You might remember the privacy fiasco that started earlier this year when it was discovered that Path was uploading your whole address book to its servers. Of course, Path wasn’t the only app to do that, but it was the first to get the backlash that followed, forcing Apple to slightly change what the company requires app developer to do with your data and how they notify you.

Because privacy is such a hot topic these days, Apple has gone the extra mile in the beta release of iOS 6, giving “privacy” its very own tab inside the Settings app…

As you can see, Privacy settings are broken down into 4 sections: Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Photos.

Every application that have requested access to any of those 4 sections will now be clearly listed in here.

Happy now?

  • maurid

    Why do Americans worry so much? Seriously, so many action movies maybe? As if they were important enough to be tracked (think the GPS tracking fiasco a year or two ago). JUST USE THE GODDAMN PHONE.

    • SebestyenSzabo

      Yeah, all people give a shit about if they get your info, is wether they can get into your bank account.

  • Is the iphone in those screenshots paired/connected or whatever, or is that blue tint part of the UI changes?

    • Clear status bar with blue stock wallpaper

      • Kok Hean


  • jose castro

    It’s about time

  • Why is the status bar bluish?

  • Yea, that’s more like it

  • SimonReidy

    What happened to the heavily rumoured “silver UI” design overhaul? Some apps look better for sure (I really like the new dark look of the new App Store and iTunes apps for example) but why are they keeping the same dated “shiny blue” UI throughout the main OS? Its going to be very “Android like” if every stock app has a different design aesthetic, before falling back to the ugly old blue template. Apple used to be good at design consistency, but iOS’s appearance is now all over the place!

    • javierE186

      Man just give it time, if by fall it’s still the same then go ahead and rip Apple on it, but remember there is time for change here, who knows maybe someone important enough in Apple would think like you and they would push for the whole UI color change.

      • SimonReidy

        I hope you are right.

  • Did they turn off (or add an option to disable) the stupid location arrow in the status bar that is ALWAYS there wasting space?