Amazon launched its cloud-based music player and an accompanying Android app a little more than a year ago.

Though users on Apple’s platform have been able to access the web-based version of Cloud Player using the Safari browser on iOS devices, the online retailer wouldn’t release a native iOS app until now…

Introducing Amazon Cloud Player, a free iPhone and iPod touch app that lets you play songs stored in your Amazon music locker in the cloud.

You can choose to either stream songs over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection or download them to the device for offline listening.

The app also let you play songs stored in Apple’s native Music app, create and edit playlists, though you won’t be able to make any other changes to your cloud files or upload songs to the cloud.

Also, if you want to sign up from the service, you’ll have to visit the Amazon website on your desktop.

Amazon Cloud Player is a free download right from the App Store.

So, is it too little too late, what do you think?

  • billypuntove

    This is great!!!

    I’ve always bought music exclusively on iTunes and only last week started to browse Amazon’s service and I can tell you they’ve won me over.

    Better prices, like songs being 99-cent (the extra 30¢ on iTunes can really and easily add up)
    In fact, an album I purchased on iTunes at 9.99 is $3.99 right now on Amazon and it just made me so mad.
    It also lets you download the mp3 files so you can add them to iTunes, even automatically if you want to so it’s super seamless. And they’re always having sales by genres, or years. They even have 100 albums at $5 for the month of June, 3 of which I had been eyeing for a while and finally purchased.

    Only thing I thought was lacking was a iOS app so I could save time by bypassing iTunes and here it is. This is perfect.

    I know I sound like an Amazon rep, but all this points are true.

    Amazon mp3 > iTunes

  • I kno this is not the appropriate place ti ask but i just wanna know what is the meaning of “jailbreak for life” means

    • billypuntove

      um, nothing. Nothing at all haha
      Unless someone is promising that he or she will jailbreak your device over and over if you pay them a lot of money up front but no one can guarantee that.
      But if you’re referring to a program or app, then it means nothing. No program can jailbreak all upcoming iOS versions.

    • This could refer to two things Ricky.

      For most of jailbreak is a way of life with our iPhone, when you realize the untapped potential of the iPhone and then jailbreak most are hooked for life.

      It could also refer to a bootrom exploit on A4 devices that allows the devices to always be able to be jailbroken despite the firmware.

      • billypuntove

        oooh I didn’t see it that way hahaha
        I thought he mean “a jailbreak for life” haha good point
        thumbs up

      • Marvin Wallace

        It could also refer to a bootrom exploit on the old-bootrom 3GS that allows the devices to always be able to get a untethered jailbreak.

      • ooo i see so if i upgraded the ipodtouch 4 to ios 6 it will still be unthetered??