Until Apple gives the App Store a much-needed redesign, its lists of the top 25 most downloaded paid and free apps are going to remain the most popular ways users use to discover new titles.

Developers know that making these lists can substantially boost their app’s popularity. But just how many downloads does it take for an app to get there? TechCrunch has the answer…

“Mobile app store analytics firm Distimo today published some interesting data that answers just this question. Turns out, in the U.S. store, the answer currently is about 38,400 daily downloads for free iPhone apps and 3,530 for paid iPhone apps. To in the top 25 per category, of course, takes significantly fewer downloads, with games unsurprisingly being the most competitive category. It takes 25,300 daily downloads to rank in the gaming top 25 for free apps and 2,280 downloads for paid apps.”

This is precisely the reason that folks, especially developers, have been pleading with Apple to redesign its App Store. Often times, apps that don’t make it to the Top 25 lists go completely unnoticed.

Regardless, the above-data is certainly interesting. Just think, even if you’re only charging $0.99 for your app, you could earn as much as $16,000 per week sitting at the top of the App Store. Which is more than $60k a month.

  • Hmm how is the 16 000 downloads calculated?

    • Dan

      He’s doing 2280*.99*7

      • Dan, thanks 🙂
        I thought he was calculating for the main top 25 apps – 3,530 downloads.

      • but of course, you have to take away the total that Apple collects from you.

      • Which, as a reminder, is money you’re NOT paying to process the credit card yourself, pay for bandwidth yourself, handle the store-front yourself…