Here’s Zuck’s epic status update from this morning. Fancy topping it?

This über-cool status update on Facebook will be tough to beat. The social networking behemoth co-founder and CEO posted this morning the following status update. It reads: “Mark Zuckerberg listed a company on NASDAQ”.

The 29-year old entrepreneur has timed the post just ahead of the opening bell this morning so yeah, this particular status update has been conceived with today’s special occasion in mind.

That’s as awesome as awesome gets, if you ask us. Think you can do better than that?

Oh, and the “four others”?


As you know, Facebook is going for a $104 billion market valuation based on their $34-$38 a piece price target from Wednesday. The real stock price will be known when Facebook actually hits the New York Stock Exchange at around 11am Eastern today. Shares will trade under the ticker symbol $FB on the Nasdaq.

UPDATE: Shares opened at $43 a piece, a 13.25 percent increase that values the company at a whopping $117.7 billion.

Here’s Zuck remotely ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq from his company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.


The company will be issuing pretty-looking paper certificates during the initial-public offering (IPO) to mark the special occasion. Facebook IPO has been deemed a water-shed event and is bound to go down in history as the largest initial-public offering for a starting company to date.

The Wall Street Journal has a nice collection of web parodies mocking the Facebook IPO.

The $104 billion valuation is comparable to Amazon’s market cap and it easily exceeds that of computer makers Hewlett-Packard and Dell combined. They company is also worth roughly 186 Myspaces, plus a couple of Yahoos, five Twitters and 10 AOLs.

Heck, the social networking giant is valued at more than half of Google and nearly eighteen times RIM’s market capitalization.

Image courtesy of The Next Web

What crazy times we live in, eh?

If that didn’t give you a pause, here’s how Facebook stacks up against other publicly-traded tech giants.

Though I was wearing my hoodie writing this post, I sadly won’t be owning Facebook shares.

Some people, however, are willing to buy Facebook stock even if it rises as high as $4,000 (not a typo).

So, what would your status update be if you were in Zuck’s shoes and your social networking company was just about to go public?

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