With a dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and Wi-Fi capabilities, the iPhone 4S is more of a portable computer than a cell phone. And the folks at Clamcase are looking to capitalize on that.

Introducing the Clambook, a MacBook Air look-a-like laptop shell that aims to turn your iPhone into a portable computer, complete with a 16:9 laptop display and a full-size keyboard…

Now, don’t confuse the Clambook with some of the other cheap accessories we’ve seen for iOS devices. With its high resolution LED backlit display, and 3D Cinema Sound, it’s much more than that.

Unfortunately for us iPhone owners, the product seems to be aimed at Android users, with iPhone compatibility added in as an after-thought. We won’t get to take advantage of the Clambook’s multitouch track pad, or its dedicated hot keys. But that’s probably more Apple’s fault than anything else.

At any rate, it still looks like iPhone users will be able to use the accessory to type, surf the web, play games and watch movies —  which is more than enough to peak our interests.

The Clambook isn’t available for purchase yet, but Clamcase is working to get it on the market before the holidays. If you’re interested in the product, you can sign up to be notified when it drops.

What do you think of the Clambook?


  • depends on the price.

  • It looks awesome, but I really hope its under 100.

  • While price is of concern, I’m more interested in what you can do with this once you attach a Jailbroken device. I’m sure a developer will be able to restore the full functionality with a tweak or two.

  • SimonReidy

    Until you can navigate the OS with swipes and clicks on the trackpad or with arrow keys (no such feature is built into iOS at all at this stage) this product remains rather useless for iOS, given you’ll still need to do all the navigation and app control with the phone. The only thing you can use a keyboard for on iOS is typing, and a couple of very basic shortcuts (like return to home screen).

  • I’m sure a cydia tweet can fix the trackpad and hot key problems. But this is a problem with Apple they seem more reactive then proactive nowadays. Give people what they want and I think this is something people want.

    • Kok Hean

      tweak* 😛

  • Dan

    really depends on the functionality, not enough info one the site

  • Robert Goldberg

    Not made for iPhone or Apple products, yet looks EXACTLY like a MacBook…

    • It really doesn’t.

      • sammyh85

        If your saying that looks nothing like a MacBook, you need to take a second look. Its identical. I think Robert Goldberg was simply saying its ironic that the ClamBook is not made for apple products but they have moulded the design of their product on a MacBook. I hope this simplifies things for you so that you realise that the resembliance is uncanny!

  • It’s like Clambook should be an actual laptop 🙂

  • Falk M.

    iPhone’s home screen is portrait only, so… ugh…

    (I know there’s a Cydia tweak, but yeah…)

  • what game is he playing in the photo it looks very interesting.

    • Dan

      real racing 2 if I’m not mistaken