Can’t watch YouTube videos in Mobile Safari on your jailbroken iPhone? We have a fix for that

Every once in a while we get an email or a tweet from a reader who claims not being able to play YouTube videos in Mobile Safari, and asking for a fix. The answer I give is always the same: you probably installed a jailbreak tweak (likely ProTube) that conflicts with Safari and prevents you from watching YouTube videos in the browser.

Today, thanks to iDB reader J. Louis, we get to the bottom of this problem and find the real cause and the easy solution to fix it…

I have noticed that a lot of people including myself are complaining about not being able to view the YouTube videos in your blog from their iOS devices. I personally thought it was because of ProTube, but I have just discovered the solution and it has an indirect link with ProTube!

Naturally, after installing ProTube, people tend to hide the YouTube native app using the “hide icons” in sbsettings. Consequently, this causes the problem.

Go to SBSettings > More  > Hide Icons, and make sure that the YouTube app is not hidden. If it is, unhide it and respring for the change to take effect. I tried this myself and can confirm it works.