iPhone 5 not yet finalized but still set for October release

With the iPhone 5, next iPhone or whatever moniker Apple decides to give the next generation smartphone set to be released later this year, much of the discussion of late has centered around what that release will see brought to the table.

To date, for example, all iPhones have featured a 3.5-inch display while the Android-powered competition has seen huge variation in display sizes and technology over the last 48 months. Could the iPhone 5 see a new form factor, complete with new screen size? While possible, the suggestion now is that theĀ intricaciesĀ of the iPhone 5 have yet to be finalized at Apple with less than six months to go until the handset is expected to begin shipping.

The latest claims come from iMore, whose sources appear to be confident that October is still the month we will be lining up outside our local Apple Stores, even if Apple itself doesn’t quite know what the thing we are buying will look like…

According to iMore, the one thing that we can take for granted is indeed that October release date, with a new, smaller dock connector also likely to feature according to the web site. The much-rumored screen size change and new aspect ratio, though, have apparently yet to be finalized by Apple’s engineers although that does not mean the iPhone 5 will not see both changes find their way into the final design.

If there is one thing that we can take away from these latest claims, it is that nobody really knows what is going on at Apple just yet. Yes, some may claim to have sources and yes, some may be more accurate than others. At this point though, and with the expected shipping date drawing ever closer, nobody really knows what is going on inside 1 Infinite Loop.

Which means we’ve got another five months of rumors to go.