MountainLionCenter — the jailbreak tweak that adds an OS X Mountain Lion inspired Notification Center panel to your iPad, was just released on Cydia’s BigBoss repo as a free download.

As noted yesterday, this is a feature that’s been long overdue; in my opinion, it makes Notification Center a lot less intrusive feeling on the iPad. Couple it with IntelliScreen X, and it’s even better.

It should be noted, that despite my ability to get it working on my iPhone, the tweak has been released as iPad only, at least for the time being. Be sure to check out our full walkthrough of MountainLionCenter, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Well_Said

    nice crib

  • Anonymous

    Every time I swipes, it crashes 🙁 anyone know if this is a bug?

    • Anonymous

      i have the same problem; it keeps on crashing on my iPad 2 when i swipe with 2 fingers. The only notification tweak i have installed is SBSettings. Really looked forward to this as well 🙁

      • There must be some sort of conflict. Works fine on 3 devices I tested.

      • Anonymous

        I too have an iPad 2. I’m running 5.0.1. SBSettings isn’t the problem as I uninstalled it yet it still crashed….. the long banners work, but when I try to swipe, it crashes.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, that may just be the problem – I’m also running 5.0.1

      • It must be on 5.1.1

      • Anonymous

        Yep, i just updated to 5.1.1 and it works like a charm.

  • It works fine on my iPad 3 with iOS 511 🙂
    Nice tweak. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else notice that the status bar is short in the lockscreen? It might be because I’m using intelliscreen X

  • Hey man awesome tweak, but honestly I don’t see this working that well on the iPhone.
    I have an irritation with the Notification Center on i4, it’s very laggy when I have ISX installed and a music widget. Is there a way to speed it up, make it a priority for the system? I have 3 widgets, and 3 pages including NC
    Any tips? (laggy I mean it’ll take a second to open after I finished swiping the screen)

    • Anonymous

      I think this was just designed for the iPad with its crappy NC, not the iPhone since the size/layout/etc of the NC is just fine. I have the same problem though, my NC lags so much when I pull it down. Sometimes I’ll swipe from top to bottom, and 3 seconds will go by before my NC comes down. (iPhone with ISX) any suggestions anyone?

    • Isx was laggy on my iPhone 4s until I changed the refresh for twitter and Facebook to every 4 hours, once I changed that in isx settings I had no lag issues, hope this helps

  • Crashes springboard every time. iPad 2 iOS 5.0.1

  • Works ok but lags a little, for me it’s not worth it

  • Is working just fine with LockInfo but way less dramatic than Jeff’s demo with IntelliscreenX because there’s just less populating infoshade. But it’s a nice clean style and makes more sense than the partial-middle pull-down.

    iPad 2, 5.1.1

  • Working fine on iPad 3 running 5.1.1 with intelliscreenX did have a bug on lock screen just disabled intelliX on there, running smooth now.

  • Anonymous

    Well… this looks great (intelliscreenX isn’t very pretty on the iPad) but it’s caused a reboot loop in mine [sigh]

    • You can enter Safe Mode by holding the volume up button while booting up.

      • DrPeril

        Thanks, I forgot to reply when you posted but this really made life easier 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Runs great on my iPad 3 5.1.1, but it totally ruined my lockscreen.. the status bar is cut in half. I thought I saw Jeff say that that was an ISX bug, but it definitely just happened after I installed this tweak.

    • Anonymous

      It did crash my iPad right after I downloaded it, (it looped instead of respringing), but I just did a hard reset and everything works fine.

  • Crashing every time, after instal intelliscreenx, when I delete it works ok.

    iPad 1, 5.1.1

  • Anonymous

    Works perfect here. iPad 3 5.1.1. It runs really smooth and I’ve had no,resprings or crashes.

  • Ipad 1 using ISX. Works on home screen but lock screen is zoomed into picture with no notification centre (and no way of getting it to show with two finger swipe) and the status bar is pushed over to the left by nearly half..

  • Just spoke with the developer via email and he confirmed that’s it’s only compatible with ios 5.1.1. He cannot optimize it for its 5.0.1 bc he has the new iPad and his firmware doesn’t go any lower than 5.1.1.

  • Anonymous

    Developer has mentioned in the application page in Cydia. It doesn’t work for 5.0.x It Crashes. Install Only on 5.1.x

  • I’m not a huge fan of this, I’m so used to dropping down from the top

  • Anyone else had a problem where their rss feeds with ISX only open in the half window where NC instead of full screen on the iPad! Unreadable for me so have uninstalled!! Hope to try it again at a later date (when it works with ISX) – great tweak though, and free to – much respect to the developer!! xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Yup I just noticed that. They open as if they are full screen, but you can only read the part that overlaps with the NC. I really like this tweak but it looks like it needs some work. Looking forward to an upgrade!

  • so im guessing that this is only for the ipad

  • Installed on an original iPad running 5.1.1. Works fine, except for the notification center in portrait mode has a black background, or a black square sitting over it or something… whatever it is, it works fine in landscape, just not portrait.

  • Had the same problem with the RSS reader on the iPad 3 only seems to open up on full screen while your in an app, so hoping it should be a easy fix with an update.

  • For those using MountainLionCenter and IntelliscreenX, are you able to close the notification center when in an app by swiping or tapping? I am not able to close it when in app with swiping or tapping. Only way to close it is by pressing the home button. Swiping and tapping close works fine on the home screen.

  • Dan

    I tried this, but I keep hitting it by accident when I’m playing games. really annoying when you’re playing a multiplayer game like NOVA 3. After a few frustrating occurences I just uninstalled it. There should really be an option like Zephyr where it can’t be toggled in certain apps.