Don’t feel like waiting for iOS 6 for native Facebook integration? Then try FacebookThis on for size.

While it won’t give you system-wide Facebook integration at the level that’s bound to be present in iOS 6, it will lend you the ability to easily share your photos directly from your Camera Roll. Want to see how this jailbreak tweak works in action? Take a look inside for a hands-on video walkthrough…

To use FacebookThis, simply open a photo, and tap the share button in the bottom-left corner. You will then be presented with a new “Facebook” option amidst the rest of the share options. On first use, you will have to identify with Facebook and allow sharing, but after that you can start posting photos to your wall with just a few taps.

FacebookThis is a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it require iOS 5 or above. Do you plan on giving it a whirl?

  • For Free? Can’t beat it!!

    • Kok Hean

      Michael Jackson.

  • Anonymous

    Nice tweak!

  • Not sure because it’s from NobitaZZZ. I tried the “Sara” tweak but was disappointed. I know it’s free and he’s seems to a very kind and polite person but just a little TOO kind and polite. Sorry if I’m sounding ungrateful but it all just felt a little too good to be true. Plus by using FacebookThis you’re giving him permission to access your FB account. Not sure I wanna do that.
    But everyone else using it, enjoy. Hope it’s all good.

    • Anonymous

      You make a good point by saying he will get access to your facebook account

    • I’m NobitaZZZ. thanks for your feedback.
      Yes, I’m having some problem with Sara and cant give more time for this now. but I will try to make this ok soon. So sorry for your bad experience with this 🙁
      For facebookthis tweak, its use Facebook API, and only require some small permission from you, to post photo on your wall, and nothing else. You can always remove this, or call Facebook support for security.

      • Ok Martin, thanks for the heads up.

  • i can already do this using Fusion!

    • If I try to install Fusion Installous 5 will be un-installed automatically….weird!! I won’t do it ..I don’t care sending photos via Facebook I prefer keep Installous 5 working fine….Sorry !…and If I try to install Facebookthis then camera roll will not work as it should be….Not for me thanks

      • Falk M.

        Installous? Really?


  • This app is a great idea, but it didn’t work well for me. For one thing, it inserts backslashes before non-alpha characters in the description (e.g. apostrophes). What’s worse is it doesn’t consider the embedded orientation information in the photo, so your photos get posted upside-down or sideways without warning. It just makes you look foolish posting upside-down photos to FB.

    • thanks for your feedback. i will fix this soon !

  • But it Not work in my iPad why?

    • Yeah not working on iPad here either – doesn’t appear in the share menu at all. Seems to work on my iPhone though.

    • I’m having problem with iPad photo app, still trying to fix this. thanks for your feedback

  • Very nice!

  • inc188

    i dont know… these privacy stuff freaks me out.. allowing all of that access is scary

  • Kempi

    Ipad? Ipad? Does it work on the Ipad?

  • Ola atodos

  • I’d say Fusion works better tho.. The only stupid thing with Fusion is that your stuff uploaded isn’t hidden from those people all posts via the Facebook App are shared with.

  • kareka

    doesnt work for me, in a iphone 4 ios5

  • Trying to get it to work with iPhone 4S, but Facebook says “An error occurred. Please try again later.” and I can’t authorize Facebook to use the app.