Something awesome just landed on your iPad, courtesy of Algoriddim, the maker of cool DJ-ing app dubbed djay. Their newest release is a music video mixing program for the iPad called vjay. Now, I’ve been to parties where high-tech DJs perform live mixes using just Algoriddim’s djay app, but this one takes the concept of fun to the next level…

Billed as an app “paving the way for the next generation of personal and professional video creativity”, vjay for iPad is admittedly cool.

It lets you use your tablet as an awesome video mixing machine allowing you to mix and scratch iTunes music videos or compose your own mash ups by combining songs from your music library with your own video clips.

It’s enhanced for the new iPad, supports external hardware such as Griffin’s DJ cable or Numark’s iDJ Live controller, streams wirelessly via AirPlay to your Apple TV and even lets you add clips taken with the iPad’s camera to your mix on the fly.

And because the iTunes Store support is built-in, you can browse, search, preview and purchase music videos on iTunes from within the app, which is really nice.

Here, your release notes from iTunes.


– Media Access – Create stunning mashups using all your media on your iPad, including videos, music, and footage from camera roll. vjay also comes with a free bundle of pre-loaded music video and high-quality footage.

– Real-time video transitions, audio visuals effects – vjay comes with stunning audio & video effects, looping tools, visual transitions, and real-time VideoScratch™.

– Live movie recording and sharing – With a simple touch of a button, easily save your mashups to the iPad in real-time and share with friends.

– Support for external displays – Easily plug into a TV and stream videos wirelessly to Apple TV.

– Built-in camera integration – Quickly record your own video clips using the built-in iPad camera and add them to your mixes on the fly

– Integration with iTunes Store – browse, search, preview and purchase music videos on iTunes from within the app.


Requires iPad 2 or later running iOS 5 or higher. Enhanced for the new iPad.

–  Direct access to user’s media on the device (music videos, movies, camera roll footage, music)
–  iTunes Store integration (search, browse, preview and purchase artist music videos)
–  Built-in camera integration
–  VideoScratch
–  Video Transitions
–  Audio Visual Effects
–  Live recording with direct export of movie files to the iPad’s media library
–  Fullscreen mode
–  Support for external displays through Digital AV Adapter (HDMI) and AirPlay for streaming video and audio
–  Audio Visual 2D FX Pad
–  Colorized EQ
–  Slow-motion (time stretching)
–  Split A/V crossfade mode (crossfade video independently from audio, and vice versa)
–  Advanced Audio Tools: Waveforms, Auto-Gain, Automatic Beat and Tempo Detection, Beat-matching, Slicing, Auto-Sync, Pitch-bending, Cue Point, Looping, Speed Change, Reverse Playback


– External displays and TVs through Digital AV Adapter (HDMI)
– Apple TV + AirPlay enabled AV receivers
– Numark iDJ Live controller
– Griffin DJ Cable

Vjay is an iPad-only affair, made available at a special introductory price of ten bucks. The 280MB download is an iPad-only affair requiring the second- or third-generation device running iOS 5.1 or later. The original iPad is not supported due to steep hardware requirements.

According to a bunch of five-star reviews in iTunes, folks think this is an amazing app.

Looks quite stunning, don’t you think?

  • Anonymous

    I bet Pod2g’s DJ app is better lol

  • Anonymous

    Wtf, that was a new consept, for me atleast.
    Maybe this will do as good as djay, but I don’t see the reason to buy this app instead of iMovie.

  • This app isn’t meant to be the same as iMovie it can’t do the things as iMovie, but it’s definitely worth buying as iMovie can’t even come close to some of the effects you can get when mixing video and music together using this app. Only problem as yet seems airplay doesn’t seem to be working fully while mixing.

  • looks pretty awesome!
    one of those apps that makes you want to own an ipad,
    good that i do 😀

  • Okay, I just bought it, I will give it a try when I get the iPad out of my wife’s hands!!! Can’t Wait!!! LOL!!!

  • iXanczy

    Ok, just bought it…
    My first impressions:
    +Nice looking, great layout (just like djay)
    +I am able to use ALL the videos on the iPad, even the ones that I buy from iTunes
    +Great video effects
    +Music an movie effects are bound together in a beautiful way
    +Compatible with my Griffin splitter (to preque vids while one is playing)
    +Price (50% off right now)

    -No auto play
    -No queues
    -You can’t mute the sounds on the videos, to make them shine trough while you play a another
    -Not enough FX effects (they should have included all the ones that are in djay)
    -No HD (1080p) playback
    -iTunes store in-app is kind of bugged for me