Despite recent reports that Apple hasn’t finalized the design for its next-generation handset yet, purported ‘iPhone 5‘ part leaks seem to be picking up. We’ve seen home buttons, a SIM tray, and now another one has surfaced.

MacRumors points to a new headphone jack/earpiece/Wi-Fi cable component that recently popped up on Although the piece shows out of stock, the parts vendor claims that it indeed belongs to the iPhone 5…

“If the new part is indeed legitimate, it does represent a significant departure from the component organization in the current iPhone. In the iPhone 4 and 4S, the headphone jack, volume buttons, and mute switch are grouped together on a single component, while the new part associates the headphone jack with the earpiece speaker and Wi-Fi cabling.”

This is actually great news for folks pulling for Apple to release a redesigned handset this fall. In fact, it’s the first purported component we’ve seen thus far that doesn’t look nearly identical to its iPhone 4/4S counterpart.

For those skeptical on the significance of part leaks, keep in mind that similar reports exposed the third-generation iPad’s A5X processor more than a month before Apple unveiled it.

  • I’m just gonna wait for a prototype to lose its way at a bar in Cupertino. Again..;P

    • Wont happen, apple is putting the new technology in the iphone 4S so if they lose it people will think its just the iphone 4S. And they have a dedicated bar for testing 🙂 Plus Im sure the guy who lost it went on a long “vacation”

      • And as in Vacation you mean hes still locked up under the apple dungeons being forced to death grip test every iphone they make.Right?

      • Lol yeah I read about the bar/cafe….but remember the guy who lost the iPhone 4 and 4s(sadly this one didn’t get leaked) were two different employees(assuming the first went on a long vacation, obviously) so there’s hope….;)…

  • Anonymous

    Me too! 🙂 LOL

  • Anonymous

    Also from macrumors…

    “It is not terribly unusual for Apple to tweak the organization of components, and the new part leak offers essentially no information on any potential changes to the device’s form factor, but with part leaks beginning to accelerate it may not be long before more substantial parts begin showing up.”

  • Sometimes I wonder if apple actually deliberately do such stuff or maybe leak out such things to create the atmosphere before WWDC so everyone will be hype

  • Anonymous

    Nice !!! Haven’t seen a rumour on here in ages.

  • Anonymous

    Can it just be October already!!

  • Looks like the sim will go next to the headphone jack again, just like all the previous iPhones before the iPhone 4. I’m excited now!

  • Prenz Tandoc

    Isn’t the iPhone 4S the iPhone 5? o.O