iOS 6 has a ton of new features, and like always, Apple has created a new page highlighting the upgrade’s most compelling bullet points.

We’ve covered all of the major features here on iDB, but it’s always nice to see how Apple themselves present the update.

Inside you’ll find highlights for new features like updated maps, Facebook integration, new Siri features, Passbook, Shared Photo Streams, and much, much, more.

Again, you can find the new iOS 6 preview page here:

What do you think about iOS 6? Did Apple knock it out of the ballpark with this one?

  • does the two photos of the iPhone mean it’s coming to the iPhone 4?

  • Seemed to be a fair few jailbreak tweaks “borrowed” for ios 6! Nothing really wow to be honest, not for me anyway, I’m not sure what I was expecting but I definitely didn’t get it

  • Rondell Ruiz

    no… i think i’ll chillax with my jailbroken ios 5.1.1

    • Me too, at least until ios 6 jailbreak come out

  • I think the best new feature is turn by turn navigation although I already have another app for that. Photo sharing with Photo Stream also seems kool but I also enjoy my privacy so I may not end up using it.

  • to86

    My only question is whether all these features will be available outside the US?

  • it’s nice..but i’m hoping that it’s not the iPhone they plan on using…for the next gen..isn’t there suppose to be another event that talks bout the iPhone?

  • will siri be available for iod touch 4g

    • Dylan King

      Unfortunately no.

    • D42K_KN1GH7

      lol no.

  • Roni Isometsä

    YEAH! It’s coming iPhone 3GS,4/S & iPad 2 and 3

  • How can I get the beta? I know you need to have a developer account, how do I make it?

  • CooperB

    So to use Do Not Disturb do you have to go through the whole Settings ritual like changing WiFi etc.? If so, why would they make something that you want to use on the fly so buried? Widgets anyone?

  • sn0wbaLL

    dear apple, your so lame. stop spending so much time in the courtrooms and start spending time on creativity and tech

    • D42K_KN1GH7

      dear troll, stop posting your negative comments on an ios blog.

      • sn0wbaLL

        just saying it like it is. u mad?