The iPhone’s App Switcher has gotten a bit long in the tooth, but if you’re a jailbreaker, there’s no shortage of tweaks that can help improve the app switching experience.

Switchy is the latest tweak to do that, and it’s based on a concept design created by Brent Caswell. Caswell’s beef with the current App Switcher stems from the fact that it takes up too much real estate, while providing minimal functionality.

Going into the concept, he apparently had no idea that a Cydia developer would turn his work into reality, but a few days later and Switchy lives. That’s evident of how awesome the jailbreak community can be when it works together to implement new ideas…

Switchy implements the basic features of Caswell’s concept, but it’s still missing some of the more notable features like a Spotlight search bar, Pandora buttons, service toggles, etc.

It’s a great start that looks largely like the concept posted on The Verge forums, but it doesn’t pack the punch that it could, due to the missing features.

I’m not convinced that Switchy is worth $1.00 at this point, but you be the judge after taking a look at our video walkthrough.

What do you think?

  • I don’t think it’s worth it
    Essentially the only thing this tweak does is add another row…..
    The clear apps button is so pointless
    Ram does not consume battery processor does.
    iOS multitasking does not use the processor(except apps like Skype but that’s negligible), it keeps the apps in a suspended state using only the ram. It automatically removes apps from the ram memory if you run an app like infinity blade.
    By closing apps your essentially slowing down the entire phone since it has to load all apps from scratch when you open them….
    A lot of users want to close apps…it’s just a placebo. Your phone doesn’t speed up and you don’t gain battery life…I hardly use the switcher…

    • This is partially correct, but not entirely so. iOS is not always great at the RAM juggling thing. On an older 3GS like mine, my free RAM often plummets to 6-12MB and everything slows to a crawl. VoIP is just one category of backgrounded apps. You didn’t mention audio apps or location-based apps (i.e., Maps, MotionX, Bing), which are also backgrounded and executing code. I had to uninstall Bing (despite their awesome traffic-based routing) because of how it would make my audio crackle and my phone stall when it kept running in the background.

      When I hit a RAM crisis, it’s nice to have the option to clear suspended apps with 1 button instead of 99 red circles.

      That said, you are correct that obsessively clearing the app switcher (which shows mostly recent apps that are not actually running) generally does nothing to boost performance or battery life.

      tldr: Don’t bother ‘clearing’ all your apps constantly, but it can help you if your RAM gets slammed with poorly coded/resource heavy apps with backgrounded location/audio.

      • or just use the RemoveBG tweak with an activator set… double tap the status bar and poof… all apps cleared.

        One thing id like to see come to this switchy, is a music progress slider. theres enough room to put it over the volume slider, that way i can seek through my long mixes and stuff.

    • I totally agree with you but that is not what most people think.We dont need it others need it :).
      The developer doesn’t care for as long as he take $1 which i believe no one is paying 🙂

  • I like the concept part about having the thumbs up or thumbs down right within the app switcher. This would allow me to keep all my music apps in a music folder and make it easier so I wouldn’t have to keep navigating to it to rate the song. Hope that feature is implemented soon.

  • I think it’s off to a good start. Just hoping the other features envisioned are added soon. Then it would be worth it.

  • well not bad but i still use KillBackground to clear all apps)))

  • Hey Jeff,
    Can u tell me how to get that widget on 0:02? its really nice

  • Found it..
    Clock widget (for dashboardX)

  • Looks promising – I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

  • the problem that the idea of the tweak still the same of others tweaks there is no innovation here

  • 2 row switcher is the best part of the tweak so far, and I will gladly give a dollar for that. It’ll keep the developer working to implement the more advanced features and I’ll get them when the app is updated. Totally worth it.

  • Anonymous

    this thing is lame and glitchy… and two rows of icons looks bad in the switcher..

  • Anonymous

    No support for ‘5 Icon Switcher” though…bring that and more functions described in concept and this tweak will actually be worth paying for.

  • Gus Me

    I like this tweak, and the best part is that it’s compatible with Zephyr. That in itself makes it worth the $1. Hopefully they’ll continue to tweak and add to it.

  • sasa ramic

    Hey Jeff where i can find that wallpaper same as on your phone?

  • maybe i would just stick to the simple combination of Activator and Five Icon Swithcer .. : )

  • It’s a great looking tweak. But FTW, I’d love to see someone combine
    Switchy’s clean design and two-row switcher with Music Controls Pro.
    MCP’s brilliant idea is that, given the space at the top of the screen,
    there’s no need to have to left-swipe to a music controls panel in the
    switcher at all. The top of the screen should be used for that purpose.

    As for the settings panel in Switchy…it’s a nice idea, but I find
    it quicker to use MCP’s dual-use slider for changing the brightness, and
    the need for a “Clear Apps” button is eliminated by something like
    Switcher Cleaner or the (now poorly-maintained) Switcher Mod.

  • Hanzo305

    Clear all apps button does not work on my iPhone 6.1
    Any suggestions?