An intriguing post from the folks over at, a Chinese tech forum, is making the rounds on the internet this morning. The post claims to contain a list of official download links for iOS 6 beta and other unreleased software.

With WWDC starting tomorrow, we definitely expect to see developer betas released sometime in the next 24 hours (happened with iOS 5 last year). But if these links are legitimate, then we’re all in for some big surprises…

The purported links to iOS 6 beta include versions for the second and third generation Apple TVs, the fourth generation iPod touch, the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS, and — get this — third and second generation iPads only. No original iPad support.

Also interesting about the links is that they appear to contain both ‘Consumer’ and ‘Enterprise’ versions of the software. This would be the first time Apple has forked its mobile OS specifically for the business sector. And, if true, could spell some serious trouble for RIM’s BlackBerry business.

MacRumors, who was first to point to the post, notes that:

“The accuracy of the claim can not be confirmed given that the links are not yet pointing to the files, but clicking on the links does take users to an error page stating “Your session has expired.” Altering the URLs to reference a different build number or making other changes yields an “Access denied” error message, suggesting that there is indeed something unique about the URLs.”

Links, courtesy of MacRumors:

Third-generation iPad
– Consumer: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)
– Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + Cellular (GSM), WiFi + Cellular (CDMA)

iPad 2
– Consumer: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi
– Enterprise: Wi-Fi, WiFi + 3G (GSM), WiFi + 3G (CDMA), Revised Wi-Fi

– Consumer: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS
– Enterprise: 4S, 4 (GSM), 4 (CDMA), 3GS

iPod touch
– Consumer: 4th Generation
– Enterprise: 4th Generation

Apple TV
– Consumer: 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation

Other iOS
iOS 6 Beta Guide (PDF)
Installing Apple TV Software (PDF)

Safari 6
– Consumer: Safari 6 Developer Preview for Lion, Uninstaller

Tune in tomorrow for our full coverage of Apple’s WWDC keynote, which should be starting around 10 AM PST.

  • Can’t wait for wwdc tomorrow !!

  • I was surprised as to what links came out, because only one iPod Touch is supported and original iPad no longer supported. To me that is somewhat unfair, especially since some older devices should be able to handle iOS 6 if the 3GS can.

    Also heard that the reason 3GS is still supported is because the device is still sold, which makes sense, but then again, that’s cutting back on the standard 3 year support Apple has given devices in the past, which saddens me. It was something I really liked about them as it was longer than most Android devices.

    • Edit: every android device…

      • abujafer

        Nexus S is still being supported!

      • just w8…it ll nt get jellybeans for sure( at the time of launch)…i am not talking about custom roms though…

      • I was being careful with my wording, didn’t want to say all because I had no clue if that was the case or not.

      • its totally not the case….apple cares google forgets abt der customers…:)

    • Fred Guerr

      If you think about it though the 3gs runs slowly with iOS 5.1 .1 on it, itll probably be even slower with 6. just a thought

    • Apple only supports (i.e. sells AppleCare) for iOS devices lasting 2 years, and this has always been the case. Once the last AppleCare warranty runs out on a type of device, it is considered obsolete and is no longer supported. Hence why iPad is being dropped, but 3GS will get iOS 6, and 7, and even 8 if they continue to sell them with the iPhone 5.

  • Puyan Moslehi

    I wish the website could have leaked what the beta features were!

  • The Links leak every year before the beta release…

  • We’re holding a live blog of Apple’s event over at hitechrevolution(dot)co(dot)uk

    • Thank you!! Everyone has been saying how good your live blog will be, put I couldn’t find a link! See you tomorrow!

  • 3GS support iPhone 4 support … But no original iPad support , this iPad is the same inprincable as the iPhone 4, A4 chip it’s just a bit bigger ok is got a different screen but but it was not possible at the time to have the same screen.. I carn’t see it being dropped just yet..

    • Who said that iPad 1 Support is going to be dropped?!

      • I take it that you don’t read the post then… There is no beta for it… I was just saying … Y

      • I don’t need to read THAT to know that not all Links are known just yet, genius…

      • But all other devices are covered on the links… So please tell me why no iPad 1 links … I’ve not said that there will be no iOS for it I’ve just asked Y it’s not in the links and I’ve said I carn’t see it being dropped…

      • There are also no iPod touch 3 links… Meaning either that Tim Cook is an idiot (he actually is…) or that a few links were not finished yet.

  • 3gs is supported..!!!…if thats true , respect ++ for apple…:)

    • Jobran

      yep.. that will give me another half a year till i fell the need to upgrade the old handset !

  • So what time? will there be a live Video feed or will we have to sit & wait.

    • Beta ios 6.0? So that means that for sure IOS 6 will not be released yet tomorrow, right?

  • i just found a web link on the IOS 6 beta if you want to view the video click on my twitter name and i have the video link on there

  • the link is

    bbs.weiphone (dot com) /read-htm-tid-4858092 (dot) html

    for ios 6 beta video link

    • Looks fake to me…

      • he has another video with a different build number, I believe it’s fake also. Especially the features that were shown. Looks like a lack of improvement.

    • Most of the times they are fake…i watched it seems gud…bt with jailbrolen iphone…you can possibly do anything….!!..

    • I laughed when I saw the “new” “feature “such as horizontal task switcher in safari. Haha, nice, but useless in most cases. Out of many expected features, I would apple do this one as one of the last features.

  • cody lee i hope you see the link i posted on the ios 6 beta its a video review of the beta you should check it out. it looks real and the features look good as well.

  • Sevensys

    I ask this 2 question in each forum that i read about ios 6 and no one know.
    1)When we can download the ios 6 ?
    2)what is the chance that is going to be siri on iphone 4 ??

    • You can download the iOS 6 beta when Apple releases it tomorrow, if you have a developer account. The chances of Siri being on the iPhone 4 are very slim since the the iPhone 4s has a hardware difference to enable it to have the full siri experience.

    • iOS MegaMind

      its going to have siri i am running ios 6 on my ipod touch 4g it is running siri perfectly!

      • Sevensys

        From where u download it???

  • you will download it when apple decides to release it to the public. It might take about 2-3 months from now. Just because they are gonna announce it tomorrow, it does not mean you can use it. It will be available to developers only for the specific amount of time. The chances of siri on older devices are slim. I would say 50/50. Jailbreak proved that siri can run with no issues on older devices. However, apple uses siri as trading card with competition. if Iphone 4 had siri from the start, people would go for iphone 4 instead of iphone 4s.

    • with the right hacktivate tool you can use anything without a account

  • Is there anyway to experience iOS6 beta WITHOUT a developer account?
    I am not yet ready for app developing so i don’t have one…

    • Get a developer to regiester your UDID as a development device. However, it’ll be difficult to find a developer ready to do so because if Apple finds out they’re doing this, they can lose their developer membership.

      • hjkjohn

        text me for udid activation 7602707327

      • lol I’m a dev, thanks though.

  • hjkjohn

    I am activating udid’s for 6$, i have been doing this since ios 3, will porvide proof upon request, please call/text 7602707327 or email, i will reply fast

  • ios beta

    You want to register your UDID for iOS6 beta ? Send me a mail to

  • Mads Teland

    Confirmed 🙂