Ever since Apple unveiled the original iPhone, the handset has been a point of reference for the rest of the industry. It seems like every new device is pitted against the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone to test its caliber.

The latest notable handset to play this game is Samsung’s new Galaxy S III. And while we’ve seen the device’s voice assistant take on Siri, and other comparisons, we’ve yet to see the two smartphones in a drop test. Until now…

SquareTrade, a Warranty Firm, decided to task itself with the painful job of smashing up multiple iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III handsets in an effort to see which smartphone can take the most punishment. Watch:

Unsurprisingly, both devices tend to break when dropped on concrete. But it’s fairly interesting that even though it sits between two sheets of glass, the iPhone 4S appears to best the Galaxy S III in the series of drop tests.

In fact, Apple’s taken a lot of heat over the past two years regarding the handset’s “glass sandwich” design, introduced on the iPhone 4 in the summer of 2010. It has even been the basis of a number of class-action lawsuits.

That being said, it’ll be interesting to see which materials Apple decides to use in its next-generation iPhone, particularly on the back. Recent rumors have suggested a number of possibilities, including both glass and aluminum.

What’s your take on SquareTrade’s drop test?

[ZDNet, image via GizBot]

  • I don’t see how “the iphone faired better.” The video nor the pic posted with the article supports this conclusion. Nor did the back side of the GSIII break like the glass Iphone either, so one less part to replace (and about $20 vs $100 even if it did crack).

    This is coming from an iphone user, but I don’t see the GSIII more damaged than the iphone here anywhere

    • good point

    • M Last

      you didn’t see?????
      watch the video again
      remember that iphone has glass not like GSIII piece of plastic
      test was fairly & GSIII more damageable than iphone 4

    • Anonymous

      It seems you didn’t watch the video. First thoughts when I saw the post was the Samsung had an easy win, after all it’s a lighter plastic construction. The first test the iPhone was overall very good while the glass had shattered on the S3. Both phones landed on their sides with glass faces immediately following. The second test both phones landed on their back but the iPhone went twice as high as the 3S. The third test the iPhone bounced all over the place yet still came off better. It is without a doubt that the glass is much weaker on the S3. Not to worry, it matches the weak OS.

  • Anonymous

    Today’s lesson; buy a protective case for your GS3. Perhaps a otterbox, or lifeproof case when they are available.

  • iPhone 4 always fall on its back that’s why it’s not that damaged. Try to drop it face down and you’ll see.. i work on a cellphone repair shop and i saw a lot of dropped iPhone 4/4s and Galaxy S 1 and 2 i did not see a 3 yet…. I am an iphone fan before because of the iPhone 3Gs durability i have a 3Gs and i drop it a lot. But when i started working on this shop and saw iPhone 4 and 4s broke a lot.. i was like… “okay.. i think samsung is a better phone… 🙂 “

    • Anonymous

      samsung is plastic and dude slow a little s3 just here thıs ıs nature to dont see s3 on repair shop yet, and agaın plastic vs glass nokıa samsung and other better then apple they always use plastic even motorola use kelvar mix plastic.

    • Mine never falls on its back its always a corner shot. One day it fell on pavement, hit the corner and chattered both the front and back. But I replaced both for under $50 and in less than an hour. You probably can’t say the same for the Galaxy S III.

  • Yehudah Griffin

    Wonder what percent of smartphone users have their expensive phones wrapped in a cover? I know I do.

  • Gravity wins again. Who’s next?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you this; the iPhone will be repaired faster. (Less than an hour) Good luck getting a screen for that Sammie at a good price.

  • A

    These drop tests are really pointless because each fall is different, and you would have to test many phones under the same conditions. Most of us know people who have dropped their phones from waist-level and it shattered, while others have dropped it from a second story (or higher) building onto a hard surface and it survived with a minor chip on the corner. We also know of cases where the opposite happens.

    Bottom line is obvious – you don’t want to drop your iPhone or your Galaxy SIII – period.

  • Anonymous

    the iPhone is all glass…yet it did better..maybe it got lucky? but the samsung looked like shit lol…still moral of the story…dont let your kids touch your phone, and keep you hands clean and grease free…

    • Anonymous

      The problem is the Samsung has a much huger surface area, the glass is much more vulnerable… in the first test where it cracked, I’m pretty convinced it was just because of some kind of twisting stress when the device hit on a corner. There’s zero train like that across an iPhone because the device is smaller and the top glass thicker.

  • This is Gorilla Glass 2? Fail…

  • no wonder apple lose his market today in asia and europe

  • how many people are going to get a S3? and how many are going to get the nxt gen iphone? i dont noe what to pick, help me decide please

  • Ugh, that was painful.

  • i don’t know what to say, guys both phone are amazing so, i don’t care who win or who loss, just use protective case to protect yur phone since accident can happen at anything at anywhere.

  • these drop tests r for a bunch of rich ppl who r only showing off..srsly, it gets me pissed off!
    no accurate result, i can do that test again and it will be a whole different story!!

  • Johny Ive is special as his designs….no doubt Johny is a genius…

  • Falk M.

    If you’re so worried about your phone dropping, you’re likely using a case or bumper, so I wonder why these tests barely ever are done with those on the phones.
    I have a bumper on my iPhone 4, what do I care what it looks like when some idiot who’s too cheap to buy a bumper drops it.
    I know the phone looks WAY better “raw”, but still, if that is a deciding factor for your purchase, I think the bumper/case solution is viable, too.
    So, why so few tests of those protected phones?

    In fact, the phone being well pricey and better protected than my old G705 it looks far and beyond better than my G705 did after a couple of months lol

  • Who would’ve know that the iPhone would beat it

  • Interesting…

  • Interesting…

  • Galaxy SIII and iphone 4s very Hi-Fi technology and features for next generation. SIII is very nice and smartphone but iphone 4s top seller handset 2011-2012.

  • I agree the IP4/s Came out better. and took more of a hit on the second test.

    But why not do a fresh test, with both phones dropped from set distances, (2,4,6,8,12 & 15ft??)

    Sadly two kids are never gonna produce a fair test.