usually resulting in even months of waiting time for even fairly new hardware. In contrast, though iOS may leave out some features for certain devices (because old, slow hardware is just old, slow hardware, and you can’t do much about it), it is still released for all applicable devices, all at the same time.

      • Jobran

        Right agree with the part that android phones updates need to be customized by the cellar companys or have the skins of the manufacters applied and that sucks, but its being fixed lately, esp with releasing the S3 in the us without customization !
        but for the same reason some of the features of ios 6 or 5 were dropped off for older devices.. It also applies for android, sometimes the new os is too heavy for older devices or not compitable because off different cpus and devices..
        Apple has only one series of devices and already somehow fragmented, Android has lot of different devices , its some how understandable !
        I like my 3gs and my iphone 4, but i believe its a time for a change !

      • I’ll take a 3 year phone missing a few things then a 1to 2 month phone missing everything. At least Apple try’s… so i’m guessing that’s why your a iPhone user huh?

      • You’ll go from at having some features to not being able to have access to parts of Android app ecosystem. Out of the pan into the fire!

      • RLst

        Well they might have been able to put all the big features in like turn by turn, flyover, etc. which obviously use more processing power which will make the device slow and laggy and drain battery etc… then guess what, customers will complain, whinge, bitch, moan and whine till the cows come home, then Apple will have to put up with idiot users that don’t have a clue about how CPUs and battery life work etc.

        Also, yes, leaving out features on the lower models gives you more of an incentive to upgrade, which means more profit hopefully… because when it all boils down to it, Apple is a business and one of the key purposes of a business is to make money, otherwise its a charity.

        I’d like to see anyone on here run a multi-BILLION dollar business anywhere near as successful as Apple could.

    • YujinNY

      You are saying what would be the same as a pc from 1995 to run win xp or vista…while it can do so…the experience would be shit and I don’t think they want their user experience to be shit…google has a big problem is not just an old 3 year old phone that can’t get the latest software but recent wants and some even newer can get the same apps as iOS devices…

  • I still prefer Android to iOS.

    • So why u r here???????????????????????

      • Jimmy Chen

        Some of us have multiple devices.

      • how many question marks do you need?

  • Well_Said

    There’s no doubt that Andriod sux, iOS is way better.

  • Yes and Yes. 🙂

  • missing steve jobs! 🙁

  • What about the YouTube app? Its a piece of shit and should be removed.

    • SebestyenSzabo

      Or updated to be better, named something else, with additions of Vimeo or other services, relieving the dependence on Google 😉 hmm… yes, Apple, do this!!

    • Very well put man! No matter how much Apple hates Google, YouTube has to be on IOS! To be perfectly clear, it’s awful if Apple IOS has no YouTube and no Adobe Flash support at the same time!

  • Apple is really amazing, I appreciate there work so much and hope to be a part of it one day

    that WWDC clip really is inspiring

  • That I want to say google sorry but f**k !!!!

  • I kinda hate the way apple is going now. Lawsuit after lawsuit and mokking Google/Samsung while they shamelesly steal functions Android has since 1.6 (reply to call, turn by turn, …) and also: blocking phones Apple? Realy, i dislike you more and more + yes i have an iPhone AND HTC One S and they both work like a charm 🙂

  • Siri killing it in the video lol

    • RLst

      iPad also… T boom… CRASH! haha

  • YujinNY

    It was very clear and very stupid of google to show their new maps last week..their presentation looked very rush and like it was just an answer to wwdc. The big difference between apple and google is that google Ike’s to throw tech at you as soon as they come up with the idea…apple waits, looks around, and makes a very good implementation without rushing and they take their sweet damn time,but it is worth it..sure they do make mistakes, but most of the time they nail it.

  • One question. How the hell do apple know what android OS the customer is running?
    “Put in another way, by the time the iPhone 5 surfaces this fall, four generations of iPhones will be running the most up-to-date software.”
    But only 2 generations will be able to use all of it.

    “Apple’s new Passbook app”
    Now, I know for sure that I’m not the only one here that finds this app a complete waist of space. “We’ve created an app for you to store your C/C details waiting to get hacked. Store your shopping tickets that you don’t have. Also, now you to check your boarding pass that, if you travel that often that you’ve experienced flight changes which really effect your life, your secretary will contact you anyway to let you personally know about it.” At this point the audience is clapping their hands and gasping with delight and saying “F**K YEAH! WOO!” And apple presentation matey is pacing up and down the stage with an unchanged expression on his face that says “that’s right, that’s what we’ve made for you and you all have been hypnotized you before entering this room.”

  • ricardo arriaga

    What a better tribute to Google, Android os and Samsung than opening wwdc talking about them. Great just what they needed, it just reflects apple frustration.

    • Oh don’t act like Samsung does not do the exact same thing, with all their BS anti-iPhone commercials. They go back and forth when they can. Who cares. I don’t see how Apple is “frustrated” they are just playing the game!

  • Google did amazing stuffs with Search and they’re brilliant at it. But with android, they really screwed themselves – it sucks. Its already out of their control. Updating an android device is like pain in the arse!! So, I think going on open competition with Apple on smartphone business, google made a huge mistake and it ll have to pay its price.

  • ricardo arriaga

    I remember 2 years ago every time a new flagship android was released we us to compare it to the iPhone, now is the other way around apple is trying to catch up with android.

    • i dnt think so bro….d android phones released today are also asked one question….”can it be the iPhone killer??”

      ps: when u throw your iphone away lemme know i ll cum and catch..(as u hate it)…lololz…jk

  • I think Steve Jobs have more mercy than Tim Cook when treating Google

  • Google ain’t going anywhere but I do believe, Tim Cook and Apple are doing what’s best for the company while simultaneously honoring Steve Jobs to go thermonuclear on that ass! LOL.

  • Wael Abdo

    hell yeahh

  • For starters, I have my 4s which yes I do enjoy, but how many iPhone users have ever used the new ics from android? I have it on my nexus and it’s amazing!!! Better than my iPhone? No… But is the iPhone better? No… I don’t think google has lost control… I have not heard of google losing control. There was a point made here… Will ios6 work on a

    • Will ios6 work on an apple2? How many OS did apple launch before iosx? How many OS has google done?… Let alone what’s the age of the companies? How fast does each company evolve and push forward… What other projects does each company have on going? As far as I see is IOS is still dependent on other companies and is trying to be a bridge for everyone… Google on the other hand really would like to just control everything….

  • Android is trying to be better but it’s life! It just can’t! Apple has got AirPlay, the world’s biggest App Store, design, ease of use, FaceTime, iMessage, and now with the iOS 6 is even better than before! Android has got what? Costumization and battery!

  • RLst

    Google dug its own grave

  • apple is fragmenting idevices by giving siri to certain devices, so the iphone 4s can use it but the just as powerful ipad 2 cant. think older devices cant do facetime over 3g, and certain devices can. apple has copied multiple things from android(notification center) and the jailbreak community(too many to list, that i can even put them in one comment)

  • 3asba kbira +zeb

    Fuck for iphone ,apple,face book and google . you knwo for evry think