Every once in a while we get an email or a tweet from a reader who claims not being able to play YouTube videos in Mobile Safari, and asking for a fix. The answer I give is always the same: you probably installed a jailbreak tweak (likely ProTube) that conflicts with Safari and prevents you from watching YouTube videos in the browser.

Today, thanks to iDB reader J. Louis, we get to the bottom of this problem and find the real cause and the easy solution to fix it…

I have noticed that a lot of people including myself are complaining about not being able to view the YouTube videos in your blog from their iOS devices. I personally thought it was because of ProTube, but I have just discovered the solution and it has an indirect link with ProTube!

Naturally, after installing ProTube, people tend to hide the YouTube native app using the “hide icons” in sbsettings. Consequently, this causes the problem.

Go to SBSettings > More  > Hide Icons, and make sure that the YouTube app is not hidden. If it is, unhide it and respring for the change to take effect. I tried this myself and can confirm it works.

  • Wait, i dont install any kind of tweaks related to Youtube and still sometimes i cant watch videos from Youtube.

    • Bruno Vilella

      Sane here.. Also never hidden the youtube icon

    • M.

      Another useless article? 😛

      It has nothing to do with ProTube nor jailbreak!

      • Yes it has it helped me, I had the youtube icon hidden and it didn’t work.

      • it helped me so fuck you

  • Hello
    Today when i clicked on Cydia I saw 5.1.1 shsh blobs on the top of the page. I didnt update to 5.1.1 and i didnt save the shsh for 5.1.1, why is it there?

    • That means they are available for your device.

    • cydia saved it for you automatically

    • They get saved when apple starts signing that firmware, not when you upgrade. There’s nothing to worry about.

    • M.

      Since 5.1.1 SHSH blobs were saved on Cydia automatically.

  • Not work

  • Is there a fix for Siri not working when handsfree activator is installed?
    iPhone 4s 5.1.1

    • Make sure hands free toggle is set to on in sbsettings?

    • Wait for the update ..

  • It may help, but it happens sometimes without hiding the icon, reset all settings / network settings solved the problem for me…

  • Anonymous

    I was one of the readers who tweeted you, but I found this solution myself but I didnt bother to share 😛

  • This thing never worked for me even thou i tried and till nothing so I just don’t watch it LMAOOO on on this site it diesnt work

    • Anonymous

      just to make sure you know. Don’t come back to this article to try it. The “non-working youtube video” at the top of this article is actually a picture. Not a video. Go to any other article, like a how-to, and check that it works. I did for me after unhiding the YouTube app but the picture here misled me into believing it was a video that wasn’t working.

  • That’s not always true.. I don’t and never have used pro tube and every now and then and it’s getting a lot less these days had this problem.. So what else have you got for this fix ?

  • is anyone cydia sources also empty?

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who has not updated there sources after first opening Cydia will be.

      Just refresh your sources in the “Changes” tab. If it never finishes loading then that’s normal too. Thousands of people jailbroke their phones today so the repo servers are getting slammed with traffic. Try late at night……..Or just wait and try every now and again. totally normal when a new jailbreak comes out with soooo many unjailbroken iPhones being jailbroken for the first time.

  • BBL

    Thanks ^^

    Question: anyone with last jailbroken iPhone 4s did faces any troubles to control and play music library using headphone, because today it was problem after I jailbreaked my iPhone 4s, repring and even reboot didn’t even fix anything for me..

    I start playing my music then few tracks later no sound or no control at all (playing random tracks from local library)

    • No, but after my jailbreak none of my music library shows up at all. When I get off work today I’m going to try and fix it.

      • Sync with iTunes to fix music


  • Anonymous

    i had problems with loading youtube videos…. but i had it on my mac too1!… now it seems to be fixed by it self… because other apps that tried to load youtube videos did fail too… and now all seem to work… nice day!

  • still i cant download sbsettings from my cydia. error or mismatch

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Sebastien for posting this it’s me J.Louis @codvisp and I’m so pleased that you guys always listen and bring us fabulous stuff 🙂

    • Just a shame that this is not the fix for everyone

      • Anonymous

        just to make sure you know. Don’t come back to this article to try it. The “non-working youtube video” at the top of this article is actually a picture. Not a video. Go to any other article, like a how-to, and check that it works. I did for me after unhiding the YouTube app but the picture here misled me into believing it was a video that wasn’t working.

