Something that has always amazed me about Apple – even long before I actually converted to the cult – is that the company pays an incredible amount of attention to details. It seems that everything has to be meaningful and thought all the way through.

The latest extreme attention to detail we came across was sent to us by iDB reader Aaron, and refers to the volume knob of the Music app in iOS 6…

I’m driving down the road rocking out with my son and notice that the volume and seek radio chrome sliders are pulsing. If you tilt the phone (stand it up then slowly lay it down to see effect) the sliders turn back and forth. Nice touch almost no one would notice.

See it for yourself! Open up the Music app, play a track, and tilt your iPhone up a bit and look at the volume knob mimicking a light reflection effect. It’s hard to tell from the image above but it’s really clear when you have your iPhone in hand.

Now if this isn’t some amazing attention to detail, I don’t know what it is.

  • jawadahsen

    attention to detail has always been apple’s focus, should look great on the device

  • Is this for iOS 6??? Because I’m not seeing it in iOS 5……

  • to the volume know of the Music app

    typo but pretty interesting article

  • urm, my volume thing doesnt look like this?

  • That’s in the ayecon theme in cydia

  • Vitaliy T

    i dont see it , is it iOS 6?

  • ic0dex

    its on ios 6 only?

  • Zorvage

    I don’t get it. Please, no stupid replies..

    • to a stupid question, you get a stupid reply 😉

    • That’s what she said! (cannot resist)

      • Nestea80

        That doesn’t even make sense. Do you even know WHEN to use the “That’s what she said” line? -__-

      • Michael Miller

        The “That’s what she said” , quote should only be used in response to something that can be construed as a positive sexualy charged innuendo. For instance “Man that’s big!”,……… That’s what she said. Or you could use it here, “I can’t take any more”……that’s what she said. (My wife had to teach me this as I didn’t understand why no one would laugh when I first started doing it)

      • RLst

        Yeah they should’ve taught us this in sex ed back in primary school 😀

  • Also, they have ironed out the cover flow lag, or is it just me?

    • Seems like it.

      • aadil.3001

        Erm no, i think that was ironed out in iOS 5.1.1 😉

      • Nope… It was def still there in iOS 5.1.1

  • btw check the tags people, its iOS 6

  • Eli Gancena

    yes this is what the music app volume slider looks like on ios6

  • chjode

    That slider looks similar to the system-wide volume control (double-tap the home button and swipe twice to the left), but certainly not the iOS 5 Music app.

  • very cool! nice find!

  • You guys should mention in bold letters that this is IOS 6! Some people(like me)do not read the tags.

  • QuarterSwede

    Hell yeah! That was my tip! Thanks for the shout out!

    Yes, iOS 6 and it affects the Music apps seek and volume sliders.

    Stand the phone up then slowly lay it down and you’ll notice the knob on the slider rotate.

  • Not doing it on iPad.

  • is it me or should this guy not being doing drugs (allegedly) and looking at his phone that much while he is in the car driving around his son?

  • reminds me of the hidden split-keyboard keys

    • It’s not hidden, pretty sure you can activate it with a press I think..

      • you didnt really get what i meant, the split-keyboard itself is obvious, i meant the hidden keys on the boarders of the split-keyboard. so if you have the split-keyboard activated, then you can press the empty space next to the G, T, V, Y,H,or B and the letter that would usually be next to one of those will be entered.

      • Ahh I see

  • BO$$

  • Roddisq

    All those “details” will never pay for the sick behavior and lies from apple

    • RLst

      Yeah Apple and anyone else with lots of money is SOOO evil because they’re not stupid enough to give there hard earned money to lazy idiots like you… get a job already!

      • Roddisq

        You are talking about your mom right?

  • I wish they would get rid of the gloss already! It looks bad!

  • MattXD162

    Commenting here since there’s a “Music” Tab.

    Settings > Music > EQ

    Now there’s a “Late Night Mode”. Doesn’t sound too different, though. Maybe because it’s not late night…

  • Heli12345

    Anyone that has iOS 6 should look real close at their maps app icon. Want to say they pay attention to tiny details now?

  • Right, Apple pays a lot of attention to details when it comes to design. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t reach the same grade with accurate coding. The most annoying bugs are in iTunes match on the mobile devices. It just doesn’t feel like an Apple product. However since it’s initial release progress has been made.

  • Wael Abdo

    all apple hardware and software are done and designed with the maximum respect to details, not to mention the mysterious Zen effect. they are just beautiful.

  • This is really amazing about Apple! other companies simply keep producing products, none ‘re anywhere near close to what Apple makes. Another thing I always love about Apple is that they way they present their products, it shows how much they love it! I can’t remember exactly hat Steve Jobs once said, but it meant something like, “we want to create best products that we can recommend to our family and friends”!! That says it all!

  • I’d rather take more meaningful features, than meaningless details.

    • RLst

      I’d rather take meaningless details, than meaningless comments

  • Graham Ritchie

    has anyone else noticed wsj live on apple tv yet?

  • rohta

    I realised that the volume slider knob had changed in iOS 6, but not this effect.
    Indeed this light effect is something that we wouldn’t expect that a virtual brushed aluminum button would do, like a real one does.
    For sure this is something that only Apple spend time to create and develop.
    They could use this effect in the homescreen Settings icon. Would look great!

  • senseless battery waste! just 10+ Tweaks killed by iOS 6..
    Most of all.. I’m very dissappointed by iOS 6.
    They want to have a nice design.. well.. but they don’t want to make their customers happy..

    because they can’t admit that at least 50 % of all iphones (not counted, sry) are jailbreaked, JUST to make their OS a better one.. and guys.. i never saw a jailbreak tweak, that made volume buttons reflect light… -.-

    so please apple.. whats wrong on the nice concepts made within the last month..?
    too much competition? .___.

    thinking about switching my phone..
    although would never switch my -jailbreaked- iPad 3

  • This is cool. Subtle but cool. Love tiny things like this, they all add up to make a reall nice UI. Subliminal design is something Apple do well!

  • OMG! A reflection! I can’t believe how f*cking useful that is! I’m so going to look at the volume knob all day instead doing something useful!
    It’s just a f*cking toy for rich kids who have nothing to do…

    • wow.

    • RLst

      Stop being “rich-cist”! We’re not “poor-cist” 😀

  • Doesnt happen on ipad i think or i just dont see it

  • Cineva

    If YOU want to see it better make sure that the iPhone’s zoom is on and push twice with 3 fingers and drag to the vole bar!!!! It is works!!!!:)))