You must have heard rumors of Facebook poaching former and current Apple hardware and software engineers to work on its not-so-secret phone project. So, a Facebook phone.

We’re still scratching our head over this rumored device. Why on Earth Facebook won’t Facebook focus on perfecting its subpar mobile apps rather than waste its energies cracking the hardware biz it literally knows nothing about?

Regardless of the hearsay, here’s a really interesting mockup which depicts perfectly what a Facebook phone might look like…

Designer Michal Bonikowski envisions a hypothetical device with a 4.2-inch display and an eight-megapixel camera on the back. As you can see, it looks quite stunning – someone should hire this guy.

Here’s another image.

And another one.

Surely Tim Cook would want to add Facebook to Apple’s list of companies that rip off its designs should such a concept become a reality. And why build a phone – if there’s any substance to this rumor – in the first place?

Well, how about the failed IPO and issues with monetizing users through social ads?

As for me, I’m kinda loving this concept.

It’s design should be distinct yet familiar enough to any Facebook user.

It’s also thin, sleek and – dare I say – sexy.

What do you guys think?

Make sure to hit the source link for additional renderings.

[via NowhereElse]

  • I know they like their name. But I don’t think they’d have it plastered on everything like that. Bottom of phone maybe. On the camera as well? On the stand? Naw. Too much.
    Nice design though. Looks kind of android like.

  • How about twitter phone?

    • Anonymous

      Twitter’s for sad fuckers who stalk strangers.

  • Beautiful mock up, but for some reason I can’t justify having a Facebook phone. Seems dated.

  • This isn’t a Facebook phone mockup, I know this since it’s lacking a “Like” button

  • Marcin Struniawski

    Polish project! Thumbs up!

    • I’m Czech and I understand :)) Makes me happy ^^

    • Super wyglada ale i tak wolฤ™ iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚
      Look ok but I still prefer iPhone …

  • Looks can be deceiving…. Look at apple.

  • A really old Nokia style

  • Pretty soon there will be a google+ phone..

    • unlikely to happen. Google has android as well as a hardware manufacturer, since they have recently completed motorola mobility acuisition.
      Google+ phone will be totally useless

  • I’M curious about the OS

  • Facebook already have a phone (well kind of) and its been out since last year.
    vodafone facebook phone 555

  • Anonymous

    You’re loving the concept? Facebook plastered over every aspect of the phone, ye right, it looks about as shit as every rumour mockup you post … Also, “Why on Earth Facebook wonโ€™t Facebook focus on perfecting its subpar mobile apps” that doesn’t even make sense.

    Just what exactly do you mean by suggesting this design is somehow ripped off from Apple? FFS, you fanboys say anything a competitor does is somehow ripped off from Apple but when Apple steal things like the Notification Centre then that’s not stealing, that’s just taking an idea and making it better .. Pathetic hypocrites are all Apple Fagboys are.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much every comment you post on this site makes me question why you even bother to come here in the first place troll

      • he keeps stalking this page and comment bad things.

    • you really love this blog don’t you.. lol

  • looks like HTC..

    Facebook phone is an epic fail in the making..

  • If Facebook Phone has anything to do with the iPhone app, even RIM shouldn’t worry about it.

  • Me gusta.

  • Like you say .. It’s a mockup.. And that’s where this good looking phone will stay..

  • HTC Facebook phone

  • hmm… a facebook phone, as if it wasnt enough thats facebook knows everything about you related to your account, no, now they also want to know who you call, where you are, and what webpages you go to via smartphone. so knowing facebooks policy on data-“security”, i d rather have a gps-tracker implanted right in the dick, than own a facebook phone.

    • I don’t mean anything bad by this and I could be wrong. But didn’t apple have similar problems until just recently and how do we really know if apple isn’t doing it now?
      Again, I don’t mean to sound argumentative, just saying.

  • looks like some kind of HTC combined with the Lumia 900…beautiful

  • Anonymous

    this phone reminded me of HTC HD2

  • Wael Abdo

    BBS, Big Bull Shit

  • Beautiful. Just amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like shit! Facebook has no business selling phones, sure they need to have apps everywhere, but they need to make sure their apps are good before they go ahead and design a phone in an already crowded market…

  • Still not worth giving up my iPhone 4S

  • I like Facebook an all, but that is just overkill. Why would anyone want their phone to look like the Facebook webpage? I like the sleek-ness, but dated. Very Nokia-esk.

  • I like the mock up. Not sure if i like that its a FB phone. I think it will do well for the younger people to buy it. I have FB but i hardly go on it. All i read on there is.( people complaining about there day or there kids or just complaining about something.) I think if more people would spend more time on Real life and not so much on FB. There would be more well rounded people. Broaden your mind people.

  • Anonymous

    i am sorry this to me looks like just another wide screen suped up phone,

  • Anonymous

    can i use twitter on this phone ^_^

  • How about a tele-phone?

  • facebook-facebook-facbeek :Q__

  • HTC x Lumia 900?

  • It’s beautifull, I really like the docking design too ๐Ÿ˜€ But for some reason, it also resembles an android look and HTC inspired design hmm :/ I would still buy the latest IPhone over this, so don’t be mad Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and before if ever, you are going to make an phone, please, make your App better first instead of splitting features to multiple separate apps ๐Ÿ™‚ just sayin…

  • Anonymous

    Facebook is dying .. they launched IPO to late and overpriced. They are not a hardware maker, this is foolish as what is there differentiating factor? Every Smart Phone has a facebook app. There will not be lines around the block, one/two model wonder then ditched.

    Google same extent, they are shooting themselves in the foot, Android is used to squash Apple (iOS),Windows 7, RIM – but now HTC, SAMSUNG are considering half jumping ship and getting their OWN OS’s up before they have to complete with Goolges own Motorolla phones

  • what a stupid concept. i would never get a facebook phone based on the premise that it’s a facebook product. what better way to collect data for the government. but hey, the sheep will flock to it if it becomes a reality.

  • Microsoft buys Skype for $8B, Facebook integrates Skype (attempts to), Facebook launches a mobile โ€œphoneโ€ which is actually a handheld WiFi device. Facebook Phone adds VOIP calling using an integrated Skype platform. Now calling Friends is a click away, no phone numbers needed. Facebook becomes the new Mega Telecom Giant with 500 million customers. Since Skype has WiFi Hotspot access for VOIP calling you may not have the mobility of a cell phone, but then who needs a cell phone anymore now?

  • hehehe it looks like very redundant, having facebook on facebook mobile.hahahahahaha

  • hehehe it looks like very redundant, having facebook on facebook mobile.hahahahahaha

  • wow.. nice phone… i need this in 1 dollar..
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  • Ryan Burke

    UGLY AF. Hopefully they completely redesign for aesthetic sake. Ewwwww dang.