      • Your quick…
        I dont hide apps or use pro tube and still some of the vids don’t play …
        See my other comment…(above)

      • Anonymous

        You should know that there’s a lot of reasons why videos won’t play like if behind a proxy…. Regarding your case & if some videos won’t play, I’d assume that these videos are not .mp4 so naturally not ios compatible…

  • Anonymous

    Shit, I’m not even jailbroken and youtube clips wont play. Probably because I’m behind a draconian proxy and firewall in Antarctica linked to the rest of the world by a satellite that could be bettered by a piece of wet string.

  • I’m currently on my iPad (not jailbroken) and can’t view any of the YouTube videos from this blog site. The only alternative I found was to subscribe to Jeff’s YouTube channel and view them from there. Please find a fix and share.

  • Guys are you going to cover how to get Siri working on the new Ipad (ipad 3)? Your tutorial for how to put Spire on Ipad 2 does not seem to work.
    Getting Siri on my Ipad was one of the main things I was looking forward to with the new JB, Im surprised it has not got any coverage.

    • Spire doesn’t support iOS 5.1/5.1.1 and according to chpwn, it most likely won’t be updated.


  • turn off the proxy setting, it’s work.

  • LOL I thought that pic was a video that my iPod couldn’t play. I don’t even have protube installed.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah haha happened to me. Super misleading haha

  • LOL I thought that pic was a video that my iPod couldn’t play. I don’t even have protube installed.

  • Please help !
    I cannot sign in twitter, massages or FaceTime
    I had this problem with the previous jailbreak absinthe 1
    ( those work without the jailbreak )

    • Anonymous

      I have ProTube installed (and the “open in Protube” extension) and have never seen this problem. I have all the most common jailbreak tweaks installed too, so if its a conflict with another tweak that causes it, it must be a rare one.

      The only time I can’t view a video is because of geo-restrictions for some content (I’m in Australia) but that’s very rare and doesn’t effect YouTube posts. iDownbloadblog videos always play fine for me in Safari and ProTube on both my iPhone 4 and iPad2 (both on iOS 5.01).

      I wonder what is really causing this for some people? Is the problem present in both mobile and desktop modes?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Yevgeniy that last post wasn’t meant to be a reply to you.

      Wish I could help with your specific problem but I have no idea sorry 🙁

  • Wow didn’t know that but I’ve gone back to the Apple YouTube app since it doesnt have ads.

  • I was like wth can’t I play this video lol
    later I reaalized its just a picture

  • Anonymous

    I dont understand why so many people have these kinds of problems. I have been jailbreaking ever since the first generation iPhone back in 2005 and I never have these problems, I have always been able to view youtube videos on this website and others.

    Only when I used Springtomize to hide the youtube app was I unable to view the videos on this site. So i can confirm that hiding apps does effect the view-ability. There are plenty of tweaks that can hide apps. Watch what you download and how you configure them.

    And for those of you that do not jailbreak….restore your device to the most up to date firmware and tell me if that works.

    • What the hell? 2005! dude the first iphone was released in 2007..
      and the fix is written in the article
      just unhide your youtube app to make the videos work

    • Sir, we need to talk! You are obviously in possession of some sort of time travelling device.

    • Anonymous

      Was that a prototype iPhone?? You must have been a really good of friend of Steve Jobs.

  • Wow. I sent this tip in almost a YEAR ago to this very site hoping it would be posted into an article. Great going on reading your emails, IDB

  • isn’t there a way to hide youtube native app without this happening cz i use ProTube mostly because i can share it on facebook????? is there another way???

    • Anonymous

      Just throw the YouTube app in a folder since no other way exists…

  • I didnt notice this issue!

  • Why people use mobile safari when apple AT LEAST offers the Youtube.app??

    • Joshua Rawlings

      Because Apples stand alone proprietary YouTube app sucks……..

  • Anonymous

    Guys, I think a lot of people are going to be coming back to this article to test whether the solution worked and not knowing that it’s picture on top of the article and not a non-working video. It looks exactly like one.
    Gotta be honest, poor choice right there :/
    (It worked for me, btw)

    • Gabriel Pires

      Not working in Portugal…

      Can’t look for restaurants in Portugal

    • Anonymous

      Common… It can’t be that deceptive since by clicking on it u get the “save image” & “copy” popup

  • John Eriksson

    Quasar the window manager disabled youtube linking for me on my ipad.

  • why does some of my apps crash after the jailbreak , can anyone help me ?

  • Check your restrictions for youtube i had the same problem, turned restrictions off and now working fine.

  • I installed open in protube and hid the native YouTube app and I can play all the YouTube videos I want.

  • cannot watch any video and also cant listen to music.
    please help!

  • Dan

    It’s to do with the Syndication option being off, and if there’s audio copyright on the video it’s normally unchangeable. Try using mobileyt.com